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Extend trial period – Learn how to extend trial period of software? Top 4 methods to extend trial period of any software and use the software after trial period has expired

Not everyone is rich enough to buy software. Tons of paid tools are there, which is essential for our day-to-day usage. But the fact is we are not that rich to shell out the money.

A short-term relief is the trial versions. Some companies allow a trial period (mostly 14 or 30 days) on which we can use the paid software for a limited timeframe. And guess what? We are forced to cease using it when the trial period ends.

10.10 Look for the EFI disk on your USB drive (in my case this was disk2s1), then enter this command to mount: diskutil mount disk2s14.

What if I say you can extend the trial period of any software? I know you will be wondered to know there is a way to bypass trial period or increase the trial period of any software.

Reset trial software in registry

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Top 4 Methods to Extend Trial Period of Any Software

You can easily extend trial period of any software in multiple ways. Here I am going to share five easy ways using which you can extend or reset trial period of any software.

From the four below-given methods to increase trial period of any Software, choose one that suits you the best and start to use premium software for free again and again. Here are the methods:

Method 1: Extend Trial Period of Software by Editing Registry

There is a thing called Windows Registry on Windows operating systems. You can’t avoid it while attempting to increase the trial period of software. Why because Windows registry acts as a log of our actions on the computer.

Most of the software injects a key or something like that into the registry soon after it is installed. It acts as a reference for the software to know whether the trial period exceeds or not.

Luckily, Windows operating system allows us to edit the Windows registry using a registry editor. But you need administrative privileges to get access into it. Follow the steps given below to bypass trial period of software using the Windows registry editor:

Step (1): First of all, press Win + R keys together. It will open the run dialogue box. There, type Regedit and press enter to see the registry editor. You may be asked to provide administrative rights by choosing a Yes.

Step (2): Look at the left pane of the window and Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE →Software Your Software Name from there. If you find any key with the same name as that of your software, delete the same without any hesitation.

Step (3): Similarly navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Software →Your Software Name. Look out for a key with your software name. If you find anything here, delete it.

Step (4): Close the registry editor and press Win + R key together again to get the Run dialogue box. Type %temp% there. You will get a list of temporary files. Delete everything in that folder.

Step (5): Go to C: Users Your Username Appdata. There, you will see three folders, Local, Locallow, and Roaming. Check all these folders for files with the name of your software. If you find anything, delete it right away.

Step (6): Finally, restart your computer and boom. You can use the trial software from now on without any issue.

I have tested this method and it works perfectly all the times.

Method 2: Bypass Trial Period of Software Using Time Stopper

Time Stopper is a dedicated software created for the sole purpose of extending the trial period of any software. Using Time stopper, you can easily use trial version software without expiring. In case, if you don’t have enough trial period of particular trial version software then you can extend the trial period of any software using Time Stopper.This software is 100% free and no registration required. Follow the steps given below to use it effectively:

This software is 100% free and no registration required. Follow the steps given below to use it effectively:

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Step (1): At first, download Time Stopper and open it after the installation. You can see a Browse button there.

Step (2): Click the Browse button and select the software you want to bypass the trial period of.

Step (3): There, you can see a Calendar. Choose a date that does not contradict with the trial period and then type a name for the desktop icon. Create desktop shortcut button will create a shortcut.

That’s all.

Method 3: Extend the Trial Period of Any Software Using Runasdate

Runasdate is almost similar to Time Stopper. It allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. So, if you are looking for the simplest way to run a program with the specified date or time then RunAsDate utility is just perfect for you.

Follow the below-explained steps in order to extend trial period of software and perfectly use the software after trial period has expired:

Step (1): Firstly, download Runasdate utility and install it on your PC. Open it to extend trial version now.

Step (2): Browse the actual program from there and select the date. If you want to forward the time with real time, you can select that option.

Step (3): You can directly run the program from there. Or, create a desktop icon.

That’s it! Thus, you can see how simple is to extend the trial period of any software using Runasdate utility.

Method 4: Increase Trial Period of Any Software without Using Dedicated Tools

If you don’t like to fill your computer with loads of software, you may not like to install a dedicated tool for this purpose. On such a scenario, you can go with this method. Here, we are not going to use any software or tool.

Step (1): Go to the installation folder of the software you want to extend the trial period of. Most probably it is C: Program Files Software Name

Trial Software Reset Mac 2018 Download


Step (2): Right- click on the folder and choose Properties. Look for ‘Created’ text, to the right of which you can see the exact date of the installation.

Step (3): Click on the clock displayed on the system tray (bottom-right of the taskbar). Select Date and Time Settings and change the time accordingly. Never change it to a date that exceeds the trial period.

Hurray!! You have set everything right to run the trial program correctly. Now you know how to extend trial period of any software.

That’s all fellas. I have given you four ultimate ways to extend trial period of software. Try all the methods one by one on your PC in order to increase trial period of any software and let us know which method you liked the most. Your valuable comment will help us to provide you more helpful guides like this.