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Success, but only showing what appears to be Jpegs (J).

The raw file and JPEG are now saved separately. Best audio recording software mac. The raw file will have an extension appropriate to the type of raw format it’s in, like.dng. In Photos, you can now delete the original image.

When you open a photo in Photos in Edit Mode you can switch between the RAW file as original master file and the JPEG from the Image menu:


Image > Use RAW as Original.

Raw To Jpeg Mac App

I can maneuver RAW files to Finder and do a workaround, but please tell me PHOTOS has a better way. I'm new to Mac. HELP!

What exactly do you want to do?

In Photos ypu can select the Photos and use 'File > Export' to export the photos to a folder in the Finder.

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But you do not need to import the RAW files to Photos, if you do not want to use Photos. You can use Image Capture and import from your card or camera to a folder in the Finder and then to Lightroom. And Lightroom has probably an option to directly import into LIghtroom but I never used it.

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Sep 9, 2015 1:48 PM