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Data Recovery Software for SIM Cards Screenshots After successfully connected your SIM card with PC, display SIM Card Data at right panel. Here, You can view Last Dialed Number, Phonebook number, SMS, IMSI, Location, User PLMN etc.


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Versatile Android Data Rescuer: Quickly & Thoroughly Recover Android Files on Mac Android Data Recovery Pro for Mac is an outstanding data recovery tool running on Mac. With powerful Android data recovery ability, it can get back all deleted, or lost photos. CardRescueis one of the top SD card recovery software especially designed and optimized for Mac computer. It can be used to recover lost photos from SD card, SDHC/SDXC card, CF card, and microSD Card. Almost all SD card brands are supported including SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Lexar, PNY, and Transcend. CardRescue software can be downloaded from. Sim card reader mac free download - Hallmark Card Studio Mac, SIM Express, Mac Free SD Memory Card Recovery, and many more programs.

The full name of XD card is XD picture card, which is a kind of flash memory card mainly used in digital cameras. XD card is developed by Olympus and Fuji Film. It is the newest digital camera memory card, and is physically smaller than other kinds of memory cards. With this kind of storage media, you’re able to transfer captured pictures or videos to your computer or portable device easily.

However, data stored in the card can be lost due to a variety of reasons. For instance, you may accidentally press the 'delete' button on your digital camera and end up deleting precious captured moments from an XD card or you may also lose valuable pictures due to virus infection. In this situation, it really gives you a big headache. Luckily, with the help of XD card recovery tools, it's possible to retrieve lost photos on the XD card as long as you didn't capture any new photos, because new files may overwrite the lost data and cause permanent data loss. In this article I will tell you an effective way to recover files from XD card.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Files from XD Card on Mac

iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac is designed with ease of use and affordability in mind, something that surely manages to make it stand out in front of the competition. This XD card data recovery tool enables you to seamlessly recover all the data you need in just a few clicks, no matter where you stored it, especially if you get it from a card or drive. The best thing about Recoverit (IS) for Mac is that you can recover the files with almost 100% accuracy, something that can hardly by achieved by other similar tool on the market.

iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac makes it very simple to perform XD card recovery on Mac (including Yosemite). It enables you to retrieve photos on XD picture card with only a few clicks. Now follow the guide below to carry out the recovery.

What You Will Need:

Mac Computer;
Recoverit (IS) for Mac

Time Required:

Time will vary according to file's size

Step 1. Choose a Mode to Recover Deleted Data

Firstly, you need to download this software and install it on your Mac. Take out the XD card from the camera and insert it to Mac with a card reader. Then double click the icon of the program to launch it.

There are 6 file type options displayed in the main interface. Try to select one or more file types from them and click 'Next' button on the bottom of the window.

Step 2. Scan the XD Picture Card

After you've entered the recovery mode, you will see the XD card drive in the 'External Removable Device' list. Select your XD card from it and then turn to the top of the interface to click the 'Start' button.

If you fail to find the deleted pictures in the quick scanning result, then click on the 'Deep Scan' option to have a try.

Step 3. Retrieve Lost Data on XD Picture Card

After the scan, all detected files will appear on the left side of the window. You can preview the details and check the pictures you want to get back. Then move to the bottom of the window and click the 'Recover' button. In the end, you need to select a folder to save the restored files and click the 'OK' button.


Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Files from XD Card on Windows

While recovering on Mac might seem easy, the reality is that recovering XD card data on Windows is as simple as the method presented above. In this situation, you will need to work with iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows.

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What makes the Recoverit (IS) for Windows very interesting is surely the fact that you can easily and quickly recover from a variety of situations, no matter if you deleted the card data by mistake and so on. Recoverit (IS) makes things a lot better by bringing you a foolproof, fully compliant method to recover lost files, one that you can rarely see working in the online world.

Recovering files on Windows is very simple with iSkysoft Data Recovery. You just need to follow these instructions:

What You Will Need:

Sim Recovery Software Free

A Computer;
Recoverit (IS) for Windows

Time Required:

Time will vary according to file's size

Step 1. Insert XD Card to Your Computer

Install Recoverit (IS) for Windows and open it. Select the 'Lost File Recovery' mode from the main window. Now insert your XD card to the computer via a card reader or a mobile device.

Step 2. Scan for the Lost File

You then need to select the XD card to recover files from the hard drive list. Press the 'Start' button to initiate the scanning and then wait until the process is completed, as this is a very important thing to do.

To make sure the deleted and lost files can be totally found back, you can tick the 'Enable Deep Scan' option at the bottom of the interface.

Step 3. Recover the Data You Need

After the results are displayed, check the preview to see if the file you want can be recovered at full quality. The preview isn’t available for all types of files, so take that into account.

Press the 'Recover' button once you like the quality of the file, or if you want to recover it regardless its quality!

Part 3. Tips for Keeping Your Memory Card Safe

When it comes to handling memory cards, there are a few things you need to take into account if you want to maintain the overall quality of your card at all times.

  • First, you need to wait for a little bit after you take pictures or store data on it, because sometimes the cards needs to be reformatted. If you get it out during this process, you will generate data corruption, and that has to be avoided at all costs.
  • The battery levels also need to be checked, because if the battery falls completely when the card is being written on, this can also lead to corruption.
  • Proper hardware maintenance can also help you when it comes to taking the best care for your card.
  • Moreover, you also need to be extra careful when it comes to formatting photos. Of course, you also need to try and format photos or get a better reader, as this will help you quite a lot, especially in the long run.

In conclusion, card file recovery can be easy to perform as long as you have the proper tools for the job. With the iSkysoft Data Recovery tools you will be able to obtain professional results at all times, and your XD card data will be acquired much faster, something that is very important! Don’t hesitate and get these tools in order to obtain an astounding card data recovery experience!


At times it is very difficult for the user to retrieve the sim card data which mostly includes the contacts and the text messages. This tutorial has been developed to make sure that the best programs are not only introduced but the user also gets the knowhow of using them. It will not only make the life easy for the user but will also expand the horizon.

Irrecoverable files from sim card

It is to be noted that the traditional methods cannot be applied to make sure that the sim card’s data is retrieved and it is due to the fact that the data onto the surface is locked and the user needs to make sure that the additional utilities and the software programs are used to retrieve the data. It is also to be noted that direct retrieval from the SIM card is never ever possible and for the same reason it is also to be noted that the user should use the methods that would be explained in the latter part of the tutorial to make sure that the issue remains no match for the user. The utilities that would be explained in this tutorial will also make sure that the irrecoverable file from SIM card is not only made recoverable but the data is also extracted in the best manner so that the user gets the best results within no time at all. It is also to be noted that the user should follow all the steps that have been mentioned in the tutorial as it will lead them towards the solution in a quiet good and enchanting manner causing the user to get the results in line with the requirements. It is also to be noted that the user should make sure that the steps are never skipped or else the file recovery from sim card will be a very hard task to perform.

Recover your data with the best sim card data recovery software

Wondershare Dr. fone for Android is one of the very intelligent and splendid sim card data recovery software that had been developed by the Wondershare to make sure that the needful is done and the user gets the data of any kind retrieved within no time. In the wake of advancement in science and technology it is also to be noted that the program is being upgraded to meet the demands and the needs of the users that are arise with every passing day. The complete detail about the program is also mentioned at the Wondershare official website and the user can visit it to make sure that the additional information is gathered. It is also worth mentioning that there is a very long list of the mobile phones that is mentioned on the website and these are the phones that are supported by the program and for the same reason it is also to be noted that the program is one of the most efficient and effective ones that are available in the market.

The related process to recover sim card data (which is normally SMS or contacts) recovery has been mentioned below to make sure that the user gets the best results and can follow the process to make sure that the requirements of the user are also met:

1. Download Sim Card Recovery Software: The URL is to be utilized to make sure that the exe file of the program is downloaded:

2. Now on the android device the user needs to make sure that the path that has been mentioned below is followed to get the process going:

Sim Card Data Recovery Software

Settings' > click 'Applications' > click 'Development' > check 'USB debugging

3. The device analyze stage will then be started as an advancement:

Sim Card Recovery Software Free

4. The file type is to be selected. As sim card is being used to retrieve the data so the text message type will be selected to proceed:

5. The user then needs to specify the scanning mode for the data recovery and here it is about the choice of the user. The point that is to be noted is that the advanced mode can be regarded as the deep scan and it takes longer time and makes the user wait more as compared to the standard mode that has been embedded:

6. The system will retrieve all the data of the SMS from the sim card as well as the mobile phone to make sure that the needful is done:

7. The user now needs to make sure that the message that is to be recovered is clicked or checked and the others are left unchecked. As soon as the recover button is then pressed the software will make sure that all those text messages that are checked are recovered and this also finishes the process in full.

What stuff is stored on the sim card?

SIM stands for subscriber identity module and for the same reason it is the best and the most advanced GSM technology that has been developed. It makes sure that the data is retrieved not only from the near BTS but the signals are also constantly directed towards the subscriber’s mobile. The stuff that is stored onto the sim card depends upon the choice of the carrier or the options that have been given to the user in this regard. Most of the cellular operators that are operating all over the world make sure that by default contacts and SMS are stored to the SIM and it is for the same reason that the above method of SMS retrieval has been explained using the Wondershare Dr. fone for Android.

What kind of data do you want to retrieve from your sim card?

As it has been explained before as well that the two types of data stored onto the sim card is the contacts as well as the SMS and the both of them are very important for the user when it comes to the data retrieval. If a poll is conducted in this regard then the result would be 100% users saying SMS and 100% of them saying contacts. Therefore this poll is equally in the favor of the data that has been mentioned.