Charity Auction Software For Mac

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Maestro products are available exclusively to non-profit organizations and those that serve non-profits. This exclusivity allows Maestro to provide fair prices without sales.

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Charity Auction Software For Mac

Download the Auction Profit BlueprintTM

Learn the 4 tools BIG Organizations use to skyrocket their auction profits! Stop leaving
thousands of dollars on the table by following this Step-By-Step Guide.

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Grow your
bidder pool

With the click of a button, you can be where your bidders are - instantly. Easily connect through social media, email and text message to maximize your audience.

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Increase cash donations

Give your guests an easy way to contribute cash donations to your cause as an alternative to bidding on auction items. This feature alone can add up to 18% more to your auction total.

Promote with sponsor ads

Through our Auction Profit BlueprintTM, we offer pre-designed templates to solicit local businesses as a way to generate extra sponsorship for your event. Users that employ this feature have seen as much as $2,500 in extra auction revenue.


Re-engage with non-winners

Charity Auction Software For Mac Download

Maximize your fundraising potential through pre-designed re-engagement text and email notifications offering non-winners the opportunity to make a cash donation to support the cause despite not winning the auction.

Online and
Mobile Auctions

Online and Mobile auctions are the fastest-growing way to raise money for your cause. Charity Auctions Today will help you launch your event into the 21st century.

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