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Video Surveillance Software on Mac OS X. The Video Surveillance Software C-MOR runs on Apple Mac OS X. The base system with 3 cams can be ugpraded with additional IP camera licenses to a maximum of 15 cameras. C-MOR has many features. It records on motion detection and generates great time-lapse movies for presentations. Jul 08, 2020 In addition to the Mac software, Viewtron DVRs and IP cameras also include video management software for Windows. Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are also provided.

Top 5 best free crm software for mac. Agent DVR is our new video surveillance solution for the Internet Of Things.
Available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Free Software

Remove startup items mac. Our free platform supports an unlimited number of devices. Features include Home Assistant integration, IFTTT, PTZ, Onvif, Live streaming, Scheduling, Raw recording, AI powered detectors, Chrome cast support, Virtual Reality viewers and much much more!

Remote Access

Use our SSL secured platform for remote access without any router or port forwarding setup required. Works over all connections including mobile. Unlock advanced options like IFTTT, cloud uploads and HD streaming with a subscription.

Ip Camera Software For Mac

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Intelligent Features

AI powered features include object tracking, speed estimation, trip wires, face detection, people detection, YOLO object recognition, heat maps and Google vision integration. Combine Agent with IFTTT and Home Assistant to secure your home and office.