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Web-based Veterinary Software

Veterinary Hospital + Enterprise Solutions Practice management software features for large veterinary enterprises. Perfect for multi-unit facilities that need total inventory control and central oversight, while maintaining some separate functions. Secure user control and consistency set Hippo Manager apart.

Free Veterinary Management Software

Using a web-based practice management system ensures that you have access to the vital medical information all the time, from anywhere, right from the comfort of your home. Now even more if you are a MAC user. This technology becomes all the more flexible, when you can access it from Home, Starbucks or from the Car.

A Mac user can easily access the veterinary practice’s software without having to opt for special veterinary software for the MAC.

Veterinary Management Software For Mac Free

Innovative features

  • Digital whiteboard: Access friendly templates for regular treatment, scheduling of patients, and regular updating of information. Easy transfer of information for future invoice purpose.
  • Client management: Proper filing of client information and tracking of payments made, post dated checks etc. Quick search by client name, phone, email etc
  • Patient management: Complete information of the pet, including a photograph capture. Quick search facility by pet number, pet ID number etc,
  • Reminder calling: Send reminder emails to the client with respect to follow-ups or pending payments.
  • Set appointments: Know which client has an appointment with you during the week or month-wise, based on whatever calendar you set up.
  • Point of sale: Satisfy your client by sending a birthday email or card on the pet’s birthday, showing them how much you care for their pet.
  • This opens up an easy-to-use and better way to serve your clients. Short reimbursement cycles, increased efficiencies, detailed reports on revenues, collection and payment status and a long term client relationship.

Life could never have been so easy for Vets

This kind of software makes work easier like never before. It helps you maintain regular and complete animal records. Detailed medical, surgical and prescription information is now at your fingertips. It is easy to track the previous medical history and records of your patient.

Customized for all practices

Each user has the freedom to use the device of his/ her choice. Technology has opened up venues to work in a heterogeneous environment. Use your precious time wisely on management and customer care rather than figuring out how to use the software.

So now even if you use a MAC, technology is on your side. You don’t have to run helter skelter looking for a special kind of veterinary software for the MAC.

Some things to know about us:

We’re Mac and iOS developers creating Veterinary Software for the Apple Community (not PC developers who also do Macs).

Our award-winning team has worked together in the Apple Community for over 20 years.There are very few development teams in the world that can make that distinction.

VetFM has been in the field for 14 years serving hundreds of practices in United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

VetFM is not a cloud-based product. Your database is under your control . . . safe and encrypted but also securely accessible remotely.

VetFM is based on FileMaker which is the world’s most sold database (over 22 million licenses) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc.

VetFM has been designed from the ground up as a Veterinary product. VetFM is based on input from hundreds of Veterinarians over many years in many different practice types including small, large and alternative medicine companion practices, equine and large animal practices, mobile practices of all types and many specialist practices including rehabilitation, behavioral, oncology, allergy, and sports medicine.

Because we are closely allied with Apple (and the Mac/iOS community), VetFM always runs on the latest Apple hardware and operating systems, unlike many other ‘Mac’ products being sold in the Veterinary marketplace.

We are a wholly owned, independent and debt free company . . . not part of a larger conglomerate. That means we have the interests of our customers in mind, not mixed motives of a corporate parent.

We do not, under any circumstances, harvest your data . . . many other vendors use your data (either directly or in an aggregated form). Example here.Another example.

Veterinary Management Software Mac


Veterinary Practice Management Software

We invite you to take a look at VetFM. We’re happy to spend as much time as you like, making sure that VetFM is a good fit for your new or existing practice. We have a great deal of experience migrating PC based practices over to Mac OS X and iOS environments.

Veterinary Management Software For Mac Os X

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