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Analog Efex Pro: Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses.

Get the photo you’re looking for, even if you don’t own the equipment. Let effects inspired by traditional cameras bring you back to the vintage age of photo development. Choose from 10 different Tool Combinations to easily apply their effects, or use the Camera Kit to mix and match your favorite analog features.

Apply the same legendary processing techniques used in the darkroom. Create professionally stylized images by selecting a preset, then dive in to fine-tune and personalize the effect. Choose one, two, or even all 14 available Tools to develop your images just the way you like it.

Now with control points, you can have precise control of your images by selectively adding or removing an effect without the need for complicated layers or masks. Control Points are now available in the Basic Adjustments, Dirt & Scratches, Light Leaks, and Photo Plate Tools.

Color Efex Pro:A comprehensive set of filters for color correction, retouching, and creative effects.

Find a look that inspires you, then take it further. Visual presets give you a wide range of options to use as starting points for your photographic exploration.

Stack any number of Color Efex Pro’s 55 filters to create a unique look. You can save your favorite combinations, then apply the same look to other images with a single click.

Control points make your filters even more powerful. Different filters can be applied to specific parts of your image to help each element of your photo shine.

Silver Efex Pro: Master the art of black-and-white photography with darkroom-inspired controls.

Advancements in black and white controls help you achieve great results quickly. Take advantage of tools like Dynamic Brightness, Soft Contrast, Amplify Whites, Amplify Blacks, and the advanced Grain Engine.

Emulate nearly 20 popular film types, add finishing adjustments like toners and borders, and tune your image to produce superior black-and-white results. Silver Efex Pro gives you control over the entire process.

Try different looks, compare different edited states of your image, and undo adjustments at any time -- all thanks to Silver Efex Pro’s built-in History Browser.

Viveza: Selectively adjust the color and tonality of your images without complicated masks or selections.

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You can choose exactly where enhancements are applied without using complicated selections or layer masks. The changes you make automatically and naturally blend with your image, producing spectacular results.

Easy-to-use sliders let you quickly adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, red, green, blue, hue, and warmth. And the unique Structure control lets you accentuate textures and details without creating unwanted artifacts or halos.

Apply color, light, and structure enhancements to your entire photo with the ability to selectively refine your adjustments later. Viveza also includes levels & curves for even more control over contrast and tonality.

HDR Efex Pro: From natural to artistic, explore the full potential of HDR photography.

Powerful controls help you create exceptional natural and artistic HDR photos as HDR Efex Pro gives you a wide range of options for any image.

Bring back lost highlights, open up shadows, and adjust tonality to achieve the perfectly natural and balanced image you’ve envisioned.

A unique combination of one-click presets helps you start off on the right foot. Pick a style that excites you, then adjust the details to make the look your own.

Sharpener Pro: Bring out hidden details consistently with the professional's choice for image sharpening.

Enhance subtle details and textures to create images in a distinctive style. The Structure, Local Contrast, and Focus tools give you a variety of creative sharpening options.

Selectively apply improvements using control points to help your viewers focus on the right areas. Enhancements blend into your image for a natural final result.

Create perfectly sharpened images for display, inkjet, continuous tone, half tone, hybrid print devices, and more. The Output Sharpener helps you mitigate loss of detail caused by different output methods.

Dfine: Improve your images with noise reduction tailored to your camera.


Dfine lets you adjust contrast and reduce color noise separately, making it easy to control the type and amount of noise reduction applied to your photo.

Unique profiles are created automatically for each image to ensure that noise reduction is applied only to noise elements so more details are retained.

Add noise reduction only to the areas that need it so you can maximize detail throughout your image. Control points let you remove noise selectively, without using masks.

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