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Sometimes a Mac app freezes up and you have to kill it. Well, not actually kill it, but you may have to force it to quit so you can relaunch it.

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Force Quit Mail App On Mac

Feb 10, 2014  The workaround is to go into the Apple menu and choose Force Quit. Find the offending application in the Force Quit menu that pops up and issue the Force Quit (Kill) command. Click OK to confirm and Mail should be gone from the process list. If you encounter an unresponsive app on your Mac, you have four methods at your disposal to close it using Force Quit. For an app whose icon you have parked in the Dock, you can right-click.

Here’s how you use Force Quit an application in macOS:

Jun 01, 2016  Then, choose the “Quit” option from the drop-down menu. In this case, because we’re quitting the Mail app, we’ll go to Mail Quit Mail from the Menu Bar on our Mac. 2) Dock app icon method. Possibly the second most popular way to quit an app on a Mac. May 04, 2017  Additional Mac Touch Bar Force Quit Options. Mac OS actually offers at least 6 different methods to force quit Mac applications, and while the keystroke combination is by far the most convenient and likely a firm habit for many Pro users, it’s not always going to work as discussed here.The Apple menu option is perhaps the next best choice, followed by Activity Monitor, and relying on the.


  1. Choose Force Quit from the Apple () menu, or press Command-Option-Esc.
  2. Select the app in the Force Quit window.
  3. Click Force Quit.

Of course, you should try quitting it in the normal way first by choosing Quit from the app’s menu in the menu bar, or press Command (⌘) – Period (.) to cancel any open dialog box.

Force Quit Mail App Mac

Can't Force Quit App Mac

You can also use the Activity Monitor app.

Force Quit Mac Os

  1. Launch it from the Utility folder on your hard drive.
  2. In the “Process Name” list, select the app or process you want to quit. An unresponsive process is marked with “Not Responding.”
  3. Click the Force Quit button (an “x” in a circle) in the upper-left corner of the Activity Monitor window (or use the Touch Bar on Mac laptops that have one).

Can't Force Quit Application Mac

Choose one of the following options:

  • Quit: This is the same as choosing File > Quit within an app.
  • Force Quit: The process quits immediately. If the process has files open, you may lose data.

Can't Quit Mail On Mac

These instructions apply, for the most part, to other versions of macOS besides Catalina. However, I’m using Catalina on a 16-inch MacBook Pro for this tutorial.

How To Force Quit Mail App On Mac

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