Why Does Apple News App Keep Crashing On Mac

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Photos keeps crashing on my Mac after updating High Sierra. I never had this kind of problems before. Then I asked my Friend “Why does my Photos app keep crashing on Mac?”. She said some solutions to fix this issue. Here I am going to share those Solutions with you. If you have the same problem, this article will help you to fix it.
Solution 1: Restart your Mac

Apr 24, 2019  Aside from hundreds of magazines, I was also impressed by the news-subscription service. However, when I discovered my favorite topics, the Apple News app suddenly got crashing on my iPhone 7 Plus. Sometimes, the app immediately quits at launch, or closes out while being used. Initially, the crashing problem just occurred in a while.

Why Does Apple News App Keep Crashing On Mac
  1. Go to Apple menu->Restart.
  2. Click “Restart”.
  3. Wait until your Mac restart and Launch the Photos App.
  • Mar 26, 2019  I am having a very similar issue. I haven't signed up for the trial yet, but I update both my iPhone X and iPad Pro to iOS 12.2 and the News+ app works fine on my iPhone, but crashes in 2 seconds upon opening it on my iPad. I have force restarted the iPad and even uninstall and reinstalled the news app with no luck.
  • Mar 26, 2019  According to users on Twitterthe App keeps crashing on the latest version of the iOS 12.2 on all iPhone’s, iPad’s and on macOS Mojave 10.14.4. Currently, Apple support hasn’t made any statements regarding why the Apple News App is not working for users.
  • Send a report, or not: If an app quits unexpectedly, you know that it's at least part of the problem. App crashes are usually accompanied by an error message. If you see one of these, click Reopen.

Solution 2: Repair Photo Library
Before repair your Photo Library, Backup your Photos.

  1. Launch Photos app. If it crashes, close the app.
  2. Press and hold Command + Option Key and open the Photos app.
  3. The “Repair Library” window will appear.
  4. Select “Repair”.
  5. Create a new library and restore everything from iCloud Photo Library.

How to create a new Photo Library on Mac?

  1. Close the Photos App.
  2. Press and hold the Option key and open the Photos App while Holding the Option Key.
  3. The “Choose Library” window will appear. Select “Create new”.
  4. Enter the Name for your New Library and select a Location for your new Photo Library.
  5. Click “OK”.
  6. Open the Photos app. No Photos will be there.
  7. Turn on iCloud Photo Library and restore photos from an iCloud account.

Solution 3: Reinstall High Sierra

  1. Pressthe Power Button.
  2. Press and hold the Command+ R keys simultaneously as soon as possible after pressing the Power Button.
  3. Keep pressing Command + R keys until the Apple Logo appears.
  4. After that Utilities windows will appear with 4 options. Tap “Reinstall macOS”.
  5. Tap “Continue”.
  6. You will be prompted to choose your disk. If you are not asked to select your disk, tap “Show All Disks”. You may need to enter your Apple ID.
  7. Tap “Install”. Wait until the installation process is completed. Your Mac will restart after completing the installation.

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Other Solutions:

  1. Check the free space on your Mac. This problem may occur if memory is full on your Mac. So, delete the unwanted items and free up space.
  2. Restore your Mac to Factory Settings.
  3. Downgrade macOS.

If you know any other solutions to fix this issue, let us know through your comments.

Update: It appears Apple has fixed the crashing problem with a server-side change.

The launch of Apple News+ is not going as smoothly as Apple had probably hoped. Many iPhone and iPad users are finding that the Apple News app is crashing repeatedly after updating to iOS 12.2.

According to sources, Apple is aware of the issue and is rapidly working on a fix. It’s not clear if the company will need to rush out a new iOS 12.2.1 software update or if the problem can be addressed server-side.

There are no known workarounds at this time other than to wait for Apple to release the patch. It appears to affect all customers and device models, although it may be limited to US and Canada; the regions that have the Apple News+ tab available.

The Apple News app is crashing randomly, in many cases almost immediately after the app is launched, with customers repeatedly being taken back to the Home screen Springboard. The issue is affecting the News app on iOS 12.2 and the Marzipan clone present in macOS 10.14.4.

Apple launched Apple News+ yesterday with much fanfare, allowing customers in the United States and Canada to access a library of 300 magazines and select newspapers. The Apple News+ service is available for $9.99 per month with a one-month trial. Users can share their subscription with up to six members of their family for free.

Why Does My Apple News App Keep Crashing

It appears these changes have caused an issue somewhere in the pipes as obviously repeated crashing is not a good thing. Some users also experienced trouble activating their subscription. At its keynote yesterday, Apple boasted that News is the #1 most-used news app in the world.

Tangentially related to the Apple News crashing situation, developer Steven Troughton-Smith noted last night that the coding of the Apple News+ service appears to be a little sloppy as the downloaded data is not encrypted and stored ‘in the open’ in the filesystem on macOS. This means, with relative ease, a user can extract full PDF copies of the premium Apple News+ magazines without paying for the subscription. A pirate app developer could theoretically make an automatic tool to perform the necessary scraping.

Spacing Unfortunately, you cannot change the horizontal or vertical spacing between the icons with the context menu. However, you can easily change the spacing by using the registry editor. Press “Win + R” on the keyboard and open Run dialog box.

These PDFs do not have any copy protection either, so they can be shared on freely. This seems like something that Apple will address down the road, as it will take some time to re-engineer the platform, which means the loophole will be left open for a while.

Apple News+ Magazines doesn't seem to use FairPlay (😐), and preloads the first few pages of PDF-based issues regardless of whether you have a subscription (🤦‍♂️). Thus, you can just rip them out of the cache on macOS and reconstitute the original PDF. Kinda irresponsible pic.twitter.com/FudLFjngZe

— Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) March 25, 2019

Why Does Apple News App Keep Crashing On Mac

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