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Simple Drafting Software Edraw software will assist you in drafting diagrams without the CAD technology experience. It provides lots of drawing tools, including dimensioning, wall, door, window and structure, appliances, furniture, cabinets, and the creation of symbols. Oct 09, 2017  If you want to draw up a new floor plan for your home, office or just about any kind of space, we’ve taken a look at the very best Mac compatible floor plan and home design software in 2020. Floor planners are an easy to map out new layouts making it easier to identify problems, save time on costly errors and visualize your ideas more clearly. Creating mechanical parts and assembling them with drawing sheets may get time consuming and complex. Mechanical drawing software is designed to help the draftsman to get the mechanical draft designed efficiently within a short time. You can expect the software with pre-defined entities to get the design quickly. Following is the list of few of the best picked mechanical drawing software. Mar 06, 2020 Supported Platforms: PC/Mac. Price: Free 11. Another drawing program which doesn’t require a powerful hardware to run is Leonardo. Like FireAlpaca, Leonardo is light on resources and can run smoothly on years old Windows PC. The app works for sketching, drawing, painting, tracing, and whiteboarding. It offers an easy to use.

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Graphic designers are constantly looking out for free new tools to convert their devices into an art studio. Many think that for a Mac user the choices are limited. But no, drawing on a Mac does not have to dig a deep hole in your pockets. In fact, here we are sharing with quite a few free drawing software for mac that offers similar, if not the same, features as the ones in Adobe Suite.

Dec 19, 2017  Posted By iPad Admin on Dec 19, 2017 in iPad, Productivity. Drafting App for iPad is the advanced Drawing Application. Download Drafting App for iPad Free. Drafting App iPad provides you with the 2D vector drawing and design tools. Drafting App iOS supports the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, which lets you draw very efficiently, accurately and quickly.

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These free drawing software for mac will allow you to create professional-grade sketches, vectors, and concept art. The cherry on the top is that the money you save on a free drawing app mac subscription can go towards other gear.

Free Simple Drafting App For Mac Free

Here is a list best free drawing apps for Mac:

Free Apps For Mac

1. Autodesk Sketchbook:

Many professional artists feel that Autodesk Sketchbook is one of the best free drawing app for mac. The reason is that it is loaded with a number of enviable features, tools and an exceptional user interface (UI). All these and many other things put this app on the list of top 5. It is loaded with 140+ brushes, various blending models and an unlimited number of layers that we can easily group. Not only this, but the software also supports perspective stroke and guides, rulers, as well as predictive stroke. You will love the UI and once you start sketching the UI dissolves in the background and what is left behind is the full-screen canvas. But do not worry about how you will be able to get the other tools if the full screen turns canvas. As it’s super easy to get to the tools, switch brusher and others once again.

Free app for mac

2. Krita:

Krita is a free drawing app for mac and also an open-source painting program that is made affordable by artists who want the art tools to be easily available for all. It is helpful for concept art, texture and matte painters, illustration and comics too. It is a professional drawing app, that is a great choice for the starters to master the art of digital sketching. Plus, the official website offers a bunch of free learning resources.

The tools and features available on it are the fully customizable UI, along with various brush engines, stabilizers, pop-up color pallets, and advanced resources management. It is more for comics and concept art designers rather than illustrators. The free drawing app for mac is available on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

3. Medibang Paint:

Medibang is a simple but powerful tool that works great for novices and veteran illustrators alike. The free software for mac is more geared towards comic book artists as it has a bunch of different tools to create intricate graphics. The app features more than 50 brushes and over 800 backgrounds and tones. MediBang Paint also offers 20 different fonts. along with cross-platform integration via the cloud. As per which you can start your sketch on a Mac and pick up where you left off on your iPad or iPhone.

4. Inkscape:

Inkscape the free software for Mac is replete with drawing software, that is tailored to meet the needs of designers, illustrators, and web designers. It can easily give a run for money to Adobe Illustrator. The UI layout is similar to one of the older iterations of Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape offers plenty of features to create professional vectors. You can not only design, edit nodes, use path conversion but the software also supports multi-line text and a bunch of file formats you might need. The color selector at the bottom of the page is a handy highlight of this app.

5. Firealpaca:

Firealpaca can easily be used on an older Mac, the free software runs on macOS X 10.7 and later. Though it does not offer much like the others in the list, it will lend you enough brushes, color and layer options, and settings to create some amazing vectors. It also has a 3D perspective tool that lets you snap different objects to the grid As it is designed to work like a charm on older hardware, you can work on your olde version till you buy a new Mac.

There are certainly many simple free drawing apps for Mac out there but the availability of tools, simplicity, flexibility, and interfaces on these are truly amazing. Autodesk offers some enviable ones that will lead you towards the path of fame and fortune. Though on the older version it might be a bit slow.

You should think which is the most important for you to be a pro and utilize it as soon as possible.

Feb 01, 2020  Best Live Wallpaper App: Live Desktop If you’re bored with still pictures and want to add a splash of life to your desktop, Live Desktop is a Mac app that you’ll need to try. The application offers a collection of stunning HD quality and animated images to choose from. Oct 18, 2014  This app is an improved macOS version of Microsoft official 'Bing Desktop'. It downloads daily images from the Bing website and sets them as wallpapers, everything is automatic and does not require any intervention from you. But this app is not a simple. Desktop wallpaper app for mac. Sep 27, 2017  Download Unsplash Wallpapers for macOS 10.12 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎A breathtaking photo for your desktop wallpaper, every day.

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Have an idea in mind about a new project? Just drag your mouse and create a graphical view with these best drafting software. Drafting software is used to draft your idea on the paper. Be it a Mechanical or Electrical or Architectural plan. For an organization, having a good drafting software is a must to save the time of getting the idea from mind to paper. Following are some best drafting software available for use.


2D Drafting and Drawing Software

The 2D drawing and drafting software from Autodesk will help you create your new drawings as well as annotate them. The software features customizable templates to have quick and easy drawings. As these templates can also be customized, you can store for quick reuse any part which you prefer to use several times in a drawing. Sending or sharing drawings is simple as Autodesk uses DWG™ format.

Smartdraw Drafting Program

Drafting program software from smart draw has enough features to impress you, including smart formatting, templates, cloud backup. This software is designed for a very simple GUI but has advanced features enough to please you as an expert. This software works on any platform, available majorly, Windows, Mac, Linux. It helps you to align drawings automatically. You can try this software freely before spending on it.

Easy Drafting Software – Edraw

Edraw is a simple yet powerful drafting software having rich templates, ready to use designs. Worried about the time required for learning the software? You get free, in-depth tutorials with this software, which help you learn and create drafts easily. The whole plan is stored, made readily available as a template, on which you just have to drag and place objects wherever you want. You can get a 30-day, a full featured demo of this software for free.

QCAD for Linux


If you are looking for open source drafting software, QCAD is for you. QCAD is available for Linux. The main features are 35 CAD fonts included, layers, blocks or grouping, object snapping, over 4800 standard predefined objects, hatches, fills, raster images. You get the software for free, also, you can contribute to the community by adding more features to the already available large list of features.

CadStd for Windows

CadStd is a drafting software specially designed for windows. This software is designed for simplicity and is available in two versions, pro and lite. You get lite version for free but has limited features. The pro version can also create an isometric view from orthogonal views. With the lite version, you can only export files as DXF, but pro version gives you the flexibility to send as DXF, SVG, HPGL. This software will offer a simple GUI features as offset, trim, fillet, chamfer.

Brics CAD for Mac

Free Simple Drafting App For Mac Windows 7

Brics Cad offers most features, advanced and basics, which you will expect in a drafting software. For students and Academic institutions, this software is completely free. You can also download a free 30-day trial. You can have direct 3D modeling instead of going for 2D and then 3D. Features include snapping cursor, cloud connectivity, clean and intelligent environment.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – BRL CAD

BRL-CAD is the most popular drafting software among professional drafters. BRL-CAD is a free, open source software. This software will give you every feature you will expect from a drafting software like raster images, hatches, circles, ellipse etc. A most dominant feature of this software is the open source code, giving it a high rate of development over other software. You can also see Landscape Design Software

What is Drafting Software?

A drafting software is designed for creating mechanical or electrical or house (architectural) plans with considerable ease as compared to hand drawing. Pre-defined templates, ready integration with available formats are features of drafting software which speed up the process of drafting. You can also see 2D CAD Software

Each drafting software listed here has some outstanding features. It is just the matter of personal preference on the GUI when it comes to selecting a best one of the above-listed software being the most popular and open source software, is the first choice of many drafters, but other listed software also have some outstanding features to try before purchasing.

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