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A Screenshot is an image captured directly from what is displayed on the computer monitor, output devices like Smartphone and Tablet by users with a single keystroke. On Windows computer, screenshots are done by pressing “PrtScn” button, while on Mac, this is usually achieved by hitting the keyboard combinations of “Shift+Command+3/4”. Screenshots are widely used in a variety of scenarios, such as collecting materials for review and presentation, troubleshooting programs or website designs, etc. However, sometimes the raw screenshots may not convey your meanings. Fortunately, editing screenshots doesn’t have to be a hassle if you use one of these screenshot editors below.

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Photoshop is the most fully featured image editing software available today allowing you to perform highly advanced image manipulation. On top of that it offers features beyond the realm of typical image editing software tools such as support for video editing, 3d elements and 3d printing among others. Paintbrush is a Cocoa-based painting and illustrating program for the Mac, very similar to the Paint application on Windows. Paintbrush is easy to install and can support BMP, PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Here is a list of the best free software to screen capture MAC.There are a number of inbuilt software to help you capture screen on MAC. You can make use of different applications, like: Grab, Preview, and Screen Capture tool to take the screenshot. You can also make use of Terminal to take screenshot using commands. There are several other software as well that let you take screenshot on MAC. What it is: PaintShop Pro is a full stack photo editing software that contains a tool designed to put you in control of your screenshots. From capturing, to editing, to annotating, to sharing - this custom tool makes it easy to take control. Jun 30, 2020  While capturing the screen, the user can edit the same screenshot. The editor allows adding text, arrows, effects, and various other functions. Lightshot supports Windows, Mac, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It automatically uploads captured images online for sharing. Images captured using Lightshot are of high quality.

Edit your Screenshot with Microsoft Paint


Microsoft Paint is a convenient screenshot utility that comes with all Windows operating system. It’s simple to use, particularly if you know a few tricks. After taking screenshots on your computer, just go to “Start” menu on the lower left of the screen. Then click on “Paint” from the “Accessories” folder and press “Ctrl+V” to paste the screenshot in this editor. Now you can annotate your screenshot as you desire.

Best Mac Paint Software For Editing Screenshots
  1. Crop – Choose the crop tool from the drop-down list of “Image” and select the area you want to crop.
  2. Add special effects – Access to “Filter” menu and add special effects like blur and others.
  3. Resize – Change the resolution of the screenshot to a desired one by selecting “Resize” or “Resize Canvas” from the “Image” menu.

Aside from using the built-in MS Paint to make quick edits to screenshots, you can also make use of third-party tool to achieve this goal. Apple support app 64 bit. Free Screenshot Capture is highly recommended for its simplicity and rich functionality.

Best Way to Edit Screenshot

Being a simple yet fully featured screenshot tool, Free Screen Capture enables you to grab screenshots of any selected area, whole screen, drop-down menus and others. You can use it to take a screenshot of anything you want on screen. All these can be done within a few clicks of mouse. In addition, once a screenshot is captured, it also provides rich editing options for making some annotations, such as adding materials (text, lines, arrows, ellipse and rectangle) and applying special effects (highlight, blur).

To know how to use this tool to annotate screenshots:

Else, keep reading!Another way to Force Quit Finder is by using the Activity Monitor app on the Mac. But if it didn’t turn out as expected, keep reading.If you have got what you were looking for, you can get back to your business. From the list of running Apps, click on Finder and then click on “Relaunch” optionDoing this will Force Quit the Finder and also relaunch it. If things are executed as planned, you may have a fully functional Finder at your disposal. What to do when a software is not responding mac.

  • Download and install this useful tool on your computer. There’s also a parallel web version, you can launch it by navigating to and clicking “Take Screenshot” button.
  • Change the default settings as you wish in “Options”. For example, you can set your desirable hotkeys to take a snapshot and the delayed milliseconds in capturing.
  • Click the camera icon or the hotkeys you set to start capturing screen. Then click and drag the region you want to capture.
  • Release your mouse and make quick edits with options on horizontal bar.
  • After that, you can click “Save” button to keep the image on your computer.

Being useful, it can also features as an image uploader that works fine on uploading screenshots to free Cloud space for storage. And then, you will get there different kinds of image links for sharing image online. For your convenience, the screenshots you have uploaded to the can also be edited again with the Online Image Editor.

How to Edit a Screenshot on Mac

After taking screenshots whole screen or part of it on Mac by depressing “Shift+Control+Command+3/4” keyboard combinations, the screenshot will be saved directly to the clipboard rather than keeping it to the desktop as a PNG file.

Screenshot For Mac Computer

With the image in the clipboard, open Mac’s built-in Preview program and then press “Command+N” to create a new image from the clipboard in Preview. After that, you can make use of the editing options on its toolbar and annotate the screenshot by adding shapes, text, special effects and more.

After editing, just press “Control”+”S” to replace the original screenshot with this newly edit picture, while if you want to keep both of them, then press “Shift-Control-S” to save the new image.

Now that you have learned the detailed steps on how to edit screenshot on Windows and Mac with the programs I recommend, if any of you know other awesome applications that allow for quick editing, just feel free to give your favorite app a shout out in the comments below.

Best Mac Paint Program

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