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To remove an application, go to the Bottle Manager Applications tab and select it in the installed software list. Then click on the Repair or Remove button, as pictured below. This will start the application's repair / uninstallation facility.

Do you want to get rid of some unnecessary software on your Mac? There is a way to delete applications from your Mac, MacOS, or Mac OS X. So, read on our guide on how to uninstall software, Mac.

Do not worry. Uninstalling the software from the Mac is somewhat different from the process on a PC running on Windows, but even a new Mac user unfamiliar with the system will be able to do this. However, there are some difficult cases with Mac programs that the best of the users cannot solve. But, there is a solution anyway.

How to Uninstall Software on Mac: macOS differences

In case you are reading this page, there is a good chance that you are more familiar with Windows. On this platform, everything works differently. In Windows, programs must be supplied with special installers and, more appropriately, must be removed with the support of the same mechanisms. Careless housekeeping from Microsoft initially allowed the creators of software to put a large number of fragmented pieces of its own program wherever they wanted on the C boot drive. In addition to tasks related to the security of the system, cases of the emergency, and freezing problems, it can still lead to the removal of executable programs in Windows, which usually have all the chances of being produced by automatic programs.

How to Delete Software on Mac: Find the Program in the Applications Folder

On the Mac systems, everything is different. When Apple acquired NeXT OS and launched Mac OS X in 2001, it also supported UNIX way of dividing system files from the user’s workplace. Projektmanagement software open source mac download.

In this way, the programs are usually stored in the /Applications directory, and the user options for the application are stored in ~ / Library / Preferences. In addition to this, there are chances to find some necessary supporting files stored in the library ~ /Library/Application Support and/Library/Application Support.

The applications in the Applications folder (although they can be saved in a different place), in fact, are packed together. As for the user, it is elementary to double-click an application icon or to click one time on an icon which is located in Dock – and the application will be launched applying all resources necessary to save in an application package in other space. This means that to remove the application in the macOS, you just need to transfer app to the “Trash“.

Delete Preferences to Completely Remove Software on Mac

Apart from this, you can remove application preferences from the “Library” folder. The library folder was hidden by default from Mac OS X 10.6, but it’s easy to find it though. In the Finder, click the drop-down Go in the top bar, and when displaying options, press and hold the Option button. The parameter “Library” will be seen between “Home” and “Computer”.

How to Delete Applications on Mac: Complex Exceptions

There are some applications that do not perfectly fit in the above criteria. Examples that we saw include Adobe and Microsoft applications for Mac. The latest in-built applications promise to clean up your Mac and speed up its work, speed up the installation of files in inaccessible spaces. Apart from this, the supplied Uninstaller application will not necessarily remove all extra files after uninstalling the application. You have to show remove also so-called “launch files” that allow hidden applications to be mechanically started when booting. Mac users can use the command line to find and remove unnecessary fragments.

Finally, there is a special software that can do all the routine work of tracking these errant app files or unwanted remains and delete them automatically. As an example, you can try utilizing MacFly Pro for these purposes.

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SUMMARY: Need a quick and complete method to uninstall applications from your Mac? Read on this tutorial to find how to completely uninstall applications from your Mac.

It is generally believed that uninstalling software on Mac OS X is simple and straightforward - you can just remove apps from the Applications folder; or drag-n-drop a program to Trash; for the application downloaded from App Store, you can directly uninstall it from LaunchPad. Things even go nicer that some Mac app vendors prepare in-built uninstaller programs to help you deal with background components.

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However, as a matter of fact, macOS isn't perfect in every respect especially its Self-regulation 'arrogance' may result in negligence. Some applications install their components out of standard Application Package Content folder. Anyone who's had problems installing an Adobe CS application (Adobe Creative Cloud) or removing malware (Symantec/AVG/MacKeeper) will recognize how hard it can be to completely uninstall old applications from Mac. Follow this tutorial to learn how to thoroughly remove unwanted or roguish software on Mac.

Mac Software To Remove Applications

Mac Software To Remove Applications Windows 10

How To Uninstall Applications On Mac

Step 1: Completely Uninstall Application on Mac with Prepared Uninstaller

If the app you're trying to uninstall from your Mac has an in-built Uninstaller associated with it, then go ahead to take this advantage instead of starting manual uninstallation immediately. Because the vendor or developer usually knows best about their programs. These apps with big name or switched from Windows OS tend to have one. Take Adobe's Flash Player as an example (What Is Other On Mac Storage).

Completely Uninstall Application on Mac with Prepared Uninstaller

Step 2: Completely Uninstall Application on Mac - Drag-n-Drop To Delete

If there is no in-build Uninstaller App available, don't be upset as it's very common for modern applications on macOS. The reason is simple too. Most apps are downloaded from App Store, and this type of app could be uninstalled directly via LaunchPad. So, move on to uninstall your apps manually on your Mac by dragging and dropping to Trash can (App Can't Be Opened Because Apple Cannot Check It for Malicious Software.).

Completely Uninstall Application on Mac - Drag-n-Drop To Delete

How To Uninstall Applications On Mac

Step 3: Completely Uninstall Application on Mac - Check Residuary Files


One more step you need to go further is to dig out and get rid of application associated files through Library. After Mac OS X 10.7 (OS X Lion), Apple locked users' access permission from the Library folder - which used to store application resources files. Go unlock it first (How To Uninstall Programs on Mac).

Mac Software To Remove Applications Free

  1. Open Finder > in Menu, click Go > enter ~/Library:
  2. Go inside of each folder and search for any files that are associated with your app. Important: make sure the associated files you're trying to delete is save for removal, otherwise these mistaken deletion will cause trouble on your Mac.
  3. In case you are new to macOS file system, or you have too many file folders, here are some suggested folders you can check primarily. This usually covers most of app leftovers after uninstalling and for sure will save you a large amount of time: Application Support Caches Containers Frameworks Logs Preferences Saved Application State WebKit

Step 4: Completely Uninstall Application on Mac - Omni Remover

As you can see, it's not that easy to completely uninstall applications from your Mac. Even Mac savvies may make mistakes to handle this task manually. This is the way Omni Remover comes in. This capable Mac App Uninstaller program comes with powerful Uninstalling engine, which ensures the most complete and efficient App Removal outcomes. Here are the detailed steps (How To Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac).


  • Step 1:Download and install Omni Remover on your Mac > Launch Omni Remover.
  • Step 2: Click Quick Uninstall to browse the apps that you want to remove. After that, Omni Remover will start scanning your apps and all its associated app files.
  • Completely Uninstall Application on Mac Step 2

  • Step 3: Once it finished, give a check on the scan result to check if they are safe to remove. If you want to keep some kind of data, uncheck that item. After this confirmation, click Clean Uninstall to get this app removed from your Mac.
  • Step 4: After a while, Omni Remover will finish uninstalling your unwanted applications from your Mac.
  • Completely Uninstall Application on Mac Step 4

Mac Software To Remove Applications Download

The Bottom Line

How To Remove Macsecurityplus Mac

Have you completely and successfully uninstalled your applications on your Mac? If yes, by doing so, you can remove unwanted apps more thoroughly and reclaim more free storage on your Mac. If our suggestions above doesn't help, drop us a line on our Contact page so we can give you customized Mac App Uninstalling solutions. Good Day~