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  • Areas of work include Web Application Engineering, Back-End Engineering, Mobile Software Engineering, Data Science and Applied Machine Learning, Software Quality Engineering, Security Engineering, Network Engineering, Content Delivery, Data Center Operations, and Package Support for SAP and Oracle.
  • A Software Engineer with experience in control systems and automation. My current main interests include developing software for embedded systems and using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, especially Reinforcement Learning (RL), for autonomous machines.
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I have no experience with these kind of softwares, but I can imagine you will not find all equivalent in Mac OS X environment.
However, the option to use a virtual machine (running XP) on a Macbook Pro is a very valid one. Parallels is not the only option. Bootcamp, VM Ware Fusion are others.
Running XP in addition to Mac OS X can indeed reduce a little bit the performance, especially for intesive graphics. But you still have the option to boot the whole macbook in XP when you need the more demanding applications.

Now for engineering Mac are only reduced to Excel and AutoCad and I think apple can focus on our concern and not just for video editing. I want to defend apple against those who call MacBooks are not engineering computer but it can only be possible if apple make a move for that public. They said Macbooks are not powerful but I'm sure they are. Engineering software for Apple platforms. By Breejum Brascus on 26th August 2016. First, I’ll admit Mac users have engineering software such as Matlab, Labview and AutoCAD. For 3D design and analysis in OSX there are few software platforms that are considered powerful CAD programs. Available CAD platforms are Sketchup, Maya, TinkerCAD but why not Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Parametric Creo. Finding Civil Engineering software compatible with Mac can be a difficult process; most of the time users are forced to rely on splitting their processing power with Parallels, or other PC-Mac hybrid operating systems. SkyCiv is proud to be the leader in Structural Analysis and Design Software for Mac.

Free Mac Software

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