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Netgear Stora and Mac Time Machine

posted Jul 3, 2011, 11:32 AM by Maxim Hrustalev [ updated Jul 6, 2011, 12:42 PM]
I recently have bought Stora as I thought it is a simple plug-n-play device, but the reality showed I was wrong and I spent two evenings reading Netgear forum and experimenting to make it work. Now it works just perfect and I decided to write all the steps I did to remember them, but maybe this will be interesting for someone else:
1. Throw out the Setup CD and don't download the Setup software from the official site as all the software is outdated there (moreover I even couldn't to start setting up Stora from the included CD). if needed download just Desktop software here: (But after several tries to use it I confessed it is absolutely useless for Mac and eventually I got rid of all the desktop software to free about 200mb)
2. Turn on the Box, type in a browser http://192.168.*.*/?local=1 and setup Stora by following instructions.
3. Download and install updates from preferences menu. If there is an error the next steps are:
⁃ Run self diagnostics and repair tool:
⁃ If the previous didn't help make hard reset:
⁃ If the previous didn't help re-flash the box:
In my case the problem with update was solved only after re-flash. But the procedure didn't finish normally, after 1 hour of expectations I tried to turn off the Box by pressing a power button, but it didn't react, so I just unplugged it and then turned on. To my surprise Stora had updated and started normally.
4. Make a simple automation script to mount Stora automatically upon logging in, save it as application, and add to Logging Items in System preferences:
5. Run automation script if haven't done it before and set up Time Machine following these instructions: but skip steps 1 and 6 to avoid Stora2 and/or 192.168.*.* servers. That's all.
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