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And with Folder Colorizer 2 it’s now easier to change folder icon than ever! Besides this, you can also create your own custom shade and even name it yourself. This all makes Folder Colorizer 2 a cool folder marker app, that helps you arrange folders in a matter of seconds.

Say, ‘Goodbye,’ to boring folders on your desktop after you download Folder Color for Mac.

Folder Color for Mac is a very cool utility and design tool that allows you to customize your Mac OS X folder icons. Mac OS X includes the ability to colorize your folder (with predetermined hues) and add tags to them, for easy searching at a later time, but Folder Color gives you the option to choose any variation of color and add icons and images to your folder.

Some of the features of Folder include:

  • Number of customized yet friendly folder icons supplied in resource library.
  • Support adding pictures into resource library and edit them to specialized your folders category.
  • Create your own stunning folders with simplicity and ease.
  • Change the folder icon color, manage your folders via different color classification.
  • Custom certain folder icons help you identify what’s inside of them, such as photos, emails or documents.
  • Classify and find your folders easily with customized folder icon.
  • Create a customized icon based on a configurable icon style: size, position, shadow and transparency.
  • Easy to apply your customize folder icon: just drag and drop the folder into Folder Color, done.
  • Fully compatible with OS X Yosemite.

While Folder Color may be a simple concept, it’s very practical for users. I mentioned being able to find files easier if they are colored differently than others. And, with the ability to add icons and images to the exterior of the folder, you can identify at a glance what the contents of the folder are.

Folder Color is also very easy to use. You simply set up the customizations for your folder and then drag the folder you want to customize onto the App. The folder will absorb the qualities you set up within Folder Color. The entire process from start to finish is over in seconds – depending on how many different options you select for the folder.

For many years, I’ve struggled with good color-coded file management. Just coloring the folders doesn’t always seem to be enough because you may color several folders in the same file tree with the same color. What does that end up meaning? Sometimes you can’t remember. With the option to add icons, you will know that the three blue folders, which you want to archive, house documents, music or images based on the icon on the outside. Instantly, the color coding has structure even when you have multiple folders with the same color.

Pictures folder on mac

With Folder Color you will find your workflow and file storage much more efficient and stylish. Folder Color is available in the Mac App Store for $5.99 (regular price $18.99).

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Server irc per software mac. Truly, Mac is an intelligent and fastest OS than others. We have Secure and Customized Mac OS for the All Mac user. If you have got a problem to organize same color folder file on your Mac? Then create its different look by following these articles. Put your important file in a single folder, after that you should require to change folder color in Mac and to make it handy so, you can easily handle it. Even, your focus will become at a glance on that specific folder. If you want to special categorized folder color, then you can keep an emergency or more useful file folder in red color, less important are color in green and keep others are in blue color.

Here are the two ways to vary your Mac folder color. So, let’s beneath and look step to change the folder color in macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, Mac OS EI Capitan, Mac X Mavericks, Yosemite and Same for macOS Sierra. Related useful Mac Software for the USA and, for the UK.

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How to Change the Folder color in macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave High Sierra: Yosemite, Mavericks, EI Capitan

Update/Set folder color, Saturation using Color picker tools

  1. Right Click on Folder which you want to change folder color on MacBook, Mac. and then click on “Get Info
  2. Then you can appear folder info in a popup
  3. Click on folder’s icon (not preview) inside of folder info pop up then go Edit Menu >> select Copy.
  4. Text “Preview” in Spotlight Search after that, you can see a folder window for preview
  5. Now, Click on FileMenu >> select New from Clipboard
  6. Tools >> select Adjust Color … >> you can see color picker, choose the color from a color picker that you want.
  7. Close color picker tools and Go, Edit menu and choose to Select all option
  8. After that again in Edit >> choose Copy option and minimize preview window
  9. Again move on folder info popup, and click on folder’s icon (not preview) inside of folder info pop up then go Edit Menu >> select Paste.

Unable to Make Color Folder: Restart your Mac and Try Again.

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Video Tutorial on How to Change Folder Color on macOS X Catalina and Earlier

If you are a bit confused about how to change folder color on Mac and didn’t understand the above tutorial, then here’s the video tutorial for you.

Alternate Ways to Change Folder Color on macOS Mavericks

If you are Mavericks user, then these are the best alternate methods that let you change folder color within a minute. Learn how to change folder color on macOS Mavericks.

The 1st way for Mavericks

  • First, choose the folder, which you want to change its color.
  • Click, on ‘’File’’ from the Topside of the Menu. You can see it on the right side of the Finder menu.
  • Now, in File menu drop-down and select ‘’Label’’ option at the bottom of the list. There you can get three different colors likewise, Red, Green, and Blue. Select one of them after that, you can look at the different color of select Folder.

The 2nd way for Mavericks

Change Folder Color App

  • Right-click on the select folder and one menu will pop up your screen. From them select ‘’label’’ menu option and choose one color from given all. Using this way you can do fast.

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Pictures Folder On Mac

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