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The most popular version among Website Blocker for Mac users is 1.1. or are the common file names to indicate the Website Blocker installer. This free Mac app was originally created by Blazingtools Software. This Mac download was scanned by our built-in antivirus and was rated as malware free. Website & App Blocker for Mac. Focus is a website blocker that can block websites with precision in all major web browsers (like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox). This makes it easy to block sites like an entire domain or just the homepage. Users of older OS versions can download SelfControl 1.5.1 for Mac OS X 10.5+. Just set a period of time to block for, add sites to your blacklist, and click 'Start.' Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites—even if you restart your computer or delete the application. Aug 07, 2019  You can search the Mac App Store for a third-party app to help you block websites, but one recommendation is an app called 1Focus. This is a perfect app for those situations where you want to make sure your mind and your eyes are focused on your work and not hitting up a social media or gaming website.

In this feature, I will introduce to the top 13 best website blocker for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Do you ever feel distracted by addicting websites when you’re trying to do work? You ain’t alone. In reality, many people are using a website blocker to avoid online distractions.

Meanwhile, Apps that help people focus on work in a variety of ways. Some of them are browser extensions that prevent you from visiting other websites. Others are desktop apps that hide anything from view except the active window. Some apps gently drive you away from bad behavior while others aggressively stop you from going down a rabbit hole. Which apps you choose to use will depend largely on how strict you want them to be.

Top 13 Best Website Blocker for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Here, I have listed down the 13 best website blocker software and browser extensions for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

1. Freedom: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

Freedom is an all-in-one distraction blocker. This stops you from opening extraneous applications and visiting websites that you find annoying, whether you’re using a mac, an iPad, or an iPhone. You can even crack down hard on yourself by blocking the entire internet, basically turning your device into something straight out of 1994, but with more RAM and less free AOL hours.

Freedom also has a locked mode when the distractibility is outrageously high. Its mode prevents you from adjusting your settings in the middle of a session. Freedom is one of the best focus apps because it provides a lot of options to help you concentrate on both desktop and mobile devices.

2. Stayfocud: Chrome Extension

Although it’s not the most popular website blocker extension, it packs a boost in terms of features. StayFocusd allows you to invoke the “nuclear option” that temporarily, but completely, blocks the internet, except for the websites for which you make an exception. Another unique feature is the ability to encourage yourself to access blocked sites in an emergency by entering a long-winded article.

3. Limit: Chrome

Limit is an extension of the Chrome browser that helps you to limit the time spent on intrusive websites. To use Restrict, simply select the page that you find most annoying and choose a daily time to restrict.

4. WasteNoTime: Extension For Safari and Chrome

WasteNoTime is a browser extension available for both Safari and Chrome web browsers so that you can share your settings through several browsers and/or computers. WasteNoTime is a browser extension designed not only to block annoying websites but to monitor your time online so that you can handle it more efficiently. You can select which of the places you want to block. It can vary from the full block to the description of a certain amount of time you are required to spend on particular websites (time quotas). You can also set time ranges for applying blocks.

5. Focus: Mac

Focus is a Mac-only tool that blocks apps and relevant URLs, which ensures that you can block programs, websites, and even individual site pages. You will also be greeted with inspirational quotes if you wander to one of your blacklisted sites, which should give you the encouragement you need to get back on track.

6. Y-Productive: Mac and Windows

Y-Productive is not just a website and app blocker tool, it’s a fully-featured productivity app that tracks the amount of time you actually spend working, prevents you from making progress, and lets you block distractions. Y-Productive promises to help you become more productive within a few days by identifying your distractions and removing them from your working day.

7. Zero Willpower: iOS and Safari

Zero Willpower is just as straightforward as the blocking app on the website could be. You’re restricted to the Safari browser on iOS, so you can’t block apps, but this might give you the extra block you need in addition to one of the tools we’ve looked at that works only on laptops/desktops.

8. 1Focus: Mac

1Focus makes it easy to block websites and apps on your Mac computer and suits the OS experience seamlessly. Unfortunately, at this point, there’s no variant of the iPhone, which means you don’t get that cross-device feature, but it’s still a capable blocker. There is a free version that offers you all the basic features, and the paid version is only $0.99/month if you want the ability to block sites by category, schedule periodic blocks, and/or block all sites and apps that are not on your list of exceptions.

9. Self-Control: Mac

Self-Control is a simple, free, open-source Mac app that lets you focus on blacklisting websites or anything else on the internet (such as mail servers) as you see fit. Then you set a timer for yourself and dedicate the next few minutes to a distraction-free focus session. Alternatively, you can create a set of whitelisted sites and use Self-Control mode to allow you to access only the sites you have listed, nothing else.

Self-control is extreme. When you initiate a session, you can’t stop. Well, you can, but you have to reboot your computer, which is a pain. But that’s the idea. Self-control makes it difficult and frustrating to reach the places you’ve chosen to have self-control over visiting. This software wins hearts for being completely free and open-source, although it’s only for macOS.

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10. Cold Turkey Blocker: Mac and Windows

Cold Turkey is a macOS and Windows app that helps you focus by allowing you to select websites and applications to block when buckling. Frozen Turkey is the one unique feature in this app, a setting that locks you out of your device for a set period of time. If you have a hard time shutting down your electronics at night and going to bed, this Pro-only feature might be compelling. If you have bad computer habits when you are meant to spend time with others, it is also useful.

Mac App And Website Blocker Free

11. BlockSite: Android

Block App is available for desktops on Android as well as Chrome and Firefox plugins. This allows you to block websites using a timetable or a “work timer.” The ability to block adult websites with the flick of a switch is a unique feature not seen in any other website blocker. Sadly, as it is still mostly a browser extension, it is still a little too easy to circumvent.

12. Net Nanny: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Mac App Block Websites Productivity

Net Nanny is the best Internet blocking app designed for parents to keep their kid secure from harmful threats including online bullying, predators, inappropriate content, and others. It is coded for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

13. Barracuda Web Blocker

The web blocker barracuda is one of the best web security gateways out there that every responsible parent should use to filter the information that their children can access the internet. It helps you to filter not only blogs but also a specific type of content, rogue device thread, social media platforms, malware, etc.

This software to block websites will make sure that your kids would remain protected from scams or malpractices on the internet. You can simply install it and browse the internet on any browser of your choice. Though, Barracuda has its own safe browser as well that you can download.

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We are sure that on numerous occasions, this website blocker software will be useful for you. We’ve listed specific tools as well as extensions to the browser. Some of these tools are available free of charge, while you need to pay a certain amount to use some specific applications. Choose from our list the most feasible resources and build a web-based space for your family members.

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When you want to make sure that inappropriate websites aren’t accessed on your Mac, you have a few different ways to do it. Whether you have young children who share your Mac or a visitor that’s using it as a guest, you can easily block sites you don’t approve of.

In addition to blocking unsuitable websites, you might be interested in blocking sites that tempt you to play instead of work.

Here are three simple ways to block websites on Mac.



  • 4 Are you ready to block those websites on Mac?

How to block websites using Parental Controls

If you have children, setting up Parental Controls on a shared Mac is the easiest way to keep your kids away from sites and apps they shouldn’t see or touch.

To block websites using Parental Controls, just follow these steps.

  1. Open your System Preferences from either the button in your Dock or by clicking Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar.
  2. Select Parental Controls.
  3. Click the lock button on the bottom left, enter your Mac user password, and click Unlock.
  4. If you have not turned on controls for a particular user, select them from the left and then click Enable Parental Controls. For additional help with the other Parental Control settings, check out our helpful guide.
  5. On the next screen, click the Web tab at the top.
  6. You’ll see that you have three options. The middle option is the one that allows you to block specific websites by URL. So, mark the radio button for Try to limit access to adult websites.
  1. Click the Customize.
  2. Below the section titled Never allow these websites, click the plus button and enter the URL for the site you want to block. Continue this process to add more sites to the list.
  3. When you finish, click OK.

How to block websites using Terminal

If you’re comfortable with using Terminal on your Mac for various commands, you can also set up a website block list with it. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open Terminal with Applications > Utilities from your Dock or with Finder open click Go > Utilities from the menu bar and choose Terminal.
  2. Copy and paste or type the command below and then hit Return.
  1. Enter your Mac user password and hit Return.
  1. Go to the bottom using your arrow key and type: followed by a space and then the website you want to block. Hit Return. List each site on a separate line. (See screenshot below.)
  2. Press Control + O (capital letter O) and hit Return to save.
  3. Press Control + X to close nano.
  4. Close the Terminal window.

Now when you open a browser and go to one of the sites you listed in Terminal, you should be blocked from accessing it.

How to block websites using 1Focus

You can search the Mac App Store for a third-party app to help you block websites, but one recommendation is an app called 1Focus.

This is a perfect app for those situations where you want to make sure your mind and your eyes are focused on your work and not hitting up a social media or gaming website. The app is super easy to use, here’s a quick walk-through of how to block websites with it.

Mac App And Website Blocker Chrome

  1. Open 1Focus and click the Websites tab.
  2. Under Blocked Websites at the top, click the plus button to add one. You can also add Exceptions on the bottom right if you like.

Next, set up a schedule for when and how long you want to block the websites.

  1. Click the Schedule tab at the top.
  2. Click the plus button to add a time block in hours and minutes. You can also start a time block immediately by filling in the hours and minutes under Quick Start and then clicking the Schedule Blocking button.

When you or someone else tries to access a blocked website, they will see with a nifty quote instead of that website.

Free screen sharing apps for mac. First off, you will need to set up your Mac to be able to share its screen over the network. Simply follow the steps given below:1. This can be done very easily.

1Focus also gives you the ability to block categories like dating or gambling and set a repeating schedule daily or on specific days with an in-app purchase.

1Focus currently works with Safari, Chrome, and Opera. It’s available on the App Store for free with an in-app subscription purchase option for the additional features.

Are you ready to block those websites on Mac?

Each of these ways to block websites on Mac is easy and effective. You can make sure that sites you want to keep away from your children or those you want to remove from temptation as you work will be blocked.

Will you try one of these methods to block websites on your Mac? Let us know which one you choose and how it works for you in the comments below!

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