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Traditionally DVDLogic provided unique technology for Blu-ray and DVD reauthoring of projects originally created using professional authoring tools, allowing editing or modification without the requirement of having the original assets or project.

Blu ray authoring software, free download - iDeer Blu ray Player, Xilisoft Blu Ray Ripper, 4Media Blu Ray Ripper, and many more programs.

The recent addition of KITE HDMV and Java Authoring Suite now provides revolutionary opportunity to create, design, de-multiplex, modify, reformat and generate high quality Blu-ray and UHD products with ease, yet complete accuracy and BD Compliancy.
Dear customers! Before buying any of our products from our reseller, please ask for confirmation that this reseller is authorized to sell this product by sending an email to [email protected]

Latest news

We continue the era of discounts: 20% until the end of July!
Although our special sales period is over, we still want to help our customers survive these difficult times.
The good news is that we do not close the discount completely, but make it 20% and leave it for the next month - until the end of July.
In addition, everyone who contacted us during the 36.6% discount period has the opportunity to get a 36.6% discount.
36,6 from DVDLogic: The biggest discount for the next 3 months!
We hope that all is well and everyone stay at home during these times!
Good news from DVDLogic for anyone who wants to buy any of our products.
We offer unprecedented discounts of -36.6% on all our products and services for the next 3 months - until the end of June.
Blu-Disc Studio 4.2 released.
  • Fully 64-bit version.
  • Extended structure window and compilation log.
  • Added import of DoStudio projects.
  • Added validations for signature settings, file name control characters, and color check for BDN+PNG.
  • Updated script window: context menu, code formatter, line numbers.
  • 'New object' button extended.
  • Added support for Layer Set in PSD import.
  • Other optimizations and bugfixes.
Good news from DVDLogic for the entire UHD authoring market - UHD goes to everyone!
Now we simplify UHD authoring and provide it to small studios and home users.
In accordance with numerous customer requests, we have released consumer-level software, and not even one application, but two at the same time: EasyBD UHD and Blu-Disc Studio UHD.
Both applications are well known on the market, and now they provide the latest UHD Mux functionality. These applications allow you to create menus, 4K and HDR videos. Common BD formats such as AVC, M2V and VC1 are also supported.
As always, we provide a flexible payment system, online support and quick responds.
Upgrade pricing for owners of previous versions of EasyBD or Blu-Disc Studio MX Pro is 999 euros.
New version 2.4 of KITe UHD Authoring Suite released!
As the Blu-ray Association continues updating the BD Specification, so do we continue updating our software to conform with the latest changes to Dolby Vision and HDR10+. The latest KITe UHD v2.4 provided support for the most recent UHD BD specification updates:
  • multiplex HDR10+ streams
  • multiplex Dolby Vision™
Additionally, built-in tools like IG Editor, BD Wizard, Quick BD Menu and BDCMF generator were also updated, plus we have made optimizations to our Muxing engine and KITe Java option as well.
KITe Dolby Vision update - 4,000 EUR.
Dvd blu ray authoring software mac os
Please contact us if you wish to receive this upgrade.

Customer Testimonials

KITe UHD was the perfect choice for our authoring needs as, unlike other UHD and Blu-ray tools on the market, it allowed us to open existing Blu-ray projects and with little asset modification and work we could repurpose these projects and create perfect UHD projects in very little time for replication. We have authored 10 commercial projects with KITe so far and were pleasantly surprised by the price, flexibility and competence of the support staff (very quick addressing all questions). In our assessment, KITe is an ideal solution for small and large studios alike - at a very competitive price point with unrivalled features and flexibility. It is truly a next-generation authoring tool.
I have now successfully re-authored more than 20 productions with DVD Reauthor Pro 3.0. The new productions from DVD Reauthor Pro 3.0 are identical to our first releases of the discs (made 3 years ago). Very good, it works very well!

DVD authoring is the process to create a video DVD for playing on a DVD player. DVD authoring software is the utility to produce playable DVDs. We are living in the digital age now. DVDs are an ancient technology.

However, DVDs are still here and not as bad as you thought. This post intends to share top 5 best DVD authoring software. With them, you can make video DVDs as professionals and watch it with your friends and family on large screen.

Part 1: Top 5 DVD Authoring Software

Top 1: WinX DVD Author

Dragon Burn Blu-ray/dvd/cd Authoring Software For Mac

WinX DVD Author has three main features, transform videos to DVD, create VOB files for burning later, download videos from YouTube. It has both a free and a premium version to meet needs of various people.


  1. Download YouTube videos through URL.
  2. Make video DVDs with menu and subtitles.
  3. Save structure of video files for burning on DVD later.
  4. Support both PAL and NTSC DVDs.


  1. This DVD authoring software is compatible with limited video formats.
  2. There is no advanced features in the free version

How to Use WinX DVD Author

Step 1: Run WinX DVD Author, and click the Plus icon to add videos into the source list.

Step 2: Adjust the order of the video files with the Downward and Upward icons. Then click the Next button at bottom.

Step 3: On the menu window, select a background picture or import a photo from your hard drive. Then redesign the DVD menu with the Title Menu, Chapter Menu and other buttons. Hit the Next button to move on.

Best project management mac software windows 10. Step 4: Now, you will face two sections. To burn videos to DVD, insert an optical disc into your DVD drive and set the options under the DVD Burner section. If you wish to produce VOB file from the videos, set the Output Property area.

Step 5: After setting, click on the big Start button and the DVD authoring software will work immediately.

Top 2: Vidmore DVD Creator

Vidmore DVD Creator is one of the best DVD authoring software. No matter you are average people or tech savvy, you will find the software useful. Moreover, it can protect your video quality while burning DVDs.


  1. Burn playable DVDs and Blu-ray discs with video files.
  2. Create ISO image files or DVD folders.
  3. Offer extensive DVD menu templates.
  4. Support almost all video file formats.


  1. After free-trial, you have to buy a license.

How to Burn a DVD with the Best DVD Authoring Software

Step 1: Import video files

Launch the best DVD authoring software after you install it to your PC. Put a blank disc into your PC and pick DVD Disc to open the main interface. Click the Add Media File(s) button at the top left corner and open the source video files. Set the options at the bottom and click Next button.

Step 2: Design DVD menu

Go to the Menu Template tab on the right side, scroll down and find a proper template. Plus, you can change each item on the template, such as background music. Click the Preview button to view the effect and then hit Burn button.

Step 3: Burn a video DVD

On the setting window, check Burn to Disc and set the options below. To make ISO image, check Save as ISO and set the destination folder. Once you click on the Start button, the DVD authoring software will work automatically.

Top 3: BurnAware

BurnAware provides both a Free and a Pro version DVD authoring software. The free version is enough if you just wish to create a video DVD. In addition to playable discs, you can create data and bootable disc too.


  1. Support CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs.
  2. Integrate a clean interface.
  3. Free to use without limit.


  1. There is no disc-to-disc copying, and only support DVD to hard drive copy.
  2. It lacks DVD menu template.

Top 4: CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is far more than simple DVD authoring software. It is a full set of the DVD authoring process. You can make a video project, edit it and then write it to optical disc directly.


Dvd Blu Ray Authoring Software Mac Pro

  1. Edit video files on the timeline.
  2. Support 360-degree videos.
  3. Disc authoring the video project directly.


  1. It cannot make interactive DVD menu.
  2. The DVD authoring software is very pricy.

Top 5: DVD Styler

Blu Ray Authoring Software Mac

For budget limited users, DVD Styler is a good option among DVD authoring software. You can simply add some video files, apply your favorite DVD menu and create a playable DVD simply.


  1. Totally free to use.
  2. Offer basic tools for DVD authoring.
  3. Include several menu templates.


  1. The interface looks outdated.
  2. It takes time to burn a DVD.

Part 2: FAQs of DVD Authoring Software

How do I make a DVD menu for free?

A DVD menu is an interactive media for video discs. The only way to make a DVD menu for free is to look for a free DVD authoring tool, such as DVD Styler.

Does Windows 10 have DVD burning function?

Microsoft has introduced the DVD burning function into Windows 10. However, it can only make data discs. It means that you cannot play these DVDs on your DVD player.

How to burn a DVD with Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is able to produce music CDs with your audio files. Though it can play video files, Windows Media Player cannot burn data DVD or video DVD.

Blu Ray Authoring Software Free


Dvd Authoring For Windows 10

This post has identified top 5 best DVD authoring software for Windows and Mac. Sometimes, you just wish to enjoy your videos on large screen with your family. If you simply burn videos to disc, you will find that your DVD player cannot play it at all. DVD authoring software has the capacity to make playable DVDs. Vidmore DVD Creator, for example, is not only easy to use, but offers extensive tools to help you make video DVDs like professionals. More questions? Please leave a message in the comment area below this post.

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