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Great apps for your Mac. Right there on your Mac. The Mac App Store makes it easy to find and download Mac apps as well as widgets and extensions — like editing extensions for the new Photos app. You can browse Mac apps by category, such as games, productivity, music and more. Or do a quick search for something specific. The mobile apps are free but you have to make in-app purchases to add aircraft such as Airbus A320, Boeing 777, F-4 Phantom etc. The regions are far more limited on the mobile version than on Mac but it does support multiplayer mode and other challenges and tutorials. Dec 31, 2014  hey guys tech genius here and today i am going to show you guys how to download paid mac apps for free. There are few websites you can download the apps from. How to get any App Store app FREE (2015). GetinMac is The Apple Mac OS X Software & Games Website. You Can Download Best Free Apps For Mac, mac software download sites, free paid mac apps.

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Apple's App Store is chock full of apps and games. Plenty of good apps for iOS are either paid or require a monthly subscription. That's unlike the Play Store, which has a ton of free and ad-supported apps. Because of that parity, a few users resort to jailbreaking their iPhone to download paid apps for free, but that could be quite risky.

Apps from sketchy and unverified third-party sources could be infected with malware that might compromise your device. So it's best to stay away from resorting to such methods. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways you can get such deals legitimately. And that's exactly what we'll be talking about in this article. So without much further ado, let's take a look at how you can download paid apps for free.

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1. Apps Gone Free

Kicking things off is a handy little app on the App Store called Apps Gone Free, which gives you a quick overview of all the paid apps that are currently available for free. Just download the app on your device, select your location, and then scroll through the Today's Apps Gone Free section.

The section lists down all the apps that are available for free. Also, the listing carries a brief description of what the app does, and who the app is for. To download an app, just tap on the listing and then tap on the 'Get it in the App Store' button in the following menu.

Now if you don't find any apps that you like in Today's Apps Gone Free section, you can also scroll all the way down and view all previous issues. You might find some app deals that haven't expired yet.

Get Apps Gone Free from the App Store

2. App Deals Websites

While using an app like Apps Gone Free is quite convenient, there's a chance that you might miss a good deal because it only shows a curated list of apps. That's why you should also check out a couple of websites dedicated to finding paid iOS apps that are available at a discounted price or for free.

There are quite a few options such as AppShopper, AppSliced, and FreeAppMagic. These websites offer a comprehensive list of free apps that you can download right away. AppShopper is my favorite out of the lot since it provides a clean minimal interface with all the free apps available right on the home page.

If you're looking for a specific type of app, you can use the handy filter feature to narrow down apps based on your device or categories. That makes searching for free apps a whole lot more convenient. While AppShopper is pretty great, I'd recommend you to check the other two websites if you don't want to miss any great deals.

Visit AppShopperApps

Free Apps For Mac Computer

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3. Reddit

Reddit is another great place to discover amazing deals on the App Store. I'm not sure if you've heard, but it's widely believed that there's a subreddit for everything you can possibly think of.

The r/AppHookup is one of the most popular subreddits for apps you should join if you want to know about the best app deals on both iOS and Android. Over 93,000 members are part of it and you'll find a bunch of posts daily about the best app deals on the App Store.

To find a great deal, you just need to scroll through all the most recent threads on the subreddit and check it ever so often to see if someone posted about any new deals. When you find a good deal, click on the link in the thread and it'll take you straight to the App Store listing for that app. And you can even contribute to the community by posting about any great deals you come across to help fellow members and also get some karma.

Visit r/AppHookup

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Finally, there's Google Opinion Rewards. Yes, that's right. Google Opinion Rewards on iOS is a great way to get paid apps for free. Well, sort of. With the app, you can earn money for answering surveys and you can use that to buy paid apps from the App Store.

And unlike Opinion Rewards on Android, which only gives you Play Store credit for answering surveys, on iOS the app deposits money directly into your PayPal account. So you can buy apps or anything else.

You get up to a dollar for completing each 20-second survey, and you can rake up quite a lot of money depending on how often you get the surveys. The app aggregates your answers and shares them with market researchers, keeping all your personally identifiable information private. So you don't even need to worry about that. However, there's a catch. Google Opinion Rewards isn't available in all regions, so you might not find it on the App Store on your device.

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How To Get Paid Mac Apps For Free 2019

Get Google Opinion Rewards for iOSNote:
App Deals vary from region to region, so there's a chance that you might not see specific deals on your phone.
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Time to Get Some Freebies

Now you know that getting paid apps for free from the App Store isn't that hard. Try out all of these methods, and you might end up finding the deal of a lifetime. And if you do end of finding something great, make sure you share it with the community at r/AppHookups, you might end up getting some of those coveted internet points.

If you are still unsure, watch this video that explains different ways to get free iOS apps legally, without any jailbreak.

Next up: In case you don't find a particular deal in your region, check out the next article to see how you can change your region on the App Store to snag that deal.

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MEMS gyroscopes became popular after the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010.

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The Mac App Store has a wealth of content to help you find the right apps for your daily computing life. New apps arrive in the Mac App Store every single day, which makes it nearly impossible for one to keep track of the latest and greatest. We've dedicated our time (a lot of it) to track down and test out the best of the best. We even made a list of the best free apps for Mac. Here are the best paid apps for the Mac.


Every computer should be equipped with 1Password. It's our personal favorite password manager, as it stores all of our web logins (I have hundreds), credit card info, bank accounts, drivers licenses, social security info, and more, and everything is encrypted and locked behind a Master Password that only you should know. It's also fantastic for randomly generating strong and secure passwords, auditing your existing passwords (don't reuse them and change them often), and you can log in with just a few clicks.

1Password is free to download and use (30-day free trial), but afterward, you'll need an individual ($4/mo) or family ($7/mo for up to five people) plan to continue using. However, it's simply the best password manager there is and well worth it.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is Apple's pro-level audio program. If you are a songwriter, producer, or engineer, you probably already have Logic in some form or another. If you don't already have it, Logic Pro X is the one for you. It has hundreds of tools for recording and editing both digital and analog music. You can create an entire album's worth of music using nothing more than a computer, or you can connect to a mixing board and edit tracks recorded by a live band. If the drummer forgets to show up for a recording session, no problem! You can add a virtual drummer with a distinct sound.

If you're new to recording music, Logic Pro X can be a little intimidating, but there are a lot of video tutorials and online how-to guides that can help get you started. It's a hefty investment at first, but worth the initial startup cost if you're planning on becoming a self-recording artist or want to have a home-grown studio.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is one of the most comprehensive photo editing apps you can get on the Mac. It has professional-quality tools, like advanced color manipulation and 32-bit channel editing. It also has dozens of useful features, like multiple editable layers, vector graphics tools, advanced image processing, and retouching and correction masking tools. View the Histogram, manually make color and lighting adjustments, or select from the suggested default options. There are so many tools it would take you months to actually try them all out.

Affinity Photo also comes with paint, clone stamp, annotation, cropping, and selection tools. It's not entirely unlike Photoshop, but it is specially designed for Mac and has a better user interface.

It is somewhat intimidating for new users, but there is a fantastic in-house tutorial section to help photo editors of all levels of experience. You'll be able to call yourself an expert in no time at all.

MacX DVD Ripper

If you're ready to turn your DVD collection into a digital library in iTunes, MacX DVD Ripper is currently the best option for the Mac. I gave MacX DVD Ripper a try a few months ago and realized that it is definitely my new favorite digitizer. It has dozens of great features, like 1:1 copying with original video quality, excellent protection bypass tools (including for region codes and Disney DRM), and batch conversion. The ISO copy takes a long time but produces perfect quality digital files every single time. If you don't want to take the time, you can get faster ripping speed with hyperthreading. You can select which type of device to output the digital file to, including iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You can also use MacX to clip video segments to upload to YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

And if your Mac does not have an optical drive, we recommend picking up an Apple Superdrive. It's affordable and connects to your USB port, so you can still use that physical media laying around the house.

Scrivener 3

For the aspiring writer in all of us, Scrivener is nothing short of the most comprehensive writing program around. It features all of the tools you need to get started, like brainstorming tools, note cards, and a virtual draft board for pinning your ideas. Once you're ready to actually start writing, Scrivener makes the process smooth with pre-made templates for building scripts, novels, academic papers, and more.

There is a section where you can keep research documents close at hand for quick access. It comes with half-a-dozen templates for different types of documents, including screenplays, novels, short stories, scripts, and more. It has everything a writer needs to prepare for writing that novel they've always wanted to tackle.

Markdown Pro

If you're in the coding biz, especially if you spend a lot of time using Markdown, Markdown Pro is the best writing app for Mac that you can get your hands on. It shows you a real-time preview of your content, so you'll always know if you've made a mistake or if the end result doesn't look the way you intended. You can add a custom CSS template so you can always have your blog pages ready to go. All files can be saved as HTML or PDF. There is even a handy help guide with the most popular codes for Markdown listed for your convenience.


When it comes to taking notes, Notability is tops. It has powerful note-taking and annotation features that make it a must-have for college students. You can drag images, PDFs, and other documents into a note. When you record while taking notes, you can tap a word to skip ahead to that specific spot in the recording to playback what was said at that moment. Its note-taking tools are its most .. notable feature. You won't be caught without pen and paper if you have Notability on your Mac.

OmniFocus 3

OmniFocus is bursting at the seams with features. It has dozens of organizational options and lets you create project lists with sub-categories. You can add due dates, flag important items on a list, and view tasks like an email inbox. It definitely scratches my itch for list-making and organizing.

OmniFocus 3 is definitely worth downloading if you need a task manager that can cover every aspect of your working life. If you need a powerful GTD (getting things done) style organizer, OmniFocus 3 is the best one available on the Mac. It's free to download and includes a 14-day free trial. Afterward, you can get the Standard features for $50 or the Pro features for $100.

Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is a flexible, user-friendly duplicate file finder that lets you scan your entire computer or individual files for duplicates. Whether you are trying to track down songs, movies, photos, or documents that are doubles, Gemini has you covered. This is a great app for people that are a little nervous about going around deleting files from their computer.

It has a great looking interface with clear and understandable instructions. You can select a folder to scan. Then, review the duplicates, select the ones you want to get rid of, and hit the Trash button. It is simplified, but still gives you the freedom to scan your entire computer or just specific folders you want to check.

The app is free to download and includes a trial. Afterward, you can purchase a license for $20.


Airmail treats your email like a to-do list. You can triage your inbox by scheduling when you are going to take care of an email. If you can't get to it right now, snooze it for later. If it's an email that requires an action, send it to your to-do folder. If it's something important that you'll want quick access to, mark it as a memo. And, when you've finished dealing with your email, send it to the 'Done' folder to get that sweet satisfaction of having completed something on your task list.

Final Cut Pro

If you deal with video editing on a daily basis, then iMovie may not be enough for you. That's when you need Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro is packed with a ton of powerful features to make your job of video editing easier. You'll have access to plenty of cool tools to streamline your editing, and organizing your media is a breeze with tools like smart collections. There are fun things like 2D and 3D titles, plenty of different transitions, and more. You can customize it with a large variety of third-party plug-ins and custom interfaces. The program utilizes all of the GPUs in your Mac for superior playback performance and speedy background rendering, so if you have a powerful machine, it's fully put to use with Final Cut Pro.


If you work in multiple workspaces on your Mac, then Magnet is a must.

Download Paid Mac Apps Free

Magnet makes it super easy to automatically adjust the window size of any app you're working in, so you don't have to manually drag and resize every window each time. With Magnet, just select what size you want the active window to be, and voila, it will change it with one click. Then pick the other app you want to work with side-by-side, select the size you want (and the side), and boom! Now you have two apps side-by-side (or however you want to work it) with just a few clicks. No dragging and rearranging. Magnet lives in the menu bar, but you can also activate it with keyboard shortcuts if you're a keyboard wizard.

Day One

Journaling is a great way to reflect and capture important memories or thoughts, and Day One is the best journaling app you can get on Mac.

Day One has a beautiful interface that is pleasant and relaxing to work with. You can have multiple journals, and the ability to add multiple photos and audio clips to entries makes them more personable than ever. You can organize by tags, see where you were, format your entries with rich text, and more.

Day One is free to download and use, but you'll only have basic features. If you opt for a Premium subscription for $25 a year, you'll get unlimited photo storage, unlimited journals, cloud sync, unlimited encrypted cloud storage, and more.


While Apple has a built-in Calendar app, it's just not fantastic enough. That's when Fantastical comes in.

With Fantastical, you get a gorgeous interface that makes it easy to see your schedule at-a-glance, whether you're looking at the full app or just the mini menu-bar version. Inputting events is super easy, thanks to the natural language parser. Just type in something like 'Get coffee with Lory tomorrow at 3 pm at Stumptown Coffee Roasters' and Fantastical will take care of the rest. There is also full integration with Apple Reminders, so you can have your schedule and tasks in one place.

Your favorites?

What are the go-to paid apps for Mac you have on your laptop or desktop right now? Put them in the comments and let us know why they are so important to you.

July 2019: Updated to reflect the latest versions of apps, and added some new options. These are the best paid apps for your Mac!

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