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Keychain Access can occasionally bug out and create issues. This happens especially when you upgrade your macOS or switch to a new Mac. While the Migration Assistant is an amazing tool, we’ve seen that if you chose to defer dealing with Keychain Access, the Messages app sometimes stops working correctly. You can still receive messages (iMessages as well as SMS), but you’re not able to send messages from your Mac. When you try to send, you will get a red exclamation in a circle saying “message could not be sent, try again.”

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  • When you have the message thread open in a group message, long press any of the message bubbles for the sender (or any of the recipients for that matter). A menu will pop up, and the bottom choice is 'Reply to Sender' - selecting that creates a thread ONLY to the sender of that message.
  • Mar 25, 2019  Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer a cloud-based solution similar to Android where you can load up a webpage and respond to texts. In fact, iMessages is a closed system requiring an Apple device.

Before you get frustrated, try this quick fix:

  1. Open Keychain Access either through the utilities folder or Spotlight Search
  2. Navigate to the File menu and select “Lock Keychain ‘Login'”
  3. Navigate to the File menu again and select “Unlock Keychain ‘Login'”
  4. You’ll be asked to enter your Mac password
  5. Enter the password and try to send your message again

Hi Louisebf,

I understand that you want to send a group message, but have the responses only come to you. I'm happy to provide some help for this.

Mac apps that text but only respond to sender work

To do this, you'll need to force the group message to be sent as SMS. You can read more about why this is possible in the following article:

Mac Apps That Text But Only Respond To Sender Text

All responses in a Group SMS are sent as individual text messages and the recipients can’t see the other responses from the group.

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To force your iPhone to send this group message as SMS, you'll need to temporarily disable iMessage and MMS before sending the message. You can disable both of those under Settings > Messages.

Mac Apps That Text But Only Respond To Sender Email


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Once you have sent the original group message, you can enable both options and continue on.

Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities. Cheers!