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Jun 24, 2019  Share All sharing options for: macOS Catalina first. Apple is also adding support for HDR and Dolby Vision to the TV app. The best audio software for mac. Apple is updating the Reminders app on macOS with a. Jun 29, 2020  Open Settings app on your Apple TV and select Accounts. Click on Home Sharing and then turn it on. Now, enter your Apple ID and password. After you have perfectly configured all of your devices using the same Apple ID, you can start streaming content on your set-top box. How to Stream Content on Apple TV. Select computers icon. Oct 23, 2019  Click Sharing; Toggle Media Sharing on; After you have toggled this on, there is another checkbox that you need to enable – Home Sharing. You can toggle Play Count updating and the option to share photos with Apple TV if that fits your needs, but it’s not a necessity. There’s a reason why Apple’s ecosystem is considered to.


In macOS Mojave and earlier versions, the home sharing feature was a part of iTunes. One would access this feature using the iTunes menu. Now that iTunes functionality has been removed in macOS Catalina, many users want to know how one can access Home sharing feature in macOS Catalina.


Home Sharing feature allows a user to share his or her media library from one computer with other devices. The basic rule is as long as you use the same Apple ID on all the devices in your home sharing network and all the devices are using the same network, you should be able to take advantage of home sharing feature to share music, movies and TV shows etc with your other devices.

Where is Home Sharing feature on macOS Catalina

Home Sharing feature has been moved to System Preferences in macOS Catalina. Here is how you access this feature.

Macos tv app home sharing pc
    • Click on  > System Preferences
    • Click on Sharing icon
    • Enable Media Sharing from the left panel
    • Choose a name for the Mac in the field Computer name
    • Enable ‘Home Sharing’
    • Enter the Apple ID that you will be using for Home Sharing when prompted
    • Turn on Home Sharing

Home Sharing feature has not changed in iOS 13.

You can access the feature by Settings App. Tap on Settings > Music and scroll down all the way to the bottom. Make sure you are using the right Apple ID here under Home Sharing. This should be the same Apple ID that you used for Home sharing on your MacBook.

Similarly if you are sharing your media library from your Mac running macOS Catalina with your Apple TV, you should find the Home sharing settings under Settings > Accounts > Home Sharing.

Home Sharing Not working on macOS Catalina? Check these tips

If you are experiencing issues with Home Sharing on macOS Catalina, disable any VPN software that you might be running on your Mac and reboot your Wi-Fi router and see if that helps solving the issue.

Its also prudent to check your Firewall settings on your Mac. Click on  > System Preferences > Security & Privacy and select Firewall. Make sure you are not blocking all incoming connections here.

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