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The Dock at the bottom of the screen carries a number of apps installed on your Mac so that you can quickly launch the apps from the desktop. But more the apps you install, more the apps simply fill the Dock, either you use the app once or never. So, in this guide, we will show you how to remove apps from the Dock on your Mac.

The Dock on your Mac consists of regular apps, a trio of recent apps, and the apps that are currently opened or minimized in the Dock. No matter if it’s the most used apps like iTunes, Safari, Calculator, or the ones that you never use, a large number of apps make the Dock look messy.

But those who prefer not to have the apps in the Dock, the apps in the Dock can be removed. If you feel the apps in the Dock are useless or even it’s just to customize the Dock for your preferences, removing it will reduce the clutter and make your Dock look neat. Here’s how you can disable the apps in the Dock.

Removing the apps from the Dock will not uninstall the app or remove it from the system, it’s just the icon or the shortcut that will be removed. All you can’t do is access the app from the Dock if removed, while you have the Launchpad, Spotlight as well as Siri to launch the app that has been removed from the Dock.

Jan 08, 2011 UPDATE: I can remove the App Store icon from the dock with the 'remove from dock' option, and the one app I installed using the App Store also installed an icon on the dock. Actually, it was a cool looking animation when the icon from the installer just swooped over to the dock.

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  • Locate the icon you downloaded on your Mac (or created) and confirm that it's in the.icns format. In the Finder, it should show up as the icon name with.icns appended to it.If the Finder is set to hide file extensions, you can see the full file name by right-clicking on the icon file and selecting Get Info from the pop-up menu. The file name with extension is displayed in the Get Info window.

How To Remove Apps From The Dock

To remove any app from the Dock, you need to

How to remove app from dock on mac
  1. Locate the app you want to remove from the Dock.
  2. Click and hold on the app icon and drag outside the Dock.
  3. Now wait for a second or two, a Remove label will appear next to the app icon. This means the app is ready to be removed from the Dock.
  4. Release the click to remove the app from the Dock.
  5. Repeat the same steps for other apps.

Removing apps from the Dock applies to all versions of the macOS. While you can remove most apps from the Dock and clear everything, a few apps will remain i.e. the Finder, the Trash, and the apps that are running or minimized. You cannot remove these apps from the Dock, they will stay there as it is.

Mac Dock Download

If you don’t like the Dock, you can hide it from the desktop. The Dock will only be visible when you hover the cursor at the bottom.

  • Press Command + Option + D to hide the Dock.

If you are running macOS Mojave or later, you have noticed the Dock carrying a trio of recently used apps alongside the regular apps. The recent apps can also be disabled from the Dock.

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New Mac users might wonder how to put often-used apps, documents, and folders down into the Dock for quick access. Luckily, it’s quite easy. Here’s how.

How to Add an App Icon From the Mac Dock

1.) Open the Applications folder and find the icon of the app you wish to add to your Mac’s Dock. Adding mobi files to kindle app mac. (This also works with folders and documents.)

2.) Hover your mouse pointer over the app, document, or folder icon you wish to add to the Dock, and click and hold your mouse button or trackpad.

3.) Drag the icon down to the Dock, to the location where you want to move it. (Note: You’ll notice the Dock has a dividing line. Applications need to be dropped on the left side of this line, while documents and folders should be dropped to the right side of the line.)

4.) Hover the icon over the spot you wish to drop to. You should see the icons move over to make room for the new icon.

5.) Release your mouse button, the app will drop into place on the Dock.

How to Remove an App Icon From the Mac Dock

There are two ways to remove an icon from the Dock.

Note: You can only remove an application icon from the Dock if the app is closed. If the Dock icon shows a dot beneath the icon, the app is currently running. Close the app before attempting to remove its icon from the Dock.

Method One

Method one is to right-click the icon while it sits in the Dock. You’ll see a pop-up menu appear. Hover your mouse over the “Options” menu item. A new menu will appear. Click “Remove from Dock.” The icon will disappear from the Dock.

Method Two

Method two is to hover your mouse pointer over the icon you wish to remove, and then click and hold. Begin dragging the icon up and away from the Dock to an empty space on your Mac’s Desktop. You’ll soon see a bubble with the word “Remove” in it. You can now release the mouse button. The icon will be gone from the Dock.

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