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The competition market is so much high today that it has become very difficult to reach the set target and also to manage the leads that you get. It is simply not possible to manage the leads now with pen and paper. So, a better way the sales expert and managers have decided is to use the Lead management software.


There are various options available today in the category of Lead management software. A few of them can be named here.

Open Leads

Open Leads is a multipurpose software that helps you in managing your sales lead through a number of features that it offers. It offers you to manage mass emails, web forms, multiple accounts, various messages and comments from different customers and also informing customers about different events that are not done by other applications.

Prosper Works

The main aim of the software is to provide faster and seamless sales result that the other successful companies of the world are enjoying by now. The software helps you in eliminating paperwork so that all the reporting and documentation can be done accurately each time and much faster to get faster results.

Lead Master

Lead Master in an all-in-one software for lead management available online. It helps you in managing your clients, converting your leads and also in streamlining your marketing process. This is an affordable software that is cloud based that makes it easy to manage and also extremely convenient to work with.

Lead Management Software for Other Platforms

Lead management software is now not only available for online use but also can be downloaded on your personal devices. There are different software options now available for different operating systems such as Mac and android. So, while downloading a software, you need to check once whether it is compatible with the operating system of your device or not.

Zoho CRM – Lead Management Software for Mac

Zoho CRM software allows you to stay in contact with all your customers and also to manage your sales leads in an effective way. Apart from this, there are various special features such as recording of voice notes, updating customer details offline, scheduling events and also collaborating with your team members.


Nutshell is not only a cloud application but also offers next generation features for sales management. The tool allows you to have a look at the contacts of your company and also helps on creating new leads and filtering existing leads. Also, it helps in reviewing data and managing activities related to sales.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – Paradot

Paradot is perfect software that provides you in help in various aspects such as in smart lead generation and also in having a streamlined management of sales. The tool also offers various other features such as email marketing in an effortless way and also managing insightful ROI reporting with proper documentation.

What is Lead Management Software?

In any company, sales are the most important department to increase the income and reputation of the company in the market. To do so, a whole team of sales is designed that generates sales leads, follows it up and also comes up with various strategies to increase the sales of the company.

Doing all these work manually becomes a real burden and hence, software becomes the best option in this case. Lead Management software offers a number of features such as that of generating leads, managing the leads and also various others such as managing emails and messages or even daily sales activities. You may also See Visual Project Management Software

Construction Management Software Mac

Today a number of companies and sales teams are making use of various types of lead management software that helps them in managing sales leads and also other activities related to it. Such management through the software helps in gaining better results much faster in comparison to the manual management.

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Mac management software

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