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Charles Proxy. Charles is an HTTP proxy/ reverse proxy service that allows a user to view & inspect HTTP and SSL/HTTPS traffic between their machine/device and the internet. One can check requests, responses and HTTP headers. Some features of Charles Proxy are: Records all traffic between your browser and the Internet. Sep 03, 2017  Learn how to debug network request in your iOS applications using Xcode and Charles Proxy Software Charles Proxy Website:

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Charles Proxy Download might be very useful for those. Who are programmers or who want to check their websites for errors and even more? By using this most of your work will be done automatically.

You will not have to worry about losing time or else. So, if you check websites or you are a developer. Now, you will not have to go through all the details to check for where the error is occurring. This will make your work easier. It is an HTTP MONITOR or HTTP PROXY software. That will help you two know what is happening between the sender and receiver. Mean the browser and client web server. Easily will be able to view all the details of what is happening between them. So, that will make your work easier and you will detect the error just in no time. So, you can do even more. Read the below post to better understand or how to use Charles Proxy Download.

Charles Proxy Download Latest Version:

Charles Proxy Download might be very useful for developers also beginners. Who are new in this field. If they know their website is facing some kind of error. They are not able to know where the error is occurring. Now they don’t have to worry about using its free tools they can easily detect for errors. That where the error is happening and easily can fix them. Above all, every software interface matters. So, the interface of this one is simple. Anyone can use it. Also, very easy to download and install. Now the features we are going to discuss. We have left them from the above post. This is an HTTP MONITOR or HTTP PROXY software.

Mac App Similar To Charles Proxy

Is there any way to use Charles proxy selectively with particular applications like iOS Simulator on Mac OS X? Currently while monitoring HTTP traffic to and fro iOS application running with iOS Simulator, Charles also monitors HTTP traffic from other apps like Chrome and Mail app etc. Aug 28, 2016  Lets proxy a chrome on Mac request through Charles Proxy! Inspecting Ajax request from Charles proxy from the Chrome browser on Mac reveals Suji Gym Playlist id to be 7421911. Gathering the data now is a breeze using the curl command below. Jan 15, 2020  Version 4.5.6: Note: Version 4 is a paid upgrade from previous versions. Upgrade information can be found here. Bug fixes and fixed security vulnerability. Custom SSL server certificate imports fixed. MacOS: Security vulnerability fixed in Charles's system proxy.

That will help you to tell where the error is happening. So, if you are really searching for the easy tool. Then most of its work is auto. And auto means saving more time. By using this you can easily know what is sending and receiving between. The web browser and from the client-server. So, if you don’t know whats the error is using this you can easily determine the error. Also, easily can fix that error.

Charles proxy free download

There is a lot more to help you in monitoring. If by chance this can not manage to detect the error in one attempt. Then Charles Proxy Download will not ask you to try again. It will try hundreds of different methods to check and detect errors. If it will found some error then it will show you. That the error is there. Above all, the one features which is this that. Charles Proxy Download will auto-scan your code of the website. To check that if your code is valid or not. If there will be some error then it will show you that there the error is. Then you will be able to easily fix that. Easily can view SSL in the text language.

Other IP tools available on this site:

Charles Proxy Download Features:

Below we share some best and unique features that you will experience after using the Charles Proxy Download.

  1. Charles Proxy Download is very easy to use. So, anyone can learn it.
  2. Its interface is user-friendly. That will make your work easier.
  3. Also, can easily look at what is happening between the sender and receiver.
  4. Charles Proxy Download edits your requests automatically to check for errors in different points.
  5. If it does not find the error in one request. Then it will keep requesting to check for error. This process is not time taking.
  6. First simple HTTP PROXY Or HTTP MONITOR software.
  7. Only in a few minutes, you can check for errors in an easy way.
  8. This will auto validate your code language like CSS, HTML and even more.
  9. Above all, you can detect errors in your website easily.
  10. Now you can view the SSL response in text language to better understand it.

System requirements:

Before you start Charles Proxy Download free download, make sure your PC meets the following minimum requirements.

  1. [OS]: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  2. [RAM]: 1 GB of RAM required.
  3. [HDD]: 100 MB of free space required.
  4. [CPU]: Intel Pentium 4 or later.


Finally, Above we share all the information about the Charles Proxy Download, which you need to know. Also, in this post, we explain how to activate windows without using the Charles proxy ios at free of cost. If you have any question related to this topic, please leave a comment below

It also has print functionality. Top ten photo editing software for mac We like GIMP because it is completely free to use.

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This article is intended for enterprise and education network administrators.

Apple products require access to the Internet hosts in this article for a variety of services. Here's how your devices connect to hosts and work with proxies:

  • Network connections to the hosts below are initiated by the device, not by hosts operated by Apple.
  • Apple services will fail any connection that uses HTTPS Interception (SSL Inspection). If the HTTPS traffic traverses a web proxy, disable HTTPS Interception for the hosts listed in this article.

Make sure your Apple devices can access the hosts listed below.

Apple Push Notifications

Learn how to troubleshoot connecting to the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). For devices that send all traffic through an HTTP proxy, you can configure the proxy either manually on the device or with a configuration profile. Beginning with macOS 10.15.5, devices can connect to APNs when configured to use the HTTP proxy with a proxy auto-config (PAC) file.

Device setup

Access to the following hosts might be required when setting up your device, or when installing, updating or restoring the operating system.

HostsPortsProtocolOSDescriptionSupports proxies, tvOS, and macOSYes, 80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSInternet connectivity validation for networks that use captive portals.Yes, tvOS, and macOSYes, tvOS, and macOSYes, 80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSYes onlyYes and tvOS onlyUsed by devices to set their date and time, tvOS, and macOSUsed by devices to set their date and time onlyUsed by devices to set their date and time

Device Management

Network access to the following hosts might be required for devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management (MDM):

HostsPortsProtocolOSDescriptionSupports proxies
*, 80, 5223, 2197TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSPush notificationsLearn more about APNs and proxies., tvOS, and macOSMDM server to identify which software updates are available to devices that use managed software updates.Yes, tvOS, and macOSDEP provisional enrollment., tvOS, and macOS, tvOS, and macOSAPNs certificate request portal.Yes, tvOS, and macOSHosts enrollment profiles used when devices enroll in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager through Device EnrollmentYes, tvOS, and macOSMDM servers to upload enrollment profiles used by clients enrolling through Device Enrollment in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, and to look up devices and accounts.Yes
setup.icloud.com443TCPiOS onlyRequired to log in with a Managed Apple ID on Shared iPad., tvOS, and macOSMDM servers to perform operations related to Apps and Books, like assigning or revoking licenses on a device.Yes

Software updates

Make sure you can access the following ports for updating macOS, apps from the Mac App Store, and for using content caching.

macOS, iOS, and tvOS

Network access to the following hostnames are required for installing, restoring, and updating macOS, iOS, and tvOS:

HostsPortsProtocolOSDescriptionSupports proxies onlyiOS updates, 80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSiOS, tvOS, and macOS updatesYes onlymacOS updatesYes onlymacOS updatesYes, 80TCPmacOS onlymacOS updatesYes onlymacOS updatesYes, 80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSHosts software update catalogs onlyYes, 80TCPmacOS onlymacOS Recovery, 80TCPmacOS onlymacOS Recovery onlymacOS updates onlymacOS updates onlymacOS updates, 80TCPmacOS onlymacOS updatesYes onlymacOS updatesYes onlymacOS updates
updates-http.cdn-apple.com80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOS
updates.cdn-apple.com443TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOS, tvOS, and macOSYes

App Store

Access to the following hosts might be required for updating apps:

HostsPortsProtocolOSDescriptionSupports proxies
*, 80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSStore content such as apps, books, and musicYes
*, tvOS, and macOSStore content such as apps, books, and musicYes
*.mzstatic.com443TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSStore content such as apps, books, and music, 80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSYes, tvOS, and macOSEnterprise App validation

Content caching

Access to the following host is required for a Mac that uses macOS content caching:

HostsPortsProtocolOSDescriptionSupports proxies onlyContent caching server registrationYes

App notarization

Starting with macOS 10.14.5, software is checked for notarization before it will run. In order for this check to succeed, a Mac must be able to access the same hosts listed in the Ensure Your Build Server Has Network Access section of Customizing the Notarization Workflow:

HostsPortsProtocolOSDescriptionSupports proxies onlyTicket delivery onlyTicket delivery onlyTicket delivery

Certificate validation

Apple devices must be able to connect to the following hosts to validate digital certificates used by the hosts listed above:

HostsPortsProtocolOSDescriptionSupports proxies, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation
crl.entrust.net80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation
crl3.digicert.com80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation
crl4.digicert.com80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation
ocsp.digicert.com80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation
ocsp.entrust.net80TCPiOS, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation, tvOS, and macOSCertificate validation


If your firewall supports using hostnames, you may be able to use most Apple services above by allowing outbound connections to * If your firewall can only be configured with IP addresses, allow outbound connections to The entire address block is assigned to Apple.

HTTP proxy

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You can use Apple services through a proxy if you disable packet inspection and authentication for traffic to and from the listed hosts. Exceptions to this are noted above. Mac mail app won't let me add second gmail account to iphone. Attempts to perform content inspection on encrypted communications between Apple devices and services will result in a dropped connection to preserve platform security and user privacy.

Charles Proxy Download

  • See a list of TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products.
  • Find out which ports are used by Profile Manager in macOS Server.
  • Learn about macOS, iOS, and iTunes server host connections and iTunes background processes.
  • Customize the Notarization Workflow.