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Fitbit has updated its Windows 10 app, adding support for the recently launched Fitbit Alta fitness wearable. The update also adds a new GPS map detail view.

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The Fitbit Alta offers owners a way to track their activity with its bare-bones display, along with auto sleep tracking. It also supports notifications for calls, text and calendar alerts when linked to a smartphone. Fitbit is currently selling the Alta for $129.95 along with a number of different bands for the wearable at various prices.

In addition to the Alta support and the new GPS map detail view, the Windows 10 Fitbit app also has some general bug fixes and improvements with this update.

Fitbit Alta Hr App For Mac Free

  • Alta HR auto-detects workouts like running, elliptical, biking and more, and logs them to your dashboard. The Fitbit app uses your data to help you set tailored goals for steps, exercise and more. EXPLORE THE FITBIT APP. Sleep stages available soon with an app update.
  • ‎Fitbit Reminder app prevents you from losing and forgetting your Fitbit. Helps you get your Fitbit back on your wrist in seconds. Get your steps and win your challenges every day - Never leave your Fitbit at home - See your Fitbit's last location on the map - Quick notifications if your Fitbit f.
  • The app is kind of amazing. I was disappointed that I had to enter food separately (I use My Fitness Pal for that), but the two apps sync well and if I enter food only into My Fitness Pal it automatically enters the calories into my Alta app. Alta also helps track water intake, exercise, sleep patterns, weight, and more.

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There may have been a few threads about this already, but want to make sure this specific use case is covered: - New Alta will not sync with the Mac Fitbit Connect app - Already tried reinstalling app, new setup of Alta, pressing the power cord button three times, making sure USB dongle is in plac. Apr 29, 2016  Here is how to setup the Fitbit Alta on the iPhone, Android, Mac or PC. The setup can be done with most computers and smartphones and is very simple.

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Best Answer: Yes! In order to get the most out of your Fitbit Alta HR, you need the Fitbit app, which is available on the App Store. The Fitbit Alta HR connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and all of your data gets synced automatically each and every time you open the app and have your Fitbit Alta HR nearby. Once you pair your Fitbit Alta HR with the Fitbit app, you can see your steps, calories burned, exercise history, and sleep patterns. You can also log food and water, participate in challenges with friends, and much more.

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So all I need is a Fitbit Alta HR, the Fitbit app, and my iPhone?

Pretty much. All Fitbit devices connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and you just download the free Fitbit app from the App Store.

Alternatively, if you do not have an iPhone, you can still set it up with your iPad or an Android phone or tablet, or even with a Windows or Mac computer. You'll need the respective Fitbit app version to go with the device you want to sync with, of course.

Fitbit Alta Hr App For Mac

If you sync the Alta HR to your iPhone though, you'll be able to get call, text, and calendar alerts right on the Alta HR display. This feature is specific to phones only.

What does the Fitbit app keep track of?

The Fitbit app helps you visualize your activity data and monitor your progress to a healthier, more active lifestyle. When you sync data from your Fitbit Alta HR to the app, you'll see how many steps you've taken, calories burned, exercise minutes, flights of stairs climbed, how close you are to your daily goals, sleep tracking, and other fun stuff.

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And since eating right is a big part of staying healthy, the Fitbit app also lets users manually log their food consumption and water intake for the day. Doing this lets you see how many calories you've eaten, so you know exactly how much you need to burn to maintain or lose weight.

How often do I need to sync my data?

All Fitbit activity trackers are able to store seven days worth of detailed minute-by-minute data. If you wait longer than these seven days to sync your Fitbit to your iPhone or chosen device, then you only see the most recent week's detailed data.

However, summary data (calories, distance, steps, and floors) is stored for 30 days. Regardless, you should sync as often as you can if you care about keeping your data up-to-date.

Do I need an iPhone or other device in order to use my Fitbit Alta HR?

Unfortunately, it seems that Fitbits are not designed to be used without syncing your data to their web servers. You will need to create a free Fitbit account if you do not already have one, and again, only so much data is stored on the tracker before it must be synced.

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Fitbit Alta HR

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Fitbit Alta Hr App For Mac Download

The Fitbit Alta HR is a slim profile activity tracker that also monitors your heart rate. You can track your steps, calories, sleep activity, heart rate, exercise, and more with your Fitbit Alta HR and the Fitbit app.

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Alta Fitbit App For Computer

Father's Day is coming up, so get your dad a Fitbit that can track the metrics he wants. Whether it's weightlifting, cycling, running, or other forms of exercise, these are the best Fitbits for men.