Why Cant I Download Any Apps On My Mac

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I see a lot of applications talked about on MakeUseOf that say they are for the iPhone and iPad that I would like to use. When I click on the link of the app, it takes me to the app that says it is for iPad and iPhone.

  1. Why Can't I Download Any Apps On My Macbook

I have a brand new Mac desktop I bought in August of this year and I would like some of these apps. Would they work on my iMac or not. If not, why don’t they make these apps for the iMac to?

For example Ugly Meter and Am I Ugly are 2 apps I would love to try, but they say they are good for iPhone and iPad. What about making them for iMac to?

  1. Oct 22, 2017  Ok so basically I had turned on offload unused apps to try and save storage but when I try to download them again it won’t let me. I’ve tried all of these several times just in case. I’ve also tried restoring my phone to factory settings and set it up as a new phone and from a backup and the same thing happens I really don’t know what.
  2. Mar 02, 2016  When I sign into my user account, I cannot download apps at all. So, I don't know what technically could be wrong because we are speaking of the same computer. When I open the shopping bag icon for windows, select an app to download that is free, click on 'get app,' the whole tab just dissolves and closes without any download happening.
  3. Open the App Store app on your Mac. Click Updates in the App Store toolbar. Use the Update buttons to download and install any updates listed. When the App Store shows no more updates, the installed version of macOS and all of its apps are up to date. That includes Safari, iTunes, iBooks, Messages, Mail, Calendar, Photos and FaceTime.

Please answer this question since it has been bothering me for a long time.

    • Most apps for your iPad can not be played on your Mac. Check to see what the app is made for. If it says for iPad and iPhone but does not say Mac, it probably won't work on the Mac. That is why I started this thread to begin with.

  1. It's an interesting point, but I think the truth is that there simply isn't a demand for those kind of worthless time-waster apps on the Mac OS like there is on a mobile platform. Or rather, we already have Flash for that. Chances are that your 'ugly meter' or whatevr already has a flash version online somewhere, so use that. Most of those crappy useless apps are just ports of flash stuff anyway.

    To be honest, I'm gad the Mac app store isn't full of crap. The merging of iOS and OSX is not neccessarily a good thing, despite Apple's efforts to push things in that direction.

    • I would not want the Mac app store full of crap either but would still like the choice to use apps that I find interesting on my Mac should I choose to. To have the choice would be good.

  2. iPhones and iPads are extremely popular, so more developers develop apps for those devices than for Macs, which are quite popular in the US and Europe but not much elsewhere. Plus, the operating system on a Mac is Mac OS X, which is entirely different from iOS on the iPhone and iPad. To bring an iPhone app to Mac, a developer has to rewrite his app and make it compatible with OS X, and many developers don't have the resources or time to do that.

    I'd suggest that you use your iDevices for using the casual and fun apps, and your Mac for work purposes or watching videos, etc.

    • I like your answer but I have no iDevices. I only have a Mac and feel it would be a shame to get an iPhone or iPad just to run certain applications. Your answer though, does though make sense and it helps me to understand why the majority of apps are for the iPhone and iPad and not the Mac.

      Thank you for your answer.

  3. I'm afraid you are in the wrong place for your question..

    [Unless there are developers around here..] We can neither change nor answer why most iOS Apps are solely available for iOS and not for Mac OS X.

    You should better contact each individual developer and tell them that you'd like to see their Apps on your Mac OS X device.

    • Thank you fort your answer.

      I thought someone here would know the reason why, or you never know, there might be a developer who looks at this site and might see my question. At least I now know that there are simulators that will allow you to use iPhone and iPad apps on a Mac. I did not know that before.

      • Well, I'm afraid this won't help you much either.. Power mac g5 software compatibility download.

        In order to run iOS Apps within the Xcode Simulator you need their 'Source Code' (the original Xcode Project files).

        I doubt any developer is willing to give them out.

  4. well you need itunes to download and then to sync to ipad or iphone, and use them on the device.

    Normally they are written for ipad/iphone.

    if you want to run iphone or ipad applications on Mac you need a simulator

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    • Thank you for your answer. This is the 1st time I've ever heard of simulators where you can run iPad and iPhone apps on the iMac.

      Very interesting.

      • there are other simulators like for running palm games, windows mobile, symbian..i know that works on Windows OS

Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I currently have with my mac book air?

Best dvd authoring software 2018. Mar 20, 2020  Ok so on my Samsung Galaxy A50 I realized that I couldn’t download any new app. And I was puzzled however I soon realized that the reason why the apps would not download was because I had Ultra Data Saving mode turned on. Why cant I download iMovie on my Mac? On the Mac App Store, you can't download previous versions of apps that would be compatible with previous OS versions. You have to update to at least Sierra in order for it to work. 1 point 1 year ago.

MacBook Air info:

-Purchased new, late 2012

Why Can't I Download Any Apps On My Macbook

-Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5

-Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

-Storage Capacity: 120 GB

-Storage Capacity Free/Left: 68 GB

-Current OS X 10.9.5 (13F1911)

I am trying to download 'Microsoft One Note' onto my MacBook Air but it won't seem to let me. It keeps coming up with an error message;

'We could not complete your purchase. (null) can’t be installed on “Macintosh HD” because OS X version 10.10 or later is required.'

I have however downloaded and installed the 'macOS High Sierra' recently.

This problem occurs to other apps as well when i try to download them off the App Store onto the MacBook Air.

Any help/advice on what to do?

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