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Mar 09, 2016  This is NOT a ranking list, but a gathering some of the best graphic tattoo artists we think are worth knowing. If Tattoo is the 10th art, then Old School is its classic side and Graphic Tattoo its contemporary side. Graphic is a recent style in tattoo, not older than twenty years or so, but it is already considered as the most innovative skin art. Inkbook Tattoo Software powers hundreds of shops across the country with online appointments (including email and text reminders and confirmations), credit card payments and deposits, automated marketing campaigns, inventory management, robust payroll and business reporting, QuickBooks integration, mobile apps for you and your staff - everything you need to run your shop like a pro!

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Tattoo Graphic Design Software For Mac

Tattoo Graphic Design Software For Mac Pro

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A logo can be an image, text, or a combination of both. A “wordmark” (or logotype) is a text-only type of logo that is most commonly the name of the brand or company. Think of the Canon logo – it just says Canon in red, but it’s a distinct font choice that set its apart. The FedEx logo is another example of a wordmark, and comes with the added surprise of the little arrow tucked subtly into the design. Then, you have a “lettermark.” A lettermark is an acronym or monogram that’s been turned into a logo. IBM and NASA, for example, are companies whose names are abbreviated, and the abbreviation is turned into the logo. Lastly, you have pictorial logos, or symbols. These are the image-based logo designs, such as Apple, Nike, or Target, to name a few. You can also have a combination of words and images in your logo if you’d like, seen in the Adobe logo or Mastercard. There are different types of logos because different brand personalities have different needs. Consider the type that will best communicate your brand, wherever you decide to apply your logo.

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