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Free Reminders App For Mac
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Desktop reminder free download - Parallels Desktop for Mac, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Hulu Desktop, and many more programs.

  • Easy break reminders, with flexible customization if you want it. Mac App Store Preview. Time Out - Break Reminders 17+. And the new renewing subscription model that forces you to pay for upgrades whether you want them or not. The free version is ad-free and the app is pretty good without the extras that expire without a subscription.
  • Jul 11, 2014  Wunderlist for iOS - Free - Download Now; Reminders. The built-in Reminders app for Mac is something many people use and isn't necessarily a bad option if basic is all you need. It syncs seamlessly with your iCloud account which means anything you add to it will automatically be in the Reminders app for iPhone and iPad.
  • It also has a reminders feature that will help you keep things on track and meet deadlines. It has a nice design and is very easy to use. It has a free and a paid version with few extra features. Things 3 is a very powerful reminders app that works across all devices and operating systems. To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner for MAC – Download Latest version ( of To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner for MAC PC and iOS/iPad directly from official site for free now.

Download To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner for MAC

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Update: 2019-07-14

How To Install To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner on MAC OSX

To install To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner 2020 For MAC, you will need to install an Android Emulator like Bluestacks or Nox App Player first. With this android emulator app you will be able to Download To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner full version on your MAC PC and iOS/iPAD.

  1. First, Go to this page to Download Bluestacks for MAC.
  2. Or Go to this page to Download Nox App Player for MAC
  3. Then, download and follow the instruction to Install Android Emulator for MAC.
  4. Click the icon to run the Android Emulator app on MAC.
  5. After bluestacks started, please login with your Google Play Store account.
  6. Then, open Google Play Store and search for ” To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner “
  7. Choose one of the app from the search result list. Click the Install button.
  8. Or import the .apk file that you’ve downloaded from the link on above this article with Bluestacks/NoxAppPlayer File Explorer.
  9. For the last step, Right-Click then install it.
  10. Finished. Now you can play To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner on MAC PC.
  11. Enjoy the app! To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner for MAC Features and Description To do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner App Preview

Millions rely on this Award-winning To do list, Calendar, Planner & Reminders app to Stay Organized and Get More Done.

“IT’S A MUST HAVE APP” (NYTimes, USA TODAY, WSJ & Lifehacker).

It’s the ultimate app for managing Tasks, Reminders, Lists, Calendar events, Grocery lists, planning and collaboration with others.


❝All I really want in a to-do list app — a way to quickly add tasks, reminders, and lists to get me through my personal day❞ – USA today

A to-do list you’d actually stick to.
▸ Add tasks and manage shared projects
▸ Color label to-do’s to set categories & priorities
▸ Organize tasks under lists and add levels with subtasks
▸ Prioritize tasks on your checklist with a daily planner
▸ Keep up and add to your to-do’s using a home-screen widget

❝With the ability to tackle recurring tasks, plus timed and location-based reminders, this daily management app serves as an elite to-do solution.❞ – Complex

Never forget a thing.
▸ Set classic reminders for one-time events
▸ Add recurring reminders for ongoing activities, appointments & events
▸ Use location-based reminders for on-the-spot notifications
▸ Get missed call reminders so you never forget to return a call
▸ Receive follow-up meeting reminders to keep up with important action items

❝Its can-do-spirit can be contagious. Seeing your tasks neatly displayed in, you may find yourself thinking ‘Hey, I can do this!’❞ – Wall Street Journal

Turn your calendar into a productivity tool.
▸ Effectively manage your time using a combined view of calendar events and tasks
▸ Quickly scroll through dates to browse tasks & events
▸ Add both tasks & events straight from your calendar view

❝Some days you feel lucky to remember your own name, much less your task list – In steps❞ – The Muse

Plan your day in seconds.
▸ Quickly prioritize to-do’s to achieve your most important goals
▸ Have low priority tasks rescheduled automatically

❝A simple interface with powerful features.❞ – Forbes

Shop smarter.
▸ Have your grocery items auto-sorted by aisles
▸ Get personal shopping recommendations
▸ Collaborate on grocery lists with friends & family
▸ Create multiple shopping lists for your favorite stores

❝Not only free and great looking, but that is also simple and even fun to use.❞ – Guiding Tech

Work with your favorite tools.
▸ Easily manage your lists with Alexa
▸ Get more done with Google Assistant
▸ Save time using with Siri
▸ Add tasks straight from Slack

❝Simple, yet powerful app.❞ – NYTimes

Get more done anywhere.
▸ Work easily on any Android & iOS device
▸ Manage your tasks effectively on both PC & Mac
▸ Get things done on the go with Apple Watch & Android Wear
▸ Boost productivity on the web with Chrome & Firefox extensions

❝powerful, flexible, and it looks great, too.❞ – Lifehacker

The app (4.5) froze during the setup process (apparently trying to open System Preferences for me), even though the printer was already setup on the network. Hp 8500 software download mac. Restarts did not help. Force quit was required, and all subsequent launches resulted in instant freezes.

Unlock the power of voice commands.
▸ Add tasks hands-free
▸ Dictate new events
▸ Ask for today’s agenda remotely
▸ Use your voice to manage your to-do lists

❝Elegant and technically advanced.❞ – PCmag
On our never ending quest to improve and tailor fit to you, we upgraded to the latest cutting edge technologies! So sharp we cut our app size on it, by a third! Lighter, faster and best fits your device.
And as always we cut down some bugs and used your amazing feedback to improve and hone the app’s feel and look.

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Most of us know how to use the Mac reminder app to set up appointments, create to-do lists, and manage our daily appointments. This application comes as standard with iOS and macOS, so most of us are familiar with it. But, Apple’s built-in reminder app for Mac is actually more potent than you might think. Its function is not limited to storing to-do items and creating reminders and lists. It is a feature-packed app that can make our lives easier and more organized.

The Mac reminder app has many useful features that not many users are even aware of. This includes setting priorities, location alerts, sorting and working with multiple windows. In this article, you’ll discover these not-so-popular features and how you can get the most out of Apple Reminders app.


How to Open Lists in a New Window

Reminders is a single-window app by default, with a sidebar that shows all the lists associated with your account. When you open the Mac reminder app, you will see a list of your scheduled reminders and menus on the right sidebar. You can choose to hide the sidebar and focus on a particular list at a time. You can switch between lists by clicking the dots at the bottom of the window or swiping on your trackpad. But what if you want to compare two lists and need them both to be open at the same time? You can open a list in a new window by double-clicking it on the sidebar or by navigating to Window > Open List in New Window. You can resize the window and change the position according to your preferences.

How to Check Today’s Tasks

One of the benefits of setting up reminders is that Siri will send you alerts when a particular event or appointment is due. But if you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, these alerts may not be enough. Being able to see your dates in a calendar view helps a lot in managing your tasks and to-dos. And this is what the reminder app for Mac does.

If you want to know what’s in store for today, go to View > Go to Today or press Cmd + T. You’ll see a list of all the tasks, appointments or events scheduled for the current day. If you want to look at tasks you missed yesterday, click the Scheduled list on the sidebar. You’ll see all of the scheduled reminders, which is very useful for long-term planning.

Looking at your Scheduled list can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of tasks. To avoid the clutter and confusion, you can view your tasks on a particular date using the calendar. To view the calendar, click View > Show Calendar and you’ll see a small calendar at the bottom of the sidebar. You’ll know if a task is assigned on a particular day when you look at a dot underneath the date.

Set and Sort by Priorities

If you have a lot of tasks and you don’t know which one to deal with first, the Mac reminder app helps you stay on track by setting up priorities. There are four levels of priority – None, Low, Medium, and High. To set up a task’s priority, click on the task and use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Low: Cmd + 1
  • Medium: Cmd + 2
  • High: Cmd + 3
  • None: Cmd + 4

Once you’ve set up the priorities, you can sort them out by clicking View > Sort By > Priority. You’ll see the most urgent tasks on top and less important tasks at the bottom.

Other Tricks for Mac Reminder App

There are so many other things you can do with your reminder app for Mac that you never thought possible. For example, if you misplaced an item on your list or you think it should belong to a different list, just drag the item to the list you want to transfer it to. No need to copy and paste. Just make sure to click near the circle or the right side of its name because clicking on the name will prompt you to edit it. If you need to select multiple items, Cmd-click and choose numerous items or Shift-click to select a range of items.

If you want to know more information about an item on your list, the typical thing to do is to click the info button (i), but double-clicking the item does just the same.

If you want to edit or update an item, Ctrl- or right-click to the left of the item to see your options. You can mark it as completed or delete, copy, cut and paste. You can also move the due date to tomorrow, move the reminder to a different list, set the priority level or set up an alert. Another note: to delete an item or a list, just select it and press Delete. It is so much easier and faster than marking them as complete.

Final Thoughts

Best Reminder App For Windows

There’s more to Reminders app than meets the eye. Although it might not be a power-packed app, knowing these little tricks makes it easier to work your way around the app and maximize its benefits.

Reminders is a lightweight app, but it could be a bit straining for your Mac, especially if you have other apps and processing running at the same time. Improve your Mac’s performance by boosting your RAM with an app like Tweakbit MacRepair. It scans and deletes junk files and free up your computer’s memory for a faster and smoother performance.

Best Reminder App For Mac


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