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World clock freeware applications are the handiest tool for people who are involved in work across multiple time zones. If not work, you could just require a world clock to keep in touch with friends or family members who live far away from you. There are many freeware and toolbars available on the internet to serve as world clocks, with extra features including alarms, backgrounds, colors, fonts etc. Though there are many misleading websites that claim to offer such a software application, there are also some good ones.

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  2. World Clock App For Mac
  3. Iphone Time Clock App
  4. World Clock App For Desktop

World time clock map free download - World Time Map, World Time Map (Mac), Sharp World Clock, and many more programs. Apr 19, 2014  NOTE: THE APP REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION. EVERYONE GETS A FREE 7-DAY TRIAL. YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME. 'World Clock is a fantastic native app that not only makes it easy to add all the time zones you care about and shows them on a map to better help you visualize the time differences, but helps you schedule meetings across time zones too.' —THE NEXT WEB.

1. Wim’s World Clock 3.0

Wim’s world clock is a free software app that requires a small amount of memory, just 7mb. It is an easy to use software that provides a choice of virtually unlimited number of time zones. It also provides customizable text, within a small window, that is very easy to use. Locations can be chosen from a world map, names can be customized, and the order of chosen places can be rearranged, making this app very user friendly.

  • Our Rating:
  • Pros: Stand-alone program.
  • Cons: Minimal customizations available
  • OS: Windows 9x/Me/2000/XP/Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

2. Free World Clock

Free World Clock is a versatile desktop app that can be used to view the time in multiple time zones. Its other uses include a countdown clock, reminder, clock, alarm, tray clock, stopwatch, timer, sticker, auction watch, countdown clock (days and hours) and time synchronization utility. The app also uses Winamp skins to show texts and digits. The best feature, the customizable reminder, can show a message, play music, or open a link, document, execute and application, turn off your monitor or shutdown your PC.

  • Our Rating:
  • Pros: Very flexible with regard to customization and personalization.
  • Cons: –
  • OS: Windows

3. World Time Zone Clocks

World Time Zone Clocks is another free software app that allows you to view up to nine different clocks in one window. One minus point is that users frequently complain about its frustrating behavior as it runs a separate process for every clock displayed. Each clock is shown separately on the system tray, in different colors, and only the hour digits are displayed. This clock is a handy tool for someone who may just need a general estimate of the time in another location.

  • Our Rating:
  • Pros: Can also serve as an alarm clock with one alarm per day.
  • Cons: Not very user friendly.
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista

4. NTP Time Zone Clock

NTP Time Zone clock is a freeware app that uses just 4.5mb of memory, making it ideal for users who like to run many applications at the same time. Is displays all configured clocks in the same window, and has a no-nonsense GUI. Other customizable features include always on top, transparent, font color, background color etc. Location names can be changed to whatever you want, and the text size increases/decreases depending on the window size.

  • Our Rating:
  • Pros: Small and user friendly.
  • Cons: Only 24hour display format available.
  • OS: Windows 8 and 7, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

5. World Clock

The World Clock software app combines an analog and digital clock, which also displays the date, day, and more than 245 different world flags among other nice skins. Simultaneously, for each world clock that you add, you can set a different time zone, clock name etc. The number of clocks you can add is unlimited, and customizable settings include the choice to hide the day, date, digital clock, analog clock, digital seconds and analog seconds. Both 12 hour and 24 hour modes are available.

  • Our Rating:
  • Pros: clock customizations available with flags.
  • Cons: Individual country clocks must be downloaded as per requirement.
  • OS: Most Windows

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How to track time with Mac desktop app

Step 2

Download our Mac desktop time tracking app

Time Clock Software For Mac

Step 3

Start the timer

When you start working, start the timer with one click (or keystroke).

Step 4

Stop the timer and enter details

You can enter what you worked on and add a project, task, tag, and billability status.

Step 5

Enable auto tracker

Clockify can track what apps and websites you use so you can later create time entries based on time spent in other apps (data is visible only to you).

AppStep 6

Don't forget about the timer

Desktop app has a lot of handy features that can help you better track time, which you can enable in Preferences: Unifi controller software for mac.

World Clock App For Mac

  • Pomodoro timer: Work Pomodoro style, in regular time intervals with breaks.
  • Default project: Track time without having to manually select the project all the time.
  • Idle detection: Forgot to stop the timer? Mac desktop app can recognize when you're inactive so you can discard idle time.
  • Reminders: Receive a notification when you forget to start the timer.
Step 7

Iphone Time Clock App

Run reports on web

World Clock App For Desktop

In the web version, you can manage projects, invite team, review timesheets, and export reports.