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Free app for mac 10.10.5 for music recording. Cisco Network Assistant simplifies wired and wireless network management for networks up to 80 devices with its intuitive GUI and a task-based menu. Cisco Network Assistant is free and is optimized to apply common services across Cisco switches, routers, wireless controllers, and access points. Through a direct link to Cisco Active Advisor you can view important information pertaining to the products on your network, such as Warranty and Contract Information, Advisories and End of Life notifications. Cisco Active Advisor will be automatically populated with the devices managed through Cisco Network Assistant.

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Not all switches will tell you the base MAC address for a show version. For example, my 4500s do not, but my 3560s do so. And in my 3560s, yes, the MAC address shown in show version is the same as the Bridge ID shown in show spanning-tree. But the really reliable way to find out the Bridge ID used in spanning-tree is to do a show spanning-tree. Kevin Dorrell.

Features and Capabilities

Network administrators get a centralized view of the network with Cisco Network Assistant. They also have the flexibility to employ its features across Cisco products for small to midsize businesses or branch offices.Download Cisco Network Assistant Software for free.


Cisco Switch Software For Mac Os

Cisco Network Assistant facilitates:

  • Network discovery and convenient display in a topology map
  • Configuration management of Cisco products fitting small and medium businesses
  • Single-click Telnet or access to device manager
  • Front panel view of devices, clusters and stacks
  • Inventory reports and health monitoring
  • Troubleshooting of common network issues
  • Event notification of network errors and alarm thresholds
  • Drag-and-drop Software upgrades saves time in maintaining your network
  • Direct access to lifecycle information using Cisco Active Advisor