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Looking to work across the different Samsung devices that you own? You might want to take a look at Samsung Kies, an app developed by the brand to make it easier for its users to synchronize their phones or tablets with their PC. Through its interface, it is possible to update the firmware, find new applications, manage those already installed and back up the phone, both the stored multimedia files and messages and contacts.

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Most of the applications and functions of the phone can be handled without problems through this desktop version thanks to an internet connection, for which it uses the telephone IP.

Making User Experience Even Better

The application has become a great ally for all users of the electronic brand, who find in the Samsung Kies software an excellent tool to maintain all the operation of the phone. Its characteristics are very varied and above all functional, highlighting, in particular, the practicality and simplicity of using its interface despite having numerous options.

The Top Features of the Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies 2 already showed the benefits that this interesting desktop application would bring to users. It is available for older models released before September 2013. For example, a Galaxy S4 must be managed through this version.

For now, the available application is Samsung Kies 3. This can be used by devices running Android 4.4 KitKat, Lollipop 5.0/5.1, Marshmallow 6.0 or newer. Among the best options presented in this version is the possibility of updating the cellphone to its latest version through Kies, since all the available updates are published there.

The latest version of Samsung Kies has a great Smart display that allows you to quickly locate applications, make payments easily and view the status of downloads in the most practical way possible.

For now, its successor, Samsung Kies 4, is still awaited by Samsung users. They are expecting that this new version arrives soon to their PCs and mobile phones in order to improve their experience as users with more prompts and faster flow.

How Do You Download Samsung Kies

To download Samsung Kies for a PC or Mac, just enter the official website and download the application according to the features of your computer. The version varies in terms of the minimum required characteristics of the equipment to be installed. After having the application on the computer, it is sufficient to request its installation and the program to download the pertinent installers and files from the web.

Download Samsung Kies for Windows

Previously, the application was only available for Windows. Not enough, with the latest version available, it reached Mac users who might need it having a Samsung device.

Despite how functional the application is, it has some requirements to run correctly in a PC. The multiplicity of its options means that it can become very slow when the computer does not have the RAM or hard disk space enough.

Getting Samsung Kies download for windows is not difficult, taking into account that it is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10. However, among these minimum properties that the application requires to be used in these computers,

  • It is necessary that it has at least 1GB of RAM and at least 500MB of available hard disk space.
  • It must have Windows Media Player 10 or above.
  • For its part, the required software is .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher, Windows Media Player 10 or higher, ActiveSync (in case of Windows XP), Device Center (if it is Windows Vista), DirectX 9.0C or higher.
  • In the case of Windows 8 N and Windows 8 KN, it is necessary to install Microsoft Media Feature Pack that includes Windows Media Player and its corresponding support software.

Download Samsung Kies for Mac OS

Samsung Kies mac has less time available than its version for Windows. However, as with the latter, the mobile must meet certain minimum requirements in order to function properly. Among them, it is necessary that:

  • Operating system MacOS X 10.5 or higher
  • Intel1,8 GHz processor or higher
  • Must have a minimum RAM of 512 MB (it is recommended that it be higher)
  • The equipment must have at least 100mb of free space for installation.

Install Samsung Kies on PC and Mac

To get Samsung Kies for PC is not complicated. As mentioned, the application can be downloaded completely free of charge through the website of the brand. In addition, multiple web spaces provide the download link so that it can be found with great ease. The steps can be listed as:

Samsung Recovery Software For Mac
  1. Enter the website where you can download Samsung Kies for pc setup
  2. Once on the computer, it must run and grant the necessary permissions. This will start the installation
  3. The interface will show all the options you have available through the page. The accept option must be selected
  4. Wait until the download is completed. This will happen in a few minutes
  5. When finished, connect your phone to PC/Mac and start the synchronization
  6. Incorporate the data requested by the page and begin to explore the application
  7. The installation process after the Samsung Kies free download is not complex, without great variations between both operating systems.

Among the various functions and attractive features that you will get -in addition to its simple and attractive Smart display- after this Samsung Kies download, are:

  • Wish list
  • Easy payment system
  • My Downloads list
  • Quick Search
  • And many more

Give the Samsung Kies Software a Chance

Just as Apple users have iTunes, Samsung users have Kies. The system has proven to work very well, leaving many people satisfied with its interface and internal options. It is a way to keep the mobile much more functional thanks to its multiple features and ease of handling. In addition, it is available in several languages, including Spanish. This is very important since there are similar applications that can only be handled in their original language.

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New music app for mac computer. Requires up to 100 MB storage. Works with SONOS, Android and iPhone; see app stores.

Your device is always in need of a backup. Given the large amount of information and content that we protect on cell phones, we must obtain peace of mind knowing that it is safe in a cloud or within our computer. This can be obtained through Kies.

Similarly, stay tuned to the updates released by the manufacturer is much easier to achieve in this way than accessing the official website and looking for alternate ways to obtain updates.

You can also get a better outlook on the Samsung apps available. In this way, you can visualize all of them and know if you really want to maintain such functions within your mobile. The control of your space, your applications, your files and even your messages in one place, which is nothing more and nothing less than your computer.

It is a free application, simple to download and above all to use. The only thing that has been indicated about it is that the computer must be in good condition so it can work properly. When handling a large amount of data and files you need a machine in optimal conditions. Otherwise, the application cannot run in the correct way.

User Guide: Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Devices

Enter full-screen mode: Control + Command + F. Minimize the window: Command + M. Minimize all windows: Option + Command + M. Hide all other app windows: Option + Command + H. Question mark on apps mac v. Hide Pages: Command + H.

Iphone Recovery Software Mac

Samsung Kies offers this and much more to all its users. You do not have to be registered to download the applications that are available for free and it is the simplest way to manage a phone or any compatible Samsung device. The best of all is that the improvements in your system are coming, with the sole purpose of improving the experience of all Samsung lovers. This is the best compliment for your charming phone.

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