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  1. Typing Master 10 for Windows is a complete touch typing tutor application with a real-time analysis widget. Meter analyses your typing skills and creates tailored exercises. Take a free 1-week touch typing course to find your weak spots and eliminate them. Try before you.
  2. Dec 23, 2019  The Vehicles Typing is an excellent way to improve typing skills with a colorful revved up theme and animations. Wrapping it up. With these free typing apps for Mac, both adults and children can learn or improve their keyboarding skills.

Today typing has become a necessary skill for everyone. It is not important whether you are writing a document or an email, a good typing speed will always help you to finish your works quickly. Typing plays an important role for people who work with computers everyday. In olden days type writers are the only source to learn typing but today we have plenty of applications to learn typing more faster than before. Those applications are generally called typing tutors. So today we are going to see the best typing tutors for Mac OS X.

May 30, 2020  Master of Typing 3 is an effective TOUCH typing course for mastering fast typing technique using all your 10 FINGERS simultaneously. Increase Your Typing Speed: Variety of exercises: letters & special characters, words & phrases. Click Settings (bottom left corner). Please, make sure that Auto Difficulty is OFF.

Typewriting is same for all the operating systems except some changes in the command buttons. So you don’t want to worry about learning through Mac OS. Also Mac OS has got some beautiful and efficient applications to learn typing quickly. The ultimate aim of typing tutors is to reach the level of touch typing. It is nothing but typing without seeing the keys on the keyboard. Typing Tutor software or app will have levels of lessons to get expertise with typing.

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It is calculated based on the typing speed of the person that is how many words he can type per minute. So let’s have a look at the list of best typing app for Mac OS X.

Typing Master is one of the famous typing tutor for Windows operating system. It helped many people to learn typing in a very short span of time. The lessons in Typing Master application is very simple to understand and you can see the difference in your typing with in a day you start practicing. So it is one of the most recommended software to learn typing from your Mac. It is a light weighted application which will not occupy more memory or slow down you Mac. Also price of the application is based on monthly and yearly basis. You have separate plans for schools and corporates. You can have look at the price details on the website. (Download Typing Master)

Ten Thumbs is also one of the best typing tutors for Mac. If you have used Typing Master in Windows and want to try something new on your Mac you can go for Ten Thumbs. It is featured in CNET as one of the best typing app. Ten Thumbs is also available for Windows and Linux. There are two different versions of Ten Thumbs available. One is a standard version and the other one is a classic version. Features and price makes the difference between these two versions. If you have two different operating system or multiple computers you can buy multi-user version to save your money. (Download Ten Thumbs)

Typetrainer4mac is a multilingual typing tutor for Mac OS. It is quite different from other two applications we have discussed above. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. Even people who don’t have much knowledge on computers can easily understand and learn typing through this software. It supports wide variety of custom and system keyboards in the application. One of the unique feature of this application is by using .RTF files you can manually add more typing lessons to the software. Separate logs will be maintained for each sessions. (Download Typetrainer4mac)

XType is an addictive typing tutor for Mac. It has the most advance lessons to learn typing through Mac. It includes two different typing languages English and Arabic. So if you are interested you can learn Arabic typing too. To practice expert expert level of typing they have included fifteen extremely difficult lessons in this app. These lessons will be highly challenging and will train users to become experts in typing. Totally there are fifteen levels, level 15 will be like a final exam, so the 14 levels will train user to achieve perfection in their typing speed, finger positions and much more. (Download XType)

Typist is a free typing tutor application for Mac. It is a very simple application which helps you learn touch typing. If you don’t wanna spend for typing tutors initially you can go for Typist, learn some basics of touch typing and if you want to improve your typing speed further you can choose any of the premium application from the above list. It is not important that you use free software or premium software, all you need is consistency. Typist is one of the best application in free typing software or app. So you can give a shot before you buy the premium ones. (Download Typist)

These are the five best typing tutors for Mac OS which helps you to learn typing easily and quickly. Please let me know if I have missed any of your favorite typing tutors for Mac. Try these apps in your Mac and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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As a child, I used to read a lot of novels. My fascination for reading kept me glued to books all the time. I used to finish up a Sidney Sheldon novel within days of starting. But do you know how much it takes to write a book? There are authors who take years to finish up writing one. It is for the ease of all those authors and budding writers that writing applications have been developed. If you are in search of the best writing apps for Mac, the buddy, you are in the right place!

The history behind writing…


  • So, improve your productivity with the following writing apps for Mac…

Writing began with stone tablets which then moved on to palm leaves and manuscripts. And then when the paper was invented, books started showing up everywhere around the globe. Writing a book with a pen took several months to complete. Typewriters shortened this time by many folds. But with the invention of computers, writing became super-convenient.

In the present generation, writing applications are being developed which will make the life of authors and writers even easier. If you are a tech blogger, the promising writer, author, then a good writing app is a must!

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What is the use of a writing app?

Though a general word file covers the basic needs of a writer, yet for a more convenient experience, you can go for a writing app. It creates the right ambiance in the system for the writer to concentrate just on the content of his write-up.

Additional editing tools, backgrounds, correcting tools etc. will help you create a better story or article in lesser time. When you write a book, you add various chapters or sub-sections to it.

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Managing all these documents can turn quite messy; in these times writing apps come to your rescue.

So, improve your productivity with the following writing apps for Mac…

Mac systems are widely used all over the globe and if you are a writer or author, then this app is god’s gift for you. This ultimate writing application can be used for focused writing sessions encouraging immersion with the text.

The app also helps you organize your write-up related documents and daily blog posts. It works on iPhones and iPads and you can also sync up your work with iCloud through this application.

It has got a 14-day free trial and after that, the monthly rental price is Rs 299.

Typing Apps For Mac Pro Book

  1. Microsoft Word 2016

Really guys? Do you even need an introduction to this app? Popular across the globe for its simplicity yet abundant features, Microsoft Word 2016 can be used in Mac as well as Windows systems.

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Though it is tailor-made for Windows systems, yet it works more than fine in Mac ones. Available at a price of Rs 454, you can find cheaper alternatives of this in this list.

Even the name of the app has got an ‘I’ in it indicating it is made for Apple products. Listed as the best-selling text editor in the Apple store, it is a minimalistic writing application used for focused writing experience.

It is also used by famous author Augusten Burroughs. Though some users complain about its missing settings of preferences, it is this very feature that makes the app help writers focus on their content.

The item is prized at Rs 590.

Just like Microsoft Word is for Windows systems, Apple pages are for Mac systems. But it is not only limited to Mac users. If you have any other PC, then you can download pages and use it through iCloud. And the best part about this writing app for Mac? It is free of cost!

It is certainly one of the best free word processors for Mac. Though it has got an impressive user interface and features, it is not very popular as every user with whom you would like to share or collaborate would have to install Pages in their systems too.

Released back in 2007, it is one of the bestnovel writing software for Mac. It is also supported by systems running on Windows and Linux. You can now easily organize your documents and notes with the help of this content managing app. The app also offers various templates for creating screenplays, fictional, and non-fictional manuscripts.

The split-screen mode and drag-drop feature of virtual index cards make it a top choice for various writers.

  1. TextEdit

The Mac word processing app SimpleText was replaced by TextEdit. It uses the Cocoa text format to read and edit documents in various formats like Rich Text Format, plain text and HTML.

Though it is not a very advanced tool, it can be used for applying various text edits to your content, adding multimedia inputs to it and writing different character encodings. And the best part? It is a free novel writing software for Mac.

A top-notch text editor and writing app for Mac is Byword, available on Mac and Apple app store. You can easily use this app anywhere to edit your stories, blog posts, and school projects.

There are various features like on-the-tip keyboard shortcuts and syntax highlighting that help the user achieve better productivity.

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Typing Apps For Mac Pro

Sync up your work in iCloud or Dropbox so that you can work on them from any device, anywhere, anytime.

The finest in the industry, it has been used by various authors and movie script writers in the entertainment industry. All have given rave reviews about this app. Tailor-made for the entertainment industry, it offers more than 100 templates for drafting screenplays and stage plays.

You can also collaborate with a partner for real-time writing, outline act, scenes and sequences easily. Apart from these, there are several other text editing features that make it one of the best word processor for Mac.

It also works on Windows systems.

  1. Write!

Yet another free writing app for Mac is Write! Though currently, only its Windows version is available, its Linux and iOS versions are on their way for release. If you get quite distracted while writing your blog or story or even school essay, then use this tool for a distraction-free writing session.

Features like automatic spell-check, tunable autocomplete (completes your word before you end), multiple keyboard shortcuts, support for Markdown, Wiki, and Textile syntax, unlimited undo etc. make authors prefer this over the others.

Typing For Beginners App

  1. Storyist

Free Typing Apps For Mac

An advanced writing app for Mac preferred by various novelists and screenplay writers is Storyist. Talk about focused writing environment, more organized writing, easy access to all documents…Storyist covers them all.

It supports Mac systems and also works on iPhones and iPads.

With the help of this app, you can now create stunningly formatted manuscripts and screenplays and get a customized high-level view of the story with the help of index cards.

Experience a distraction-free writing session with app Whiteroom which creates a full-screen writing environment. It was developed as an alternative to Microsoft Word to provide a more convenient writing environment. It has got spell check and auto-save feature in addition to basic features of Word.

More the features more the distractions; that is why Whiteroom has stuck to the basics.

Writing a movie script or screenplay? Go for one of the best writing apps for Mac named Slugline. It is a simple and elegant writing application for Mac and iOS systems. Its outline navigator helps you write sections and sub-sections of the write-up in a more organized way.

Just like other writing apps in the list, you can sync up your documents in iCloud and Dropbox and then work on them on other devices too.

The dark mode of the app helps you work in low light conditions. You can also pair a keyboard to your iPad and then write using it.

  1. Tinyword:

Work on multiple document types like DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, RTF etc. and create amazing stories with the help of Tinyword. Featuring multiple editing tools like inserting tables, symbols, footnotes, hyperlinks, page numbers etc., it is highly preferred by budding writers and authors.

You can also protect your content with a password and also put editing restrictions on your content.

Typing Apps For Mac Computer Free

Focus on your story or write-up with the help of this amazing writing app for Mac. With quick note feature, easy to use interface, advanced markup editor with knowledge of over 20 programming languages, multiple work themes, cross-note links, focus mode, hashtags, smart data recognition, multi-device sync…and many more,

it is certainly one of the most feature-rich writing apps for Mac.

Typing Apps For Mac Pro Download

We hope the above writing apps for Mac help you create your dream story or screenplay in time. If you want a better work space, do take a look at free time tracker apps for Mac and Calendar apps for Mac.

Just the way above-mentioned tools will help you improve your writing productivity, these apps will help you achieve more work in less time.