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The OCR Arabic PDF is an idea which can lead to problems as well as all programs does not offer this phenomenon. For free OCR online OCR Arabic there are many websites which can be used in this regard. However software programs should be used for the best results. PDFelement is a program which has best OCR facilities.

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Optical Character Recognition (or OCR) refers to the ability to edit and convert scanned text or PDF files into editable and searchable text documents. As we know, the image-based PDF file cannot be edited, converted or done any changes, but if you get a powerful PDF OCR software. There may be numerous online PDF OCR for Mac through the Internet, however the vast majority of the OCR work can't function admirably. No worry! Here we pick up top 3 best PDF OCR software for Mac (macOS 10.15 Catalina),including PDFelement Pro.

Part 1. List of 3 Best OCR Mac Software

There is a wide choice of free OCR software available. Here we look at some of the leading examples.

#1. PDFelement Pro for Mac (10.15 Catalina included)

PDFelement Pro is an application dedicated to OCR, which allows you to create fully searchable PDF, rich text file, HTML and plain text files from your scanned OCR documents. With support for over 20 languages and Applescript support for making batch file processing.

In addition to OCR, this software gives you the possibility of making scanned PDF editing and converting easier. You can freely modify the texts, images and pages, highlight and draw markup, add customized PDF watermark and signature, add password to PDF etc. With it, you can even easily create and convert between PDF and other popular file formats. This software is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or later, including the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Why Choose This PDF editor:

  • Come with advanced OCR technology and support multiple languages.
  • Edit scanned PDF with built-in editing tools.
  • Convert scanned PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, etc.
  • Easily create and edit PDF Forms.
  • Create PDF from existing PDF, images, Webpages, and others.
  • Annotate or mark up PDF with text box or customized markup tools.

#2. Abbyy FineReader Pro for Mac

Abbyy FineReader Pro for Mac is another dedicated OCR application, with a clean user interface and easy to understand workflow process that makes obtaining your editable documents easy. This package offers the most recognized languages available at 180, and can export into PDF, Word documents, Excel and HTML. With the ability to batch process included with its Applescript compliance, FineReader offers a comprehensive OCR solution.

Part 2. How to OCR a PDF File on Mac (macOS Mojave Included)

Using PDFelement Pro for Mac to OCR your documents on Mac is simplicity itself. Follow the steps below to ocr scanned PDF file easily.

Step 1. Add PDF Document to the Program


Open PDF Editor Pro for Mac and then drag your PDF file to the program. Alternatively, you can also select the 'Open' or 'Open Recent' option. Then you are free to set the language. To do this, you can navigate to Preferences and hit the OCR tab to choose a language you prefer.

Step 2. Start the Process of PDF OCR

Now, Click the 'OCR' button under the 'Edit' tap. Then the OCR panel will appear on the right side of the program main interface. Here you can select page range and the OCR language. Then you can click on the 'Perform OCR' button to OCR the scanned PDF. To batch OCR multiple scanned PDF files, you can choose 'Batch Process'. And click on the 'OCR' > 'Add Files' button in the new window to import multiple scanned PDF files. After you have selected the OCR language, you can click on the “Perform OCR” to OCR multiple PDF files in one time.

Digitalization has certainly made it easier for us to connect with people to capture things and to search for things. Digitized things are always easy to use we can edit digital images in image editing software such as Photoshop. Digital documents can be edited in MS Word. But what if we want to edit, or copy something that’s already printed. It was always required to have software which can extract text from images and we should be thankful to the tech that we can now extract text from images using OCR technology. Let’s us get an idea that what is OCR technology and which are the best software to extract text from images.

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology helps you to convert different type of digital captures such as Photos scanned documents or PDF files to a searchable or editable data.

Best OCR Software to Extract Text from Images:

Free Ocr For Mac

1. ABBYY FineReader:

ABBYY Fine Reader is an award-winning OCR software which works perfectly with text on e-books, scans, digital photographs. You can use this software for home or office for easy document creation. Its speed and accuracy eliminates the process of retyping and saves a lot of time. The software is really a perfect pick for those who are required to convert images to text very often.

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2. Online

If you are looking for a free tool to convert text on pictures to word file using OCR then you must try it is a web based tool thus you will not need to spend time to download and install a software though you may require compromising a little with accuracy and speed of conversion. All and all we can say that online OCR is best for those who are occasionally required to convert images to text.

3. Soda PDF Anywhere:

Here is another software to extract text from image online. This software is having both web version and downloadable version. If you will go for the web version you can use your purchase on any device from anywhere. The software works well for both Windows and Mac and allows you to sync your documents over Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. You can go for a free trial before making a purchase. Application is having different editions for personal and business purpose.

4. Free OCR:

If you are in the search of OCR software, free download which is available for your computer then you can try your luck with Free OCR. Software takes approximately 10 MB on your hard disk and is very simple to use. Because of low accuracy level you may require having images scanned in high quality. The version of software was last updated long back so you will miss some extra user-friendly buttons or options but in nutshell the application is an amazing lightweight tool if your purpose is short term.

Best Mac Ocr Software 2018 Reviews

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5. SimpleOCR:

Simple OCR is less expensive yet powerful tool to convert text images to documents. Tool is very much accurate to convert handwritten text on images to word. The best part about this software is that it is having an inbuilt Spell check which helps you to correct spelling mistakes while converting an image or a handwritten piece to a document. The application supports almost all the major image formats so we can say that it is one of the best OCR software 2018. You can also go for the free trial before making a purchase.

So, these were 10 best OCR software to extract text from images. They really save a lot of human effort with the help of these application you can convert handwritten notes to some well-organized documents and keep them forever not only this some of these applications allow you to spell check or grammar check while you are converting another advantage of using an OCR application is that you can easily search for text in images. Tech has really changed the world a lot and continuously we are observing new inventions which are changing our life.

Ocr Pdf Mac

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