Power Mac G5 Software Compatibility

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Howdy iFixit!

An acquaintance of mine gave me her Power Mac G5 which has been failing for a while. Finally it stopped booting, though the sleep light would come on and the startup chime could be heard.

I went over to take a look at it, and when I pulled it out, there was liquid everywhere! I immediately assumed that the Liquid Cooling System had leaked, and I was very right.

Power Mac G5 Software Compatibility

We're not only compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, but we also build our browser specially optimized for your G3, G4 or G5, add AltiVec TM JPEG, HTML and WebM decoding acceleration for G4 and G5 Macintoshes, and soup up JavaScript performance with IonPower, our best-in-class just-in-time PowerPC script compiler. The maximum version of Mac OS X, OS X, or macOS supported by each G3 and later Mac follows. For complete specs on a particular system, click the name of the Mac. For all Macs that are compatible with a specifc maximum supported version of Mac OS X - courtesy of EveryMac.com's Ultimate Mac Sort- click the OS of interest. 1 day ago  PowerMac G 5 2 Mgh, OS 10.5.8, 2 X 150GB hard drive, 8 1.5 GB RAM. Serial Number YM621039UUY with Power Cable, Keyboard & Mouse ready to use Excelent condition and work very well, suitable for Musician and film/Video maker Include software 1 Logic Express 9 (original unused, you can registered in your name) 2 Final Cut Pro 6 (original unused, you can registered in your name) 3 Live. Power Mac G5. The PowerMac G5 is a desktop computer first produced in 2003 by the Apple Corporation. This guide will review the repair process of an Apple PowerMac G5 model number A1047 EMC 2061 from 2004. It was discontinued in 2006 as part of.

The Power Mac was given to me and I proceeded to open it up to find out exactly what needed replacement and what could be salvaged.

I have found that the Liquid Cooling System/Dual 2.5GHz Processor block needs to be replaced, and the 600W Power Supply needs to be replaced.

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So, I've already purchased a new Cooling System, but finding the right Power Supply is the trick. It seems there are two models that look similar but have different model numbers and different brands.

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The power supply in my Power Mac is a 600W LiteON 614-0307 model. I've found what I think is the perfect replacement, but it's an AcBel 614-0306!

Basically, I want to know if this one will work in my Power Mac. It looks perfectly identical. It's just one number away from my model number and a different brand.

Does anyone know if this model power supply will work?

Thanks so much! :)

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