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You can dictate into Dragon even when it is not installed on your computer. This is referred to as 'remote dictation.'

Jun 16, 2016  I highlight in some detail in “The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon” how Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows is, in many ways, a far superior product to the product formerly known as Dragon Dictate (now simply called Dragon for Mac). I stand by that opinion still, despite currently dictating this blog post using Dragon for Mac 5. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13.0 Download for PC & Mac, Windows, OSX, and Linux. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13.0, English Dictate, edit and control directly in Gmail in your browser, all by voice!View larger Full dictation, editing and control capabilities. Popular free Alternatives to Nuance Dragon for Windows, Web, Mac, Linux, Chrome and more. Explore 25 apps like Nuance Dragon, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. List updated: 6/12/2020 8:41:00 AM. We earn commissions if you shop through some of the links on this page. Download Nuance Dragon Professional Pro for Mac Free. Click on below button to start Nuance Dragon Professional Pro Download for Mac OS X. This is completely Tested and Working Latest Version Mac OS App of Nuance Dragon Professional Pro. It is offline installer and standalone setup for Nuance Dragon Professional Pro for Apple Macbook Macintosh.

Before you begin

In order to use Dragon this way, the following must be in place:

Nuance Dragon Professional For Mac

  • The system administrator must set up the computer that is running Dragon as the host.
  • The system administrator must set up the remote computer as the client.
  • The client computer must be able to connect to the host computer.

For more information, see the Dragon Group configuration and client installation Guide at https://www.nuance.com/support/dragon-naturallyspeaking/index.htm.

To set up your local computer

Complete the following steps to set up the client (remote) computer you want to use for dictating in Dragon over a remote desktop connection.

Step 1

Configure the Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) utility

Note: Depending on which version of Windows you are running, your RDC software interface may not completely match the screens described in the steps in this section.

  1. Open the Windows Remote Desktop Connection utility and click Options.
  2. Click the Local Resources tab and click Settings.
  3. Select Play on this computer and Record from this computer, and click OK.
Step 2

Install and run the Dragon Client for Remote Desktop tool

Note: This tool does not support using a mobile device as a microphone. To set up a mobile device, see Configuring your mobile device as a dictation source.

  1. In the directory where your Dragon installation files are located, open the Dragon Client For Remote Desktop folder, run setup.exe, and follow the steps to install the software.
  2. Connect the microphone.
  3. If your computer has multiple audio sources, make sure that this microphone is the Default recording device.
  4. From the Dragon Client for Remote Desktop program group, run the Audio Setup Wizard to configure your microphone.

Connect and dictate

After you have made sure both machines are properly configured, launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection utility on the remote computer and connect to the host computer.

Nuance Software Dragon

If you don't already have a Dragon user profile on the server computer, create one by selecting Profile > New User Profile from the DragonBar.

You can launch Dragon on the host machine and begin dictating as you would if you were using Dragon on a local computer.

Using a mobile device as a microphone over VPN

It is possible to use a VPN connection to remotely access Dragon on another computer and use a supported mobile device as your microphone, in conjunction with the Dragon remote microphone application. For detailed setup instructions, please contact your company's IT department and refer to your device support.

Related procedures

Additional information

Working with dictation sourcesAbout using your mobile device as a dictation source
Preparing for communication
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Dragon Nuance For Mac

DragonDictate, Dragon Dictate, or Dragon for Mac is proprietary speech recognition software. The older program, DragonDictate, was originally developed by Dragon Systems for Microsoft Windows. It has now been replaced by Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, and has since been acquired by Nuance Communications. Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0 (originally named MacSpeech Dictate[1]) is supported only on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Nuance's other products for Mac include MacSpeech Scribe.

Original DragonDictate[edit]

DragonDictate for Windows was the original speech recognition application from Dragon Systems and used discrete speech where the user must pause between speaking each word. The first version, 1.0 was available only through a few distribution and support partners. It included a Shurecardioid microphone headset. Later it was replaced by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which allows continuous speech recognition and correction and training of words via the keyboard. NaturallySpeaking remains a Windows-only program, and since 2016 distributes in Version 15. DragonDictate for Windows is still available but has not been updated since Windows 98 was the current operating system.

Dragon Dictate for Mac[edit]

Dragon Dictate for Mac 2.0, an upgrade for MacSpeech Dictate, was announced on September 20, 2010 by Nuance Communications, the developer of MacSpeech products. The upgrade incorporates some of the features of NaturallySpeaking into the MacSpeech software. Dragon Dictate for Mac lacks other NaturallySpeaking features, such as training mis-recognized words by simply re-typing them using the keyboard. An early review by David Pogue notes,

I’m thrilled about the power, the control, the speed and the accuracy of Dragon Dictate. It does, however, have some room for improvement.

For example, in the dictation software world, teaching the software to know its location in your text document is a huge challenge. If you never touch the mouse, the program always knows where it is in the text — because it has deposited all that text itself.

But if you click to edit somewhere, it’s blind. It no longer knows where it is in the document.

In Windows, Nuance has used some clever tricks to overcome this problem in the most important programs, like Word and Outlook. On the Mac, however, the program has no idea what you’ve done manually, by clicking. So you can say something like “select fishmonger,” and the program correctly selects that word. But if you then say “italicize that” or “capitalize that,” the program operates on the wrong words, italicizing or capping something a mile away from the selection. Bizarre.

(This problem doesn’t happen in TextEdit or Dictate’s own included word processor.)[2]

In October 2018 Nuance announced that it was dropping Macintosh support for its products.[3]

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Notable users[edit]

Peter David - American writer of comic books, novels, television, movies and video games. David began using DragonDictate following his stroke in December 2012.[4][5]

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