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IP Scanners are network monitoring software; they are also called Network Scanners. They are used to find vulnerabilities in a network, find available IP addresses and to view connections to your Local Area Network’s (LAN) IP Addresses.

IP Scanners are very helpful in identifying unwanted and harmful devices with IP addresses connected to your network for you to manually block or enable automatic blocking. Network scanners are an essential tool for ensuring your network stays protected at all times.

Network analyzer free download - Network Analyzer, Ethereal - Network Protocol Analyzer, Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer, and many more programs. Trusted Windows (PC) download HHD Software Free USB Analyzer Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get HHD Software Free USB Analyzer alternative downloads. HHD Software Free Network Analyzer is a network packet sniffer and protocol analyzer for Windows platform. You can intercept any data transmitted via wired broadcast or wireless LAN (WLAN) and Internet connections of your computer. Software Description OS License File Date Comments Power; Voxengo SPAN 2.10: Real-time spectrum analyzer. VST/AU Mac: Freeware: 2016-03-04: 2: 80db: Sonic Visualiser 2.5.

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IP scanners identify the IP address, MAC address, device name, device type, vendor and connection status of all devices connected to a network, they alert network administrators whenever a new device attempts to connect to their network.

Here is a review of the top IP Scanner software, most of them support Mac OS, Android, iPhones, Windows OS (Windows 10, 8 and 7), Linux and other operating systems. They are available for free download via the links below:

The best IP Scanners in 2020 are:

  • Advanced IP Scanner
  • Angry IP Scanner
  • JDSU Network Analyzer
  • NETGEAR Genie
  • Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool
  • Zenmap

1. Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a very good and popular free network scanner and analyzer. It is very fast and easy to use. Advanced IP Scanner scans and detects IP addresses, MAC addresses, subnets, shows all devices connected to your network and saves the results in CSV format.

The tool provides shared folder access and remote control of computers including remote switch off via Radmin. Advanced IP scanner supports Windows, Mac and other operating systems and is portable i.e. requires no installation.

2. Angry IP Scanner

Free Network Analyzer Software Mac Pro

Angry IP Scanner is one of the best IP scanner software available online. It scans your entire network for IP addresses very fast and is simple to use. It is a portable, open source, cross platform network scanner tool and offers ping checks, NETBIOS info, hostname resolving, MAC address checks, and multithreaded scanning.

3. JDSU Network Analyzer

JDSU Network Analyzer is a feature rich network scanner with tools such as user IP detection, bandwidth monitoring, network error source detection, etc. The software provides multi-technology analysis, cross platform support and scalability.

4. NETGEAR Genie

NETGEAR Genie monitors connected devices and provides their IP and MAC addresses, connection status and device name. It also alerts users when new devices try to access their network.

5. Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool

Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool (NAST) is a very good network monitoring tool, it allows users find promiscuous nodes, internet gateways, build hosts lists and much more. It also provides reports on network monitoring activities.

6. SoftPerfect Network Scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is an excellent free network scanner software, it scans the IP address and MAC address of devices connected to your network and lets you download the results of the scan in a variety of file formats including CSV, Text, HTML and more.

Network Analyzer Software Free

7. Who Is On My Wifi

Who Is On My Wifi is another good IP scanner application used to monitor devices connected to your network through their IP addresses. It scans your network automatically every ten minutes for IP addresses and MAC addresses, it also provides the PC Name and connection status. The paid software lets you block IP addresses and devices from your network.

8. Wireshark

Wireshark is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most powerful free and paid network analyzer applications; it has very good network scanning tools. Wireshack also provides lots of other top notch features for analyzing and managing networks. It is available on most platforms – Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, OS X, Android, Mac and many more.

Free network analyzer software download

9. Zenmap

Zenmap is a good network security scanner which has a number of good features such as host discovery, port scanning, web scanning, version detection, supports IPv6 and much more. It is also known as NMAP. Nmap offers support for Windows, MAC, Linux and other operating systems.

You can use each IP scanner and compare them to decide which is best for you.

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SoftwareDescriptionOSLicenseFile DateCommentsPower
Voxengo SPAN 2.10

Real-time spectrum analyzer. [VST/AU]

Sonic Visualiser 2.5

View and analyse the contents of music audio files. [Hosts VST Plugins]

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst 2.1

Frequency spectrum analyzer. [VST/AU/ RTAS]

SoundVision D51

FREE Realtime Sound Analyzer

bs-spectrum v1.3

Spectrum analyzer. [VST/AU]

AudioXplorer v1.3.1

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Spek v0.8.3

Acoustic Spectrum Analyser/Spectrogram Viewer.

MultiInspectorFree v1.2.0

31 band spectral analyzer. [VST/AU]

FFT Analyzer 1.b02

View audio signals in a frequency display

Mac the Scope 4.22

Two-channel real-time signal analyzer, oscilloscope and precision signal generator software.

Spectre 1.7.0

Real-time multi-instrument audio analyzer.

SignalScope Pro v3.05

Multi-channel real-time analyzer and signal generator.

bx_meter 1.6

The bx_meter is an sound measurement and metering tool that allows users to analyze audio signal visually. [VST]

Electroacoustics Toolbox 3.5

Acoustical testing and measurement.

SPEAR v0.7.3

Audio analysis, editing and synthesis software.

Fre(a)koscope 0.8 public beta

FFT-based real-time spectrum analyzer. [VST]

Inspector Free v1.4

Analysis plug-in, uses its alarm feature to alert users of adverse conditions in their audio. [VST/AU/RTAS]

FuzzMeasure Pro v3.2.2

High-quality acoustical and electrical measurements of audio signals.

Real Time Spectrum Analyzer XA1 1.0.0b3

XA1 is a AudioUnit plug-in for Mac OS X.

Mimic BLR 1.2

Spectrum / waveform analyzer plug-in for MACAST 1.0

Mimic SoundJam 1.2

SoundJam MP plugin for spectrum & waveform analysis

iSpectrum Analyzer v2.0.6

Audio spectrum analyzer.

SPEAR v0.6.4r2

Audio analysis, editing and synthesis software.


FFT Analyzer. [VST/RTAS/AU]

SignalScope 3.0.8

Multi-channel real-time analyzer.

MB-7 Mixer v2.51

A powerful multiband manipulation plug-in. [VST/RTAS/AU]

PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer

PAZ Psychacoustic Analyzer


Real-time spectrum analyzer. [AU]

LM6n Radar Loudness Meter

LM6 Radar Loudness Meter is a plugin that analyzes loudness via frequency weighting.

Obelisk v1.1

Spectral multi-effect that combines a Spectral Delay, a Spectral Filter and a Spectral Gate together with a Spectrum Analyzer and 2-Dimensional LFOs to modulate the effect settings. [VST/AU]