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Summary: We will discuss top 5 best video editing software for mac in this article, include each video editing software’s pros & cons, and audience for, go and get the trial version to decide which is the best one for you.

// Why You Need the Video Editing Software for Mac
// Review of the Top 5 Best Video Editing Software for Mac
1. TechSmith Camtasia
2. Filmora Mac Video Editor
3. iMovie
4. Apple Final Cut Pro X
5. Movavi Video Editor for Mac
// Conclusion

Nowadays anyone can setup a security camera system on Mac so we’ve taken a look at the best Mac security cameras and software in 2020. Home security systems for Mac – also known as Network Video Recording (NVR), Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) or IP camera software – are much cheaper than traditional home security solutions and don’t require. Sep 02, 2018  The Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018, with recommendations for both FREE and PAID options to suit every Mac video editor, no matter what your budget or video style!

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Why You Need a Best Video Editing Software for Mac

This is the age of video consumption, where people don’t only love watching and sharing video content but also actively engage in the creation of videos. Thanks to powerful video editing tools and movie-making programs, anyone with a spark of creativity and the desire to learn can turn ordinary videos into exciting content.

In fact, popular YouTubers are great examples of people who started out with nothing other than a camera in hand and now have professionally created videos watched by millions of people. If you’re in a similar boat and hope to create outstanding video content, you’ll need to try your hands on some of the best video editing softwares. These programs offer a variety of options and features that you can use to turn ordinary videos into professionally edited content, however, since they all differ in terms of pricing, options, and functionality, you’ll need to choose which suits your needs the best. Some of the programs are great for beginners looking to step into the world of video editing while others are designed for professional users, requiring you to have a basic understanding of video editing methodologies while using them. YouTube is the best teacher so if you want to learn how to use any of the following software, simply browse through some good videos and you’re all set to kickstart your video editing journey.

Being a Mac user, you’re in for a good experience since creatives always vouch for Mac to be the best machine if you want to get good graphics work done. This review enlists the top best video editing software for Mac, so go ahead, download these and use them on trial versions to decide which is the best one for you.

Review of the Top 5 Best Video Editing Software for Mac

#1. TechSmith Camtasia

Educational, informative or instructional videos (such as tutorials, how-tos etc) need to be created using a professional screen recording and video editing software. One of the most powerful screen recording and video editing software is TechSmith Camtasia, a favorite of both Windows and Mac users alike.

Camtasia lets you record your screen, your audio as well as your headshot as needed to create effective online tutorials. This is the go-to software for most online tutors who want the combination of screen recording, audio recording along with cam recording.

What sets Camtasia apart from other Mac video editors and makes it the most preferred video editing program for online tutorials is its multiple editing features. The most useful is the annotations that you can use to mark or highlight important areas in the video. You can also use titles and multiple callout styles to create dialogues to create instructional content with the video. Moreover, you can make use of the transitions, zoom in/out and effects to give your video the professional touch it needs. Unlike other Mac video editing programs, Camtasia has all the necessary tools to help you create demonstrative video content.

Since Camtasia video editor caters to online educational content, it also gives you options to create quizzes, record and import presentations as well as pan animations to your recording screen. A powerful video editing program for Mac, Camtasia comes at a price tag of $249.00 which is a far heftier price tag than its other counterparts. The program does come with plenty of useful tutorials so if you’re planning to start an online course or tutorship, this is one of the best video editing tools to use on Mac, although it is not as professionally cut out for video editing as Premiere or Final Cut Pro X. Nevertheless, this Mac video editing software is aimed at professionals and newbies may need some time understanding and figuring out the program.

You can read the full review of Camtasia video editor, to learn detailed features of it, and how to make the professional tutorials or how-to videos with ease.

• Screen, cam and audio recording simultaneously. Good for live tutorials.
• A range of effects and feature set you can use to create professional content.
• Direct social sharing available.

• Some deeper features may require editing of the UI.
• Expensive price tag.

• The best video editing software for who wants to create professional tutorials or demonstrative content on Mac.

#2. Filmora Mac Video Editor

Best Video Watching Software For Mac

Filmora has gained quite a popularity with users, those who are looking for an easy-to-use video editing tool for Mac that doesn’t cost them hundreds of dollars and can get basic stuff done. Sporting a more of a DIY option, Filmora is designed for the casual user. With pre-defined musical tracks, great design themes and plenty of graphical tidbits to choose from, Filmora is a great video editor for Mac if you want something to get the job done. It also allows for easy screen recording, so if you’re hoping to record a cool video and get it edited without wasting too much time, Filmora is good.

There are multiple annual plans for you to choose from starting from $44.99 to $79.99 with the last one giving unlimited downloads to stock footages from the Filmstocks library. You can also try the program with all its features in the Trial option, but your final product will have a huge watermark over it. For beginners, Filmora gives the best of both world editing and aesthetically pleasant content. You may be interested in reading the review of Filmora video editor.

Learn how to edit videos with Filmora from this video:

• Plenty of themes and design options to choose from.
• Easy-to-use interface and requires no former training.
• Available at affordable price plans.
• Lifetime purchase available $59.99.

• Limited features for those seeking extensive options.
• Limited stock footages in the Filmstock library.
• Not recommended for highly professional work.

• Entrepreneurs, DIY users who want an easy-going video editing software on Mac.

#3. iMovie

iMovie is the video editing software comes along with all macOS devices. The program has a slick interface and is a great starting point for users who are absolutely new to video editing and are looking for free options before they invest in full-fledged video editing software. The iMovie can help you get basic editing done with pre-defined title designs, transition designs and backgrounds. You can add audio, maintain color balance, perform color correction, crop videos, and apply filters to videos using given options. You’re even given fourteen design themes to start from where you simply enter videos and titles letting the theme do its magic.

Being a free Mac video editor, the Apple iMovie has an impressive set of tools for media organization, color and speed optimization along with professional audio options for your video. Not to mention, it also has green-screen effects and supports 4K video although it still needs to provide support for 360-degree video. With a great interface, easy-to-use designs and theme options, the iMovie program is the best entry-level video editing software for Mac users. If you’re starting out and have absolutely no budget for investing in a professional video editing program, the iMovie is a perfect choice. The only setback to the iMovie is that you cannot record a screen and will need to use another screen recording program to record the screen and then import it into iMovie for editing.

Learn iMovie video editing tutorial for beginners:

• Highly efficient interface.
• Multiple editing options.
• Free for all Mac users.
• Plenty of audio and design tools.

• Has limited video track options.
• Needs additional flexibility.
• Animation options would have been great.

• Entry-level novices experimenting with video editing on Mac.

#4. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s very own professional Final Cut Pro X is a powerful video editing software designed for professionals, and boasts of premium features such as 360-degree video support, face analysis, multi-cam support and many others that make it a worthy purchase at $299. Along with the price, you may also have to invest some money in purchasing various plugins (that is if you’re at a professional level requiring more effects). According to many experts, Final Cut Pro X is to Apple as Adobe Premiere is to Windows which essentially means the program is designed for providing cutting edge video editing functionalities, turning your normal video shoots into professional content fit for online distribution. Some have even gone ahead to place the Final Cut Pro X above the Premiere in terms of its easy-to-use interface and sleek design.

Since it’s a full-fledged video editing tool, it might not come easy for novice users which is why it’s highly recommended that you look up some tutorials online and try out the trial version before making a full purchase. The Apple Final Cut Pro X has an exciting interface that lets you do some pretty amazing things with its multiple editing features. The latest version of the Final Cut Pro is the most appealing as it allows you to dabble in 360-degree VR content and provides support for HDR and HEVC video forms. Since the Final Cut Pro X is a product of Apple, you’ll find it quite similar to the iMovie functioning in the same manner with of course the only difference being one is for novice users while the other is for professionals. If you’re ready to take on video editing as a regular activity and want to truly master the process, Final Cut Pro X could be your best video editing software on Mac.

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Final Cut Pro X full tutorial may do help for you:

• Support for 360-degree videos and VR Content.
• Dozens of features and options to choose from.
• Support for the latest Mac Touchbar.

• Lack of timeline tracking.
• Maybe a bit complicated for new users.
• An expensive price tag.
• Additional purchase for plugins.
• You will need to invest in learning about the program before using it.

• Professional editors who can make maximum use of the software’s features.
• Those who want to take up video editing as a professional skill.

#5. Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Video editors like Camtasia, Final Cut Pro X may be difficult to master for new users which is why it is often seen to be used by professionals who are able to dig into all the important features of the tools. For the average user though, an easy option like Filmora and Movavi are good enough. Similar to Filmora, Movavi Mac video editor has almost the same features with just one or two minor differences (such as Filmora’s lack of support for keyframe animation or lack of instructions within the program itself). Other than that, the price tag is the same with Movavi Video Editor Plus having a price tag of $59.95.

The plus side to the Movavi Video Editor Plus is you can captures video from TV tuners and VHS which is a great deal for people who want to digitize old video cassettes and TV programs.

Learn how to edit video on Mac with MOVAVI video editor

• Multiple effects and options to choose from.
• Support for older OS.
• Sound normalization.
• Allows for VHS capture.

• No social integration options.
• Not recommended for highly professional work.

• Casual users, bloggers, and beginners who want an easy video-editing option.


Video editing is an exciting field and one that thousands of aspiring YouTubers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and artists are enthusiastic about. When choosing the best video editing application for Mac, it’s essential to understand what your goals are and what you expect out of the program. If you’re someone who’s just starting out and wants to dabble in video content at a rapid scale then options like Filmora or Movavi are great to use. They don’t require any pre-understanding or experience with video editing and can easily get the job done. With cool effects, music and footage library etc, you can get most of your task done.

On the other hand, if you want to take up video editing as a skill or a profession, then you must turn towards professional programs for video editing like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro which are tools professionals use. To master these tools though, you will need to invest time in online tutorials and experiment with multiple options. You also need to have a strong system that can hold these programs especially since video editing consumes RAM heavily. You will also need to invest money in buying these programs and they don’t come cheap which is why it’s advised that you need to be very clear on what you want and then spend your money accordingly.

To know which program suits you best, download the trial version, play around and see what features you want the most for your particular project. The trial version may have limited options and may even have watermarks at the end product, so it might be useless if you want to use it for a rare/one-time project. In that case, the iMovie makes the best choice! To record your screen for free, you can use other programs like Loom which you can download and then edit in iMovie.

Remember to always identify your needs, check and compare the video editing programs through trial versions before you make a purchase. You can also invest some time in reading user experience, reviews and suggestions by experts to see which Mac video editing software meets your expectations and goals.

Do You Need A Different Media Player?

We’ve created a list of the best video players for Windows, and Windows Media Player isn’t one of them. Why? Let’s see why you should consider trying a new video player instead of the default one.

First of all, WMP hasn’t been updated since 2009, and Microsoft isn’t going to waste time and effort on it. In 2017, the company removed Windows Media Player from Windows 10 by accident. Users also noticed that Microsoft actively urged users to switch to its latest Movie and TV app instead of the old player. It’s only a matter of time before Windows Media Player is ancient history.

While Microsoft has been making a pitch for “Movies & TV’s” advantages, which include more compatibility with modern video formats, the reality is that it’s a half-baked replacement for Windows Media Player. Many features found in WMP, such as streaming video from online resources and changing play speed, aren’t even present in the new app.

Movies & TV has solid, but not wide-range, support of video formats. Additionally, its plain interface leaves a lot to be desired. The program lacks the advanced features required from a modern media player which you can easily find using third-party software. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best alternatives available.

Despite all its disadvantages, there is one thing that is worth noticing. Since Movies & TV is Windows 10’s built-in player, it tends to be much gentler on the computer’s battery life than other apps. The Movies & TV app is worth checking out if you’re planning a long trip and want to spend a few hours watching films using your laptop’s battery but isn’t likely to be the best choice in other situations.

Let’s get to the best video players for Windows you should try!

How We Tested and Picked?

The video players listed below have been chosen after an in-depth evaluation. Some of them are lightweight apps with a simple interface, while others are for more advanced and picky users.

To determine the winners, I used a Samsung computer based on Windows 10 and looked at these metrics:

The number of supported formats. As Windows default players have a limited amount of supported formats, this factor was the most significant during our test. Today, with the increasing number of advanced formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc., not all video players are powerful enough to cope. Thus, the best media player should be up-to-date and capable of running the newest file types.

Feature set. The best media player for Windows should not only copy standard WMP features but even surpass them. Among the video players listed below, you can find apps that offer subtitle synchronization, video/audio filters, change of playback speed, and other extra features.

User Interface and User Experience. Choosing the right video player is not only about the features it offers, but the user experience it creates. A well-developed UI and UX can make or break any program. So, when it comes to the video players, intuitive and user-friendly design is what really matters.

Affordability. Most of the video players listed below are free, though some have extra features, such as an ad blocker, that cost money. Thus, our favorite apps offer the best value for the money you shell out.

The Winners

The best video player: PotPlayer

The battle between PotPlayer and VLC was intense, and it took a lot of deliberation to determine which would be considered the best. Recently, PotPlayer has managed to earn a better reputation, and it’s easy to understand why its popularity is growing.

This free multimedia program was developed by Kakao, a South Korean company. It’s pretty lightweight, and it didn’t affect my computer memory. There were no problems with app initialization — everything was perfectly clear. PotPlayer also offers the option to install additional codecs after you install the main file, so it’s scalable.

Compared to VLC, PotPlayer might be less widely used. However, it offers a bunch of features that give VLC a run for its money. When it comes to supported formats, PotPlayer is far ahead of the competition. It easily handles all modern formats and files from local storage, URLs server, DVD and Blu-ray, analog and digital TV. With regular updates, even the newest formats have been getting support quickly.

In addition, PotPlayer is a worthy competitor to VLC because of its feature list. With this app, you’ll get a variety of filters and effects to manage your video and audio playback. The equalizer is easy to use; you can play around with it to get better sound or change the video brightness to suit your needs. The player also comes with subtitle tools, scene previews, bookmarks, 3D Video mode, 360-degree output, Pixel Shader, and built-in hotkeys.

Aside from a perfect feature set, PotPlayer also offers tons of design customization options. It allows you to choose between different skins, logos, and color themes. Even though it’s free, there is no annoying advertising. During my testing, PotPlayer did a great job dealing both with large and small files without any glitches.


Runner-Up: VLC Media Player

When it comes to the best media players for Windows 10, VLC is always near or at the top of the list. It’s an absolutely free (but without ads) program with a simple interface and a great set of features. VLC Player is available on a number of platforms including Microsoft, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The player supports almost all video and audio formats and can play all standard media types including DVDs and Blu-Ray. With VLC you can also stream video URLs in real-time and enjoy 360-degree videos. The program completes these tasks without the need to download any additional codecs.

Another useful feature is subtitle synchronization, which is especially helpful if you’re watching movies to learn foreign languages or are hearing impaired. Despite its minimalistic simplicity, VLC player offers a rich catalog of audio and video filters as well as customization options.

If you’re looking for extremely light, simple to use and easy to understand program, you should install VLC on your computer. As my testing shows, it’ll take only a few minutes. On my computer, the player runs smoothly. But compared to PotPlayer, it had some problems, including slow performance when playing large-sized files. Give it a try and see for yourself whether VLC meets your need or not.

Great Video Player & Data Manager: Plex

Plex is powerful enough to do much more than your regular media player. It’s an outstanding all-in-one media sharing server that you can use to share content from your computer to any room in your house.

It uses your PC as a handy media library to access and manage data you already have on your devices (Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android, TiVo, Android/iOS phones and tablets, etc.). The player works both on Windows and Mac and is intended to look perfectly well on your big-screen TV.

When it comes to video, the player supports almost all advanced formats, from MP4 and MKV to MPEG and AVI. The program can automatically transcode any other format when required, so there is no need to convert them.

Plex’s drawback is the installation and setup process. To get to the media player, I had to create a MyPlex account and download the Plex Media Server app. Still, once it was up and running, I found it to be a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software. Once you tell Plex which folders to look in, the app will detect your media and then manage the library almost automatically.

Despite the fact that Plex is free you can upgrade to PlexPass and get additional features for $4.99 per month.

The Plex UI is pure joy. It made me fall in love with this app at first sight. Even its painful installation process, which could benefit from being streamlined and simplified, didn’t change that. The settings are easy to navigate and give you lots of options to customize your experience. It also adds cover art and descriptions to each video that makes the library look even more gorgeous.

The Alternatives

Media Player Classic — Home Cinema

Media Player Classic (MPC-HC) is a free app for Windows that plays almost any media file. The Home Cinema version of the original Media Player Classic was created by the fan community after the development of the original software was halted.

Although the player looks quite retro, it still supports modern file formats. MPC-HC doesn’t have enough power to cope with the most advanced formats, but it still performs well when working with the mainstream ones: WMV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, MOV, and VOB.

When it comes to advanced features and tools, MPC-HC doesn’t come loaded as other options on our list. But if you have an older generation computer or just need a practical player with the basics, this one won’t disappoint you.

GOM Player

GOM Player is a free media player for Windows 10 that comes with built-in support for most video formats (MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV) and even 360-degree video.

Apart from basic features that come with other video players for Windows, GOM Player has some advanced features like speed control, screen capture, codec search function, various audio and video effects. Because of the vast Subtitle Library, GOM Player can automatically search and sync subtitles for the movie being played.

This player allows you to watch videos directly from YouTube. It’s also able to run damaged files or files being downloaded. However, during testing, GOM had an issue playing large-sized files. Besides, the app is full of pesky ads. It’s a constant source of annoyance as the ads pop up from every side. To get an ad-free version of the player, you need to purchase a permanent premium license for $15 (with 40% discount).

5KPlayer for Windows

5KPlayer is known for its streaming features and built-in DLNA Sharing option. The player also gives users access to online radio. Although the software claims to run almost all types of videos without any plugins, it didn’t work smoothly on my computer and showed a lot of annoying ads. Additionally, there are no video enhancement features.

After installation, 5KPlayer will ask you to register to get free access to several features like Apple AirPlay mirroring and video download from 300+ websites (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, MTV, etc.). The company will also send you a promo email with a coupon to save $39 on VideoProc, its video processing software.

ACG Player

ACG Player is a media player developed specifically for Windows 10. It promises to play almost any common video format, but in reality, it’s just a lite player with no codec add-ons.

The software was created with a simple UI. In addition to screen-casting and online streaming, there are some customization features that you can use such as changing skins and panel buttons, choosing a font style for subtitles, controlling swipe speed, etc.

Although the program is free without any functional limitations, it’s full of ads that you can only remove by paying. Note that language availability is quite limited. You can download it from the Microsoft Store.


RealPlayer is one of the oldest video players for Windows on the market. The app can help you download videos and convert them to the most common formats. It’s also able to turn video files into MP3 so that you can listen to them on the go.

You can use the player free of charge, but the premium version is $35.99 with access to all advanced features and ad removal. The program has tons of positive reviews on the web. Unfortunately, RealPlayer fell short of my expectations as it couldn’t play a full-length movie on my computer, while a short MP4 movie trailer ran without any issues.

Parma Video Player

Parma Video Player is a universal application for Windows 10 which is rated highly on the Microsoft Store. The player promises to find and list all movies on your device to create a comprehensive video library. It supports all major formats and subtitle synchronization. The developers also equipped the app with a video streaming feature, speed changer, and support touch control.

However, I had no opportunity to play around with Parma Video Player, as it just didn’t work on my computer (running Windows 10). However, you can try and see whether this popular application suits your needs or not.


KMPlayer (K-Multimedia player) is the last but not least option in our list of the best video players for Windows. This player for power users works well with most popular video formats, including Ultra HD with 4K resolution and movies in 3D.

The interface of KMPlayer is nothing special, yet it looks smooth and straightforward. There are also various customization features to modify the outlook up to your needs.

Best Video Player For Macbook

A Final Word

Best Video Watching Software For Mac Free

When it comes to video players for Windows 10, there are programs to suit every taste. The media players we’ve mentioned in this list meet the needs of users with varied requirements, so hopefully, you’ll notice one that’s a good fit for you. If you’ve tried another great program that’s worth being featured in this review, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.