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Dec 31, 2019  To view your CPU Usage on Mac, follow these steps: 1. Access the Activity Monitor in Spotlight by pressing the Command + spacebar shortcut keys. When Spotlight opens, type Activity Monitor in the search box and choose it from the list. You can also access Activity Monitor in.

Mac View Cpu

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Activity Monitor User Guide

Mac View Cpu Usage By App Free

You can see the amount of system memory being used on your Mac.

Cpu Usage Monitor App

  • In the Activity Monitor app on your Mac, click Memory (or use the Touch Bar) to see the following in the bottom of the window:

    • Memory Pressure: Graphically represents how efficiently your memory is serving your processing needs.

      Memory pressure is determined by the amount of free memory, swap rate, wired memory, and file cached memory.

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    • Physical Memory: The amount of RAM installed.

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    • Memory Used: The amount of RAM being used. To the right, you can see where the memory is allocated.

      • App Memory: The amount of memory being used by apps.

      • Wired Memory: Memory required by the system to operate. This memory can’t be cached and must stay in RAM, so it’s not available to other apps.

      • Compressed: The amount of memory that has been compressed to make more RAM available.

        When your computer approaches its maximum memory capacity, inactive apps in memory are compressed, making more memory available to active apps. Look in the Compressed Mem column for each app to see the amount of memory being compressed for that app.

    • Cached Files: The size of files cached by the system into unused memory to improve performance.

      Until this memory is overwritten, it remains cached, so it can help improve performance when you reopen the app.

    • Swap Used: The amount of space being used on your startup disk to swap unused files to and from RAM.

  • To display more columns, choose View > Columns, then choose the columns you want to show.

Mac View Cpu Usage By App Download

You can use Activity Monitor to determine if your Mac could use more RAM.