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Consignment's first and only complete POS built for iPad. Ricochet is officially the first consignment POS system approved and available on the Apple App Store. For the first time ever, you can operate your store completely from a mobile device.

The reliability of any operation requires a clearly laid out formula so as to guarantee success. In the case of movement of goods from one place to another, this is more important so as the receiver can be in a position to track the movement of their goods from the entity shipping until it is on their premises.


The same would be the case in the event of the shipping company thus making consignment software important.


ConsignPro is an ideal choice for resale shop owners who appreciate the professional outlook of this consignment software. It makes users feel like computer experts despite being very easy to use and deploy. The software will take care of every aspect of your business, and it is also the internet enabled.

Liberty4- Consignment

Liberty4 – Consignment is a great tool for consignment management. The software is truly the most efficient and flexible in the industry while at the same time being easy to use. With this software, you are able to create multiple accounts and track a lot of addresses for easy distribution.


Best Consignment Shop Software is one of the leading tools when it comes to the management of consignment at different levels. With this option, you will get the ownership of the software at a little cost while updates are free. The software allows for credit card processing thus making check out easy and fast.

Other Platform

Consignment soft wares are available for all platforms. With the present times and the emerging trends, it has become very important to cater for the portable devices that are the smartphones and the tablets so as to enable tracking and consignment management even when on the move.

RJFSoft for Windows

ConsignmentTill is a software product from RJFSoft that is designed specifically for the shops that mainly sell on consignment basis as well as selling in retail. The product allows for automated point of sale transactions, inventory control, reporting, barcode printing and lots of other functionalities base within such stores.

ShopKeep for Mac

SHOPKEEP is the number one rated app by the users and runs on iPad. The support system of the software is great and thus makes deployment quite easy. With this modern register, you can manage your business from anywhere, and it also comes with simple staff management features.

Most Popular Soft of 2016 – ConsignCloud

ConsignCloud is a smart consignment software that is built to impress your consignors owing to the levels of convenience and ease involved. It presents a flexible and modern POS suitable for every model of resale business. With this software, you will be introduced to the retail practices and technology.

What is a Consignment Software?

A consignment software is a software that is aimed at ensuring smooth flow of cargo and at the same time track the movement. The tool can, in addition, contain a warehousing module that will further facilitate accountability of goods, especially in the case that they are in transit or rapidly being consumed in other processes.

Therefore, this is a great software for those that are involved in shipping as well as the senders as well as the receivers of the consignment. When properly implemented this could be a great tool for communication between the parties involved.

Consignment management can be a tedious responsibility. This can be made worse in the event that there do not exist an elaborate way of handling this. This is the reason a consignment software is a great asset to the companies involved in such activities and why it is recommended.

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Reasons to choose MacPOS

Customer Support

Consignment pos software

Fast, knowledgeable and accessible software support any time of day.


Formed in 1985 with many years of experience in the retail industry and creating software.

Mac Enthusiasts

We know and love the Mac platform and began 30 years ago on System 1.0 Mac 128k.


MacPOS is packed with feature that don't get in your way.

Easy to Use

Many customers never read the manual because it's intuitive.


Change the user interface to match your company's image and 'branding' .

Fast and Stable

Checkout in the blink of an eye while keeping track of important information.


Starting at $129, it's easy to afford. Upgrade easily at any time.

and more..

Pro and Standard versions have special time and quantity discounting features.
Reward your customers for repeat business where they can earn points for items purchased or totals sales amount.
Easy installation on all of your Macs limited only by the concurrent licenses you have. Transfer the software and data easily between your Macs.

MacPOS software

Is the easiest to use point-of-sale software for your Mac that you can buy. Its one-touch intuitive design gives you complete control when using a keyboard, mouse or a touchscreen monitor.

Versions available :

Apple Pos Software

  • MacPOS Express - $129 Entry level for single Mac
  • MacPOS Standard - $299 Full featured POS for single Mac
  • MacPOS Pro - $499 Multiple Mac support in Local Network
  • MacPOS Cafe - $499 Features for food service industry

What can MacPOS do for your business?

A MacPOS solution helps your business to grow and become more profitable.

Apps to transfer videos from pc to iphone. Go to 'Finder' 'Go' 'AirDrop' and switch on 'Bluetooth' and 'WiFi' to turn on AirDrop on your Mac.

  • By reducing the time required to complete transactions.
  • Provide accurate pricing and reduce clerk errors selling the wrong products using barcodes.
  • Allowing store owners and managers to spend more time on revenue-generating activities.
  • Improving customer service by speeding up sales transactions.
  • Providing powerful insight into the buying trends of your customers.
  • Free up money that’s tied up in overstocked inventory or non-selling items.
  • Ensuring you have the products in stock that your customers want to buy.

  • POS Hardware Support

    MacPOS supports industry standard point-of-sale hardware.
    We provide your business with a complete point-of-sale solution from one source.
    And unlike the many other POS vendors, we know and love Macs.

    Customizable Databases


    The Orders Database records sales and purchases for the items you buy and sell.

    • Fast order creation and completion
    • Track your inventory levels of the items you sell
    • Ensure accurate pricing by scanning bar code labels

    Products and Services

    The Items database tracks all information about the products and services that you sell.

    • Access extensive Rich-Text documents or your store's product web page.
    • Assign graphic images and view them easily and quickly
    • Open assigned URLs in the built-in web browser


    The Contacts database stores your customer, vendor and employee information. Each contact record can access RTF formatted documents or a Vendor's web page. Assign pictures to your contacts and view them at the point-of-sale.

    • Find customer history quickly
    • Assign a profile image and view at the POS
    • See important sales information
    Increase profits by :

    • Providing you with more accurate and timely information on product turnover.
    • Greatly reducing or eliminating transaction errors from inaccurate pricing.
    • Allowing you to operate more efficiently and minimize costly out-of-stock situations.
    • Showing you what’s selling and what’s not and which vendor products are profitable.

    Inventory Management

    Keep track of inventory movements including sales, transfers and purchases

    • Track inventory in detail, reducing waste and the potential for theft.
    • Ensure all inventory and services are sold at the correct price.
    • Track sales for employees and customers to analyze the performance of staff and promotions.
    • Track customer information so you can design custom promotions for loyal customers.
    • Create purchase orders to streamline purchasing and ordering.
    • Access product information in numerous data formats.

    Decrease Checkout Time

    MacPOS can assist you in managing your busy retail operation. Your customer service is vastly improved with workflow management. The checkout process is faster because repetitive tasks are automated. With a MacPOS solution, your checkout employee scans an item using the bar code scanner and MacPOS automatically calculates the price, including any sales or promotional discounts in place. It also will subtract the item from available inventory.

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    Reduce Pricing Errors using Barcodes
    The possibility for human error is minimized as are delays inherent in transactions with human interaction. There's no opportunity for the employee to mis-key the price or read the wrong price or have to call for a price check on an unknown item. Scan an item and add it to the order in confidence the price is correct.
    Touchscreen Interface

    Built-in support for a customizable Touchscreen interface. You can also use your keyboard and mouse to control the POS functions.

    Process your credit and debit card authorizations with MacPOS quickly and effortlessly using the built-in Mercury Payment Systems solution with triple DES encryption removing the POS from the scope of PCI-DSS compliance.
    Swipe your customer's gift/debit/credit card at the conclusion of the sale in MacPOS and in 1-2 seconds you will receive the authorization status.
    You can use your existing Merchant processor and terminal with MacPOS but it will be slower and probably cost you more money. Save time with the integrated secure processing.

    Hardware Requirements
    Operating System requirements : Mac OSX 10.7 - macOS 10.14
    Minimum hardware requirements : Intel Mac 1Ghz 1gb RAM
    MacPOS is distributed electronically
    This version does not work under macOS 10.15 Catalina
    A new version is in development and will be release in 2020

    Thousands of customers are saving money with MacPOShappy using MacPOSspreading the word about MacPOS

    Customers in countries all over the world use MacPOS software everyday

    View the Installations Map for MacPOS

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    What our Customers are Saying

    Wanted to thank you for your support on an issue in Mac Pos I had the other day, I purchased MacPOS back in 1985 and am still using it daily to run my screen printing business, I don’t use it to it’s fullest, just the basic invoicing, P.O.s and sales reports.

    If I ever had a question ( and I had several when starting up ) you were always there to help me out, 30 years later you’re still there to help me out I would recommend MacPos for any business, it’s been a great asset to mine, one of the best business decisions I ever made.

    Your support was fantastic while we setup the POS in 5 of our stores. We can't thank you enough for your patience and assistance getting our products imported and customizing the layout of the interface and giving it our 'branding'.

    Consignment Pos Software For Mac Windows 10

    MacPOS works great for us in over 150+ locations throughout Australia collecting sales data from each one and sending it back to our corporate headquarters for processing.