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When you create a Simple Gantt Chart, it provides an easy-to-follow visual path.

Some Gantt chart software even allows you to track progress right in your gantt chart

Read on for instructions on creating a simple Gantt chart!

What Is A Gantt Chart?

Creately Gantt chart maker offers advanced features that are tailor-made for ease-of-use. Multiple diagramming shortcuts, many color themes and styling options, and an intuitive interface. Plus create to draw the tasks and add dependencies with a few clicks; Professionally-designed Gantt chart templates for various scenarios. What is the Gantt chart on MAC template for? On this page, the users will find a pack of Gantt chart slides that can be displayed on mac software. This set is a great library of the Gantt charts to any taste: many different types are displayed on the samples that include simple tables as well as creative designs. The Best Gantt Chart software for Mac users; The Best Project Management Software on Mac However, if you just want something very basic, here’s how to create a Gantt chart in Apple Pages for Mac. If you haven’t already got the latest version, download Pages for Mac from the Mac App Store.

A gantt chart is a visual representation of your project schedule, based on task start and due dates.

Gantt chart for mac os

Simple Gantt charts include columns, rows, arrows and flow drawings that direct each step of the project. This allows you to effectively track sequential milestone

Creating a Simple Gantt Chart

Project management can definitely be a challenge but with Priority Matrix, you can easily create Gantt charts that match up with your needs.

Priority Matrix is a lightweight priority management solution that allows you to organize team tasks and timelines, while building a Gantt chart for you based on the data that you input.

To build a Gantt chart, all you need to do is:

  1. List your tasks
  2. Assign start and end dates
  3. Delegate to team members, if necessary
  4. Click “Gantt” to access the Gantt chart
  5. Drag and drop within the Gantt chart to modify plans in real time

You can also modify the date range displayed in your Gantt chart, sort by team member, and display both finished and unfinished tasks.

Simple Gantt Chart Example

Priority Matrix makes is easy to create and update Gantt charts. Get started with your free trial today by signing up in the box below:

Gantt Charts and Project Management

Gantt charts are important tools for project management.

Gantts allow you to easily map out tasks, events, and deadlines in a way that shows project timelines.

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Using a Gantt bar chart to lay out daily, weekly and overarching agenda items is an effective way to keep each event from getting lost or under-prioritized.

Further, bar position Gantt charts let you know what needs doing and the deadline for getting it done.

In essence, a simple Gantt chart paints a visual picture of your project timeline, allowing you and your employees to grasp the project more effectively. This is especially useful if there are a lot of players on the scorecard.

When using a simple Gantt chart, you should first decide on the completion date sequence for each task.

Then, after pinning down other task details such as the expertise required to complete the task, you can delegate the task to an employee.

Sometimes, completing a project may even include hiring out-of-house resources such as contract employees or providers. This may sound overwhelming, but by using a Gantt chart that denotes who is in charge of each piece of the project, you can put your mind at ease.

How can Priority Matrix simplify the planning and execution of projects?

Let’s say your business plans to unveil a new website.

The target launch date is 4 weeks from the day the boss throws the project on your desk. The website’s redesign involves a number of new features, distributed across many team members.

As you create tasks in Priority Matrix, set due dates, and delegate responsibilities to team members with our 1-click delegation, our product simultaneously creates a Gantt chart for you, that you can access at any time.


  • Priority Matrix keeps communication lines open with our in-app chat
  • Our comprehensive overviews, such as the Master View and daily report, keep everyone on track
  • The app automatically keeps track of everything, so you can focus on getting things done

Simple Gantt Chart Software

Priority Matrix is available for your desktop and mobile devices, whether Mac, Windows, Android, iPad and iPhone.

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In the majority of the processes and projects that we take on a personal level as well as business level, it is essential to effect proper time management. One of the ways, to ensure that you are always in check especially on the time aspect of your project is through the use of a Gantt chart. This is a horizontal chart developed by Henry Gantt early in the 20th century and has proven productive to date.


Tom’s Planner

Tom’s Planner is a Gantt chart software that is online based. This, therefore, gives the software the benefit of being utilized across all the platforms including the mobile environment. The tool is easy to use and allows the users to get much more done in a short period.


MatchWare is claimed to be the best Gantt chart software globally and also comes packed with plenty of features to ensure projects run smoothly. This software comes with built-in project timeline as well as built-in Gantt charts and thus offering a comprehensive solution to all levels project management.


SmartSheet is a leading Gantt chart software that makes it possible to make Gantt charts in minutes, and all this is done online. With the use of this software, you will be able to identify all the tasks that require being done as well as when they need to be done.

Other Platforms

Gantt chart software unlike the majority of the other software is mainly online based, and this gives them the ability to serve users across all the major platform. However, there still exist other project management programs that may encompass the use of Gantt charts, and these may be platform dependent.

Gantt Chart

GanttChart is a software that is capable of running on the windows platform and has a friendly user interface. With this Gantt chart software, you will be able to schedule work, assign tasks as well as project plans with lots of ease. It can be used in construction, office management, and several other areas.

iTaskX for Mac

Gantt Chart For Mac

iTaskX is a Gantt chart software that is designed for the Mac platform. This software offers a professional way to manage projects and form excellent relationships among team members. These tools offer a way of identifying what requires being done, the member doing it and the time frame.

Gantt Man for Android

GanttMan is a Gantt chart app designed for the users on the Mac platform and allows effective project management right from the Android phones and tablets. The App allows for the view of the Gantt chart that compromises resources allocation and sorting by date option.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – SmartDraw – Gantt Chart

SmartDraw – Gantt chart software offers a quick and easy way to create Gant charts. The software offers automatic formatting, share your Gantt chart any way you choose, four different views of the same data, built-in accountability, assigning tasks is a breeze with built-in teams, save time with custom task libraries. You can also see Visual Project Management Software

What is a Gantt Chart Software?

A Gantt Chart Software is a computer program that is designed to generate Gantt charts for the use in the management of projects and other activities that require coordination. Essentially the Gantt chart can be done even on papers though with a computerized chart there is the benefit of that it can be shared and that modifications can be effected with ease. With the majority of the software reviewed, other than the Gantt chart, there is also the incorporation of other tools to ensure that the process of project management runs smoothly. You can also see Team Management Software

Simple Gantt Chart Tool

It is obvious that the success of a project largely depends on the level of coordination and management put in place. With the use of a Gantt chart software, it is easy to implement effective management especially on task allocations and time management as they are the ones largely determining the outcome of a project.

Best Free Gantt Chart Software For Mac

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