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What is mac media player. If I want to delete, I have to select the SD card and then the OK button does not work when the SD card select option comes up. Please resolve the issue quickly.

Aug 27, 2019 Next, right-click the application and select ‘Get Info’. You will see a window that shows you information about the app. The first section shows the icon that’s used by this application. Drag & drop the icon you created earlier on to the icon in this window. The application will now use this icon in Finder. That’s all there is to it.

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It is a good way to customize your own Windows OS and improve the using experience by changing the icons on Windows 10. If you are bored with the default icons on your Windows 10 computer, you can use the following ways to change icons on Windows 10 easily.

1. Change Desktop Icons on Windows 10

Step 1: Click Start > select Settings > choose Personalization click Themes.

Step 2: Slide the left pane and locate to Related Settings. Then choose Desktop icon settings.

Step 3: In the Desktop Icon Settings window, select the desktop icon you want to change and click Change Icon.

Step 4: Choose a new icon from the list or click Browse to input an icon and tap OK.

Tip: The icon type can be exe, dll, or ico.

Step 5: Click OK to confirm the change.

2. Change Folder Icons on Windows 10

Step 1: Right-click the folder and select Properties in the context menu.

Step 2: Choose Customize and click Change Icon in the Properties window.


Step 3: You can replace the folder icon with a basic/personalized one. Then click OK to save the change.

Step 4: Hit OK to finish changing the folder icon.

3. Change a Type of File's Icon on Windows 10

Different from personalizing desktop icons or folder icons, changing the icon of a type of file needs the help of the third-party tool like File Types Manager and here it will be used as the utility.

Step 1: Get File Types Manager on your Windows 10 PC.


Macos Change Folder Icon

Step 2: Find the file type that you want to change its icon. Then close the Find box.

Change Icon Of App Macos Computer

Change Icon App Mac Os

Step 3: Right-click the file and choose Edit Selected File Type.

Step 4: Click the 3-dots button in the pop-out window.

Change Icon Of App Macos Windows 10

Logitech gaming software 9. Step 5: Pick one of the existing icons. You can also input your own icon by clicking Browse > click OK.

Step 6: At last, don't forget to click OK to execute the operation.

Change Icon Of App Macos Free

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