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Expense Tracking Software Mac Free

If you want to give back as much as you can (and continue to impress donors and investors), you need to keep your expenses low—and that includes the cost of your accounting software. While some accounting software companies offer discounts to nonprofit organizations, Intuit charges full price for QuickBooks.

In other words, there is no free QuickBooks for nonprofits—but there is ZipBooks.

ZipBooks is totally free, user-friendly accounting software with all the features you need to run your nonprofit.

It’s simple to create an account, and once you’re in, you can organize investments, contributions from owners, grants, and fundraising events. Manage a team of as many volunteers as you like and store unlimited donor profiles, invoices, and receipts. Then, access your data from any device or operating system, enjoying the flexibility of cloud accounting without the headache of monthly and hidden fees.

Money Pro® works great for personal expense tracking, family budget and even for business finance management. The app exists from 2010 on iOS/Mac (over 2.5 mln downloads worldwide) and now is available on Android. Expense tracking free download - MoneyControl Expense Tracking, TDF Tracker - Time, Expense and Mileage Tracking, CashSync - Expense and Income tracking with sync, and many more programs.

With ZipBooks, you get complete access to a suite of invoicing, accounting and expense management tools so your organization gets paid faster—and like we said, it’s free!

You shouldn’t have to master accountancy in order to help other people. ZipBooks is easy to navigate with its intuitive user-interface and straightforward layout—and it still packs the punch of big name software alternatives.

On our free Starter plan, ZipBookers can send unlimited invoices and manage unlimited donors and vendors. Sync your bank account to automatically import expenses and funds. Then, ZipBooks machine learning will auto-categorize transactions for you—saving you time and manpower.

And don’t worry, it’s our top priority to protect donor info. With 256-bit SSL encryption, rest assured that your organization’s financial data is secure.

Fundraising for a nonprofit can be difficult, so we’ve made payment processing easy. Once you’ve found generous donors, ZipBooks lets you send digital invoices in a matter of seconds.

Accept multiple kinds of payments by connecting your ZipBooks account to Square, Stripe or PayPal. By providing payment options that are the most convenient, you make it easy for supporters to contribute.

And if you have recurring benefactors or membership dues, you can turn on auto-bill to collect funds automatically.

When you send an invoice to a donor for the amount they have pledged, you don’t need to manually enter transaction data. Donations are submitted digitally and immediately show up in your books.

If you want to track fundraising efforts by program, donor, event or anything else, you can create custom tags* in ZipBooks. Keep organized (and paperless) by attaching any necessary documents to relevant transactions

When members make payments, you can keep track of when they pay in full, or whether they are still paying in increments.

Financial statements can be a major headache for nonprofits. ZipBooks generates reports for you, so you don’t have to break out your calculator.

Just click “Go” and you’ll have access to more than a dozen reports, including the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), Statement of Activities (Income Statement) and Cash Flow Statement*.

Automate annual giving statements and keep everyone in the loop by customizing reports even further. Use smart tagging* (by grant, board member, campaign, etc) to filter only the relevant funds and then export financial statements to PDF or CSV.

As your team grows, you can add time-tracking*, team member permissions and payroll integration* to your feature set.

  • Time tracking—You and your team members can track your hours by launching our built-in time tracker. Clock billable hours and automatically add them to invoices.
  • Team permissions—Set custom user permissions to safeguard donor data. Mark certain volunteers as bookkeepers or set them up with time-tracking only accounts.
  • Payroll integration—Use our preferred partner, Gusto, to automatically file taxes, manage employee withholding, and more.

Because ZipBooks is 100% in the cloud, volunteers can login from anywhere to contribute to your mission. Most wanted apps for mac 2017.

Running a nonprofit can take a lot of time as it is. When you’re busy getting organized and searching out funding, you don’t have a lot of time to process the contributions you’ve received. Best electronic music software mac.

Have you ever wondered if your nonprofit could make more each year if it was even a little more efficient? ZipBooks was designed to help with that. With project tracking you can create new projects, records notes and information about the project and manage multiple programs.

You can also create individual projects and assign them to different team members to prevent overlap and make sure no project gets forgotten.

When you’ve transferred your organization’s information online through ZipBooks, you’ll be able to access your data anywhere you go.

Access your donor and invoicing information from any mobile device, smart phone, computer, or operating system. The whole team can be logged in and recording work at the same time.

Non-profits play a special role in people’s lives as well as in the economy, and they need access to the best software and tools on the market.

There may not be a free QuickBooks for non-profits, but there is something better: ZipBooks.

Expense Tracking Software Mac Free Download

And best of all, ZipBooks is and always will be 100% free, forever.

Expense Tracker For Mac Free

*These advanced features are available on our Smarter and Sophisticated plans. While our free Starter plan works for most nonprofit organizations, we also offer an insane discount to nonprofits on our paid plans. Just reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll verify your nonprofit status and keep saving you money!

Best Expense Tracking Software

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