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How to record screen on a Mac using QuickTIme. If you can't run Mojave or don't want to install it, you'll be glad to hear it's still easy to record what is happening on the screen of your Mac. How to Record Screen and Audio on Mac for Free. It can be difficult to find a free Mac screen recorder with an audio capture option. Of course, you can easily use the QuickTime Player to capture the video part. However, the program does not support sound recording, so you'll need to. Mar 27, 2020  To record anything that happens on the screen, it is necessary to find a more extensive screen recording software. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a professional tool that perfectly works on Windows 10/8/7. It can record all the screen activities with system audio and microphone audio, whether it is the operation on desktop, file explorer,. Jun 01, 2020  Open QuickTime Player from your Applications folder, then choose File New Screen Recording from the menu bar. You will then see either the onscreen controls described above or the Screen Recording window described in the following steps.; Before starting your recording, you can click the arrow next to to change the recording settings. To record your voice or other audio with the screen. Apr 17, 2020  Screen recording can be used to film a tutorial, show your friends what you’re looking at, or just save what’s happening on your screen. Your Mac has built-in tools that allow you to take.

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Mac will not let you record your computer’s audio with any of their built in program. If you have ever tried recording your Mac’s screen, you probably know there are so many ways to do it. Recording can prove to be expensive with costly paid software’s. Here are few methods for how to record screen and audio at the same time on mac.

  1. WinX HD Video Converter
  2. QuickTIme Player
  3. Screen Flow
  4. Capto

WinX HD Video Converter

It is an extra tool for help and simple to use: Download, run and record. Get the software online and install it. When you run it, you will see “Screen Recorder” button, click it ! A new windows will pop up to select the frame rate, audio device, target folder, some further option to capture mouse clicks or not and count down seconds. Hit “Start Record” and begin the capture. This software is multi-purpose, apart from recording screen you can download and convert videos.

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QuickTIme Player

How to record screen and audio on mac QuickTime :

Wouldn’t it be great if you could capture all the system sound for free? One way to do it is with QuickTime. Mac OS X has QuickTime Player built-in and it allows you to record your screen easily. It supports recording entire screens or selective regions. However, there is one feature that is missing from the otherwise perfect screen recording solution, and that is the ability to record audio. For that you need a way to route the audio playing to QuickTime and for that purpose you can use a free program called Soundflower. This comes handy when you want to record your computer’s audio while you are recording the screen. Here are few steps to download and setup soundflower mac:

  1. Downloading:

Go ahead, download and install the software to start with.

  1. Configuring

Now that you have installed the software, how do you know it is functioning? Open up sound system preference and look for output and input tab, here you will see our installed software. To route the sound from Mac’s speaker just select Soundflower in the output tab and you are done. Whatever sound comes from those speaker will channel through our Soundflower.

  1. Capturing

How to record internal audio on mac

While you are recording screen with QuickTime, Soundflower needs to be set up to record audio. So, open up QuickTime Player, choose New Audio Recording form File. Video file catalog software mac. Now, in the recording audio interface you will see a down arrow, click on that. Select Soundflower from that menu and you are good to go. Start to record when you feel so.

  1. Monitoring

There is a slight problem with our Soundflower, remember configuring our software? When you configured it all the audio was channeled through Soundflower, hence, your speakers won’t output anything. To fix that, just simply go to our Soundflowerbed menu bar and select your output device. Now, capturing and channeling will go hand in hand.

Record Screen With Audio On Mac Software Mac

Screen Flow

It is often regarded as the best screen recording software you probably have. Telestream’s $99 ScreenFlow is not only a screen recorder but along with that you can edit videos too. Although, it doesn’t give you the freedom to capture just the part you want to record. It automatically selects the audio channel, you can use it with Soundflower too. It has this interesting feature of adding overlays to the recorded videos. You can mimic finger taps, add transitions and what not? It goes on to record the full screen with customized options like selecting frame rate, adjusting video quality and whether or not to record computer audio.

It requires no technical ability to install and bring it to use. Just follows the steps below:

Zosi dvr software download. Software (DVR) Follow New articles New articles and comments. Zosi Smart APP for Android; Win ClientAVSS; Mac ClientAVSS. ZOSI will definitely repair the defective product for customers until the product operate normal. The repaired products must meet the following conditions:it should be within 2years from purchase date to apply for repair date; the product must be purchased from ZOSI official online store or other legal authoritied online store; customer can offer us specific order number and product model.

  • Pay for the software, it is definitely worth every penny and download.
  • It has this shortcut, which always comes handy. Press and hold shift command 2.
  • A pop up will seem asking for what to record and what not to. Select so and click the red button to start recording.
  • When you are done recording, press and hold shift command 2, a screen will appear to edit the video recorded. Edit in whatever ways you want to and then export the file.


It is a powerful, easy-to-use tool which can definitely help you to save time. It is a suite of video editing and screen recording tool. Capto takes capturing, recording, video and image editing to the next level. You can capture your screen with HD quality and audio crystal clear. You can adjust the frame rate and get sharp quality recording. It also comes with intelligent file-manager and quick sharing options. You can have it for trail or spend $29.99 to download a copy of yours. Once you get away with all the installing you have variety of options. Record the entire screen or any specific region of choice. Choose to show or hide the cursor when creating informative tutorial videos. Whatever you do, you are assured of high quality videos. You can set a pre-defined screen recording duration beforehand. Along with the audio recording, you can use this feature to record anything important if you know the amount of time well before-in-hand.

That was all, choose whatever way you want to . There are many paid software but if you don’t want to pay use the already built-in software to enjoy your recordings. Have fun recording !

I’m trying to screen record my production sessions in Ableton Live 9 using Quicktime's screen record mode. The video recording works flawlessly, but the audio from my Komplete 6 interface is not being recorded.

It seems that many Mac users failed to record screen with audio by using QuickTime Player. Actually this built-in recorder on Mac can only record the audio through external speakers and built-in microphone. It’s not able to record the system sound.

Here in this article we will share how to record screen and audio at the same with QuickTime Player on Mac. If you want to record iPhone/iPad screen with QuickTime, it’s also possible. Keep reading to get the detailed guide.

Part 1. QuickTime Screen Recording with Audio on Mac

It’s easy and free to record video on Mac with QuickTime Player, but if you want to record the internal audio on Mac as well, to achieve this you need a way to route the audio playing to QuickTime and a free program called SoundFlower can do you a favor. It’s an extension to Mac devices that allows audio information to pass into other applications. So please follow the steps below to record Mac screen with internal audio by using QuickTime Player.

Step 1. Download SoundFlower from and set it up.

Step 2. After SoundFlower is installed successfully, restart your Mac computer to refresh all controls. Then go to system preferences and visit the sound tab. Click the sound output option and select SoundFlower (2ch) as your active output for the later QuickTime screen recording.

Step 3. Use Finder to find QuickTime Player and launch it to start screen recording on your Mac.

Step 4. Click File on the top menu bar and choose New Screen Recording.

Step 5. There is a drop-down button besides the red recording button, click it to select Soundflower option in order to record the system audio.

Step 6. Now you can start recording your Mac screen by simply hitting the red circle icon on the screen. You are allowed to record the full screen or drag your mouse to customize the area you want to record. Once the recording process is complete, you can click the stop button on the top of the menu to stop recording. Before you save the recorded video and give it a name, you are able to preview it to confirm whether it meets your demand.

Step 7. After you finish QuickTime screen recording on Mac, you need to disconnect Soundflower from audio input so that you can get back your audio on speakers. Just go to System Preferences and select sound settings, in output section select Internal Speakers as destination.

Part 2. Record Screen with QuickTime on Windows

Apple has once supported QuickTime Player for Windows computer for a period of time, but QuickTime is not officially available for Windows 10, as Apple stopped support for Windows back in January 2016. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can still install QuickTime Player 7.7.9 from the official download page( of Apple QuickTime for Windows. As I have tried by myself, it’s not possible to install QuickTime Player on Windows 10. And we really do not recommend you to install QuickTime on your Windows computer any more, because it will make your PC become vulnerable, since Apple does not update QuickTime for Windows any more. If you want to record Windows computer screen, please refer to Part 3 for the best Quicktime Player alternative.

Part 3. The Best Screen Recording Alternative to QuickTime

As you have seen, to record screen with audio by using QuickTime Player, you have to perform few settings prior to recording as well as after recording, it’d be time-wasting and inconvenient. What’s more, since Apple discontinued QuickTime Player on Windows, it’s not possible and safe to record screen with QuickTime on Windows computer any more. So it’s necessary to get a QuickTime alternative to record screen with audio on Mac and Windows computer in an easier way. Vidmore Screen Recorder is a convenient and easy-to-use screen recording tool that allows you to capture any part of your computer screen, record HD video and audio, as well as take screenshots any time you like, on both Mac and Windows computer.

  1. Capture any screen any time you want. No matter you want to record computer screen, gameplay, webcam videos, online lectures, favorite music, or just a screenshot, you can achieve your purpose easily with this QuickTime alternative.
  2. Record any audio on your computer, system sound and your voice from microphone are both supported.
  3. Record full screen or select the area you want to record at ease.
  4. Add text, arrows, and shapes to your recording or screenshot with its real-time drawing feature.
  5. Set the task name, starting time and ending time as well as duration to make a scheduled recording.

Follow the steps below to record screen with audio on Mac with this alternative to QuickTime Player. If you are using a Windows computer, just download the Windows version and the steps are similar.

Step 1. Free download, install and launch this screen recorder on your Mac computer.

Screen Recording Software Mac Free

Step 2. In the home interface, select “Video Recorder” option.

Step 3. Then you can set the recording area as per your need, you also need to choose to record your Mac system sound or audio from your microphone.

Tips: For recording area, you can record the full screen by clicking “Full”, or clicking “Custom” to select either “Fixed region” or “Select region/window”.

Note: To customize the recording area, you should open the window you want to capture, then you can select the exact recording area.

As for audio settings, if you want to save online movies such as video from YouTube, you should turn on “System Sound” and turn off “Microphone”. For creating a video tutorial with your narration, you should turn on “Microphone”, whether to turn on system sound is at your demand.

Step 4. After all the settings are done, just click the “REC” button to start recording. During recording, you are able to use the edit button to edit the screen. You are also allowed to pause recording by click the Pauses button, and you can preview the recorded video after clicking the Stop button. By clicking the “Save” button, you can export and save the recorded video on your Mac.

Part 4. Record iPhone screen with QuickTime

It’s also possible to record iPhone or iPad screen with QuickTime Player on Mac. Even though Apple users are able to record iPhone screen on iOS 11 and later with its screen recording function, but some people would not like to have the obvious red bar at the top of the screen when they are recording iPhone/iPad screen. One solution to avoid this is to record the screen on a different device, to keep the iPhone or iPad’s display normal and free of visual clues that this is a recorded video. To record iPhone screen with QuickTime, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone or iPad with your Mac computer by using a USB cable.

Record Screen With Audio On Mac Software Free

Record Screen With Audio On Mac Software

Step 2. Run QuickTime Player on Mac and establish connection between your iPhone and QuickTime.

Step 3. Go to File and select New Movie Recording from the drop-down menu.

Recording Screen With Audio Mac

Step 4. Now click the drop-down button besides the red circle icon to select your iPhone as microphone and camera options.

Step 5. After all settings are made well, click the red record button to start recording your iPhone screen.

Step 6. Once the recording is complete, click the stop button and preview the recorded video. You can also edit the recorded video with QuickTime Player and save it to your device as you like.


Record Screen And Audio On A Mac

If you only need to record an easy video on your Mac and don’t mind the complicated process to install an extension in order to record the system audio on your Mac, you can use the free and built-in QuickTime Player as the recording tool. It would also be a good tool to record iPhone or iPad screen. But if you want to record a perfect video with audio without too much operation, Vidmore Screen Recorder should be a better choice.