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Gone are the travel days when we used to rely on physical maps, pen/paper for note-taking, and books for the places to visit. A software solution replaces everything. Your vacation days can turn in a cumbersome experience if not planned properly. As you may expect, both Android and iOS offer several travel planning solutions. We are talking about apps for maps and direction, to-dos, budget planner, translator, and more.

In this post, we will talk about the top seven apps for travel planning. We will categorize the list and suggest GT recommendation as well as an alternative to it. Let’s start.

1. Map Solution

Google Maps

Travel planning apps for mac pro

Top 3 of all apps. Since I started using this app, I have travelled 1,482,337 miles. I LOVE this app. I travel a lot for work (and holidays) and being able to email my booking confirmations, private and work and have them all in one place is fantastic. It changed my travel routine. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Trip Planner.

Google Maps, the crown jewel of maps, is the must-have app on your home screen. Google is adding more stuff at a brisk pace and widening the gap between them and rivals.

The service lets you discover nearby places, attractions, restaurants, ATMs, fuel pumps, and more.

With the newly added AR functionality, you can point the device to the street, and it will show you the live information through augmented reality.

Did I tell you it is one of the most accurate map service out there? Overall, Google Maps can be the ultimate digital guide on any trip.

Download Google Maps for Android
Download Google Maps for iOS


Download MapQuest for AndroidDownload MapQuest for iOS

2. Money Tracker


While there are many great third-party alternatives on both stores, Spendee gains a lead for a couple of reasons.

First, it can be your ultimate finance tracker. The app lets you create unlimited wallets, add expenses, view stats, and more.

Secondly, the biggest add-ons are banking connection and sharing functionality. You can link local banks to the app and the service will automatically make a wallet out of it to update transactions accordingly. It’s a neat way to organize every detail of your finances on a single page.

Another function is wallet sharing. You can create a trip wallet and share it with other members. Everyone can chime-in with expenses and have a clean look at all the money.

Download Spendee for Android
Download Spendee for iOS


Get Wallet by Budgetbackers
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3. Translator

Google Translate

Google Translate is the gold standard in converting languages. It’s essential if you are visiting places that speak and have other languages that you might not know.

The interface is quite simple. Google has tried to integrate translate function in the search app, keyboard app, but nothing beats the native experience.

Based on your location, the app recognize the local language and your native language. It will show the suggestion for conversion.

You can see the power of Google’s smart algorithms here. You can use it to translate language from billboards with a built-in camera. Also, it can detect sloppy hand-written words, and the microphone can translate the language in real-time too.

One can also download the offline dictionary of any language before visiting the country.

Download Google Translate for Android
Download Google Translate for iOSGet Microsoft Translate

4. Trip Organizer


As you may know, Notion is the ultimate all-in-one app built around modular productivity. Before visiting any place, you can create the ultimate trip plan on Notion pages.

I would recommend you to start the journey with a Notion template called Trip planner. You can add date, places, attractions to visit, and more.

The template also lets you integrate maps and add further details such as contacts and hotel details below it. You can share that page with other travelers and ask them to add their findings/booking details as well.

Oh, and it also offers to-do functionality with reminder add-on. You are covered with that detail as well.

Download Notion for Android
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Get Milanote
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5. Document Scanner

Office Lens

During a trip, you never know when you will need to access a bunch of personal documents. It can be your passport, visa, itinerary, boarding pass, visiting cards, and more.

Microsoft’s Office Lens is an excellent tool for scanning those documents using your phone's built-in camera. You can convert them to PDF and export the files to gallery or OneDrive. The app will automatically detect whether you are scanning a visiting card, whiteboard, or any image.

The edge detection around the image corner is spot on. The app adds no watermark or unnecessary tags. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Download Office Lens for iOS
Download Office Lens for Android


Get CamScanner

6. Photo Backup Service

Google Photos

You are going to click lots of pictures on travel days. And you need a reliable photo backup service to store the pictures safely.

Google Photos does an excellent job here. First, it’s free, and second Google’s automated suggestions will make the process even better for you.

The AI service can make suitable changes to the photos, and it can also create videos with animations and background music.

Levon started doing this on pen and paper but later teamed up with fellow programmer 'Kirill' to begin development of beauty of lies in its simplicity: the service is designed for mind mapping only, doing away with any redundant features. Users can get started right away and the project website claims that these include millions of musicians, artists, writers, teachers and people with dyslexia.Like Mindomo, offers a free tier which supports up to 3 mind maps with basic features. Best mind mapping software for mac 2019. As it's cloud-based there's also no software to download.

The best part is, one can create a group and share all their photos in one place. It may seem similar to a tradition cloud storage, but the implementation is way powerful and convenient for a gallery app.

Download Google Photos for Android
Download Google Photos for iOS


Get OneDrive

7. Daily Journal


Maintaining a journal is one of the best ways to record and cherish those special moments forever. For those noting down every moment of the travel days, the app named Journey is the perfect way to capture every detail in words and images.

Travel Planning Apps For Mac Pro

The app offers a neat interface with calendar integration. You can view the data entry of a given day. It will let you add location details, weather details, attach images, and note down memory with words.

You can also connect the app to Wordpress or Medium and share the experience right from the app.

The app also offers different stats view, location details, and motivates you to jot down the thoughts.

Download Journey for iOS
Download Journey for Android


Get Day One App
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Enjoy Your Vacation

The above list will help you plan and experience the travel journey with a stress-free and joyful mind. Use all the suggestions or their alternatives, and enjoy a fabulous vacation with family and friends.

Next up: We also have a custom list of finance apps designed for tracking travel expenses. Read the post below to know more about them in detail.

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WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded Android apps.

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Get here the best iPhone travel planning apps for solo and Group travel planning apps. it’s a roundup after the successor of a good travel app for iPad and amazing Hotel booking apps. lets now enjoy your next vacation using travel planner iOS apps.

Mostly there are two breaks (summer and Christmas holidays) in a year in them most folks want likes to go on a long tour. But, if you’re thinking to go on an aboard trip then might you must need the help of a tour guide. However, you can do use several best iPhone travel planning apps that can be helping you, to discover good places nearby you. So let’s see below What is the best app for trip planning?

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Look best iPhone Travel Planning Apps: Awesome for iPad Air, Mini, Pro

#1. TripIt – Travel Organizer [For iPhone, iPad, iMessage and Apple Watch]

TripIt is a free iPhone, iPad for the Trip Planner. It can make all of your trips and destinations well organized and the long drive trips very easy even in the unknown region. You can Add and Edit your plans manually and get many more features. It’s a number one travel organizer app out of given other seven best iPhone travel planning apps. Control and manage all the to-do things that we need while traveling just not to miss any beautiful place and food.

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#2. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars [Group Travel Organizer App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV]

KAYAK is the best travel planning apps for iPhone if you don’t know where to go, which places to visit, what are the best hotels to stay, flight timings and most importantly, it can do everything at genuine rates. Easily book your flight without the need to enter the personal information or credit card details again and again; it has a price forecasting feature that actually saves a lot of money if you have decided to travel on particular data. You can extract the travel information and details from the Emails, lets you manage reservations of flights, hotels, activities, itineraries on the go. KAYAK works on Apple Watch, iOS device and also it has a web interface.

#3. Hopper – Flight & Hotel Deals

Hopper’s other app that could find you cheap and affordable travel deals anytime. With the advanced prediction algorithm, Hopper app shows you the price for hotels, flights with high accuracy and also recommend you whether to book or not with notification. While booking flights and hotels from apps; is kind of risky when the app developers or managerial staff is not proper. But Hopper has a great community, ready to help anytime with flight bookings, hotel bookings and more to save time and that’s what it is the best business trip planner app.

#4. Sygic Travel Maps Offline [ A travel planning/itinerary making app]

This is app is the right answer to How do I make a trip itinerary? Whether you want to travel to the US or UK or Malaysia, Sygic App has a back on you. It can help you discover plans and suggestions of around 50million places including famous museums, beaches, parks, waterfalls, cafés, and more with helpful description and some pictures of that location, And if you go premium which costs $ and $14.99/year, then you can download and view offline maps, no need to have an internet connection. If any problem arises or has any query regarding the tour and travel, directly contact their friendly support team. Use the app as a travel planning app with the map.

#5. Travefy Pro: View Client Trips

If you are a Travel Company to manage clients; then Travefy Pro is the best app for iPhone, ignore if you are looking to manage your own travel plans. Stay in touch with your customers; whenever any client messages you; the app will send you push notification on this app and when you want to contact the client, they will receive the message on Trip Plan app. Easy access to all of your trips, right from the Travefy Pro app.

#6. TripCase

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TripCase organizes all of your trips, locations to visit, best hotels, affordable flight fares, car rentals, and the entire trip efficiently all in TripCase. This app can also share your trips and planning with your friends and colleagues or with whomsoever you would like to share and keep them updated with the schedule. Add, Edit or View your itinerary the destinations, locations, to-do list on the go, just to remember them later.

#7. Tripomatic Trip Planner

If you’re want to leave your trip without a tour guide and have the confidence to handle your trip using your iPhone or iPad travel planning apps then this is the best app. This beautiful app will become much useful for those persons who want to go for destinations likely north USA, South + Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia+ Oceans and Africa.

Looks features of travel planner app: Tripomatic Trip Planner

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  • You can plan your travel itinerary just a few minutes
  • Spend your time on travel, not on planning
  • Allow Sync your itinerary across all your device
  • You can see Subway lines on the map in popular cities
  • It gives an option to explore
  • Download offline maps and use the offline app

Travel Planning Apps For Mac Free

#8. Travel Guide

Download Travel guide on your iPhone or iPad and start to plan your trip very easy as well get City Maps offline. This app brings you travel guides for cities and countries around the world. if you’re planning to go foreign trip then you don’t have to forget iOS language translation Apps.

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