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Your Mac will have a Launchpad icon on the dock (unless you have removed it) or you can press F4 to open the Launchpad. You can use the Launchpad app to quickly view and open any installed applications on your Mac. However, the problem is that you have no option to rearrange the icons like increase or decrease the size, which will essentially adjust the rows and columns. So in this article let us explain how to increase or decrease Launchpad icon size for better viewing as per your convenient.

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App Icon Size Mac Pro 12

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If you are struggling with slow Safari browser on your Mac, learn how fix slow Safari in macOS.

Increase Icon Size Mac

Default Launchpad View

Below is the default Launchpad view on a 13 inch MacBook Pro.

By default, the Launchpad shows the icons in 5×7 format. This means, Mac will arrange icons on the Launchpad in five rows and seven columns containing 35 icons on single window. You can group more icons in a folder on the first screen or navigate to the next screen for viewing the app list. This is the settings on MacBook Pro and the number of rows and columns may change on your Mac depending upon the model and screen size.

Increase the Icons Size

Let us assume you want to increase the icons size for better visibility. This means the number of rows / columns should be less. For example, you want to have the icons in 4×4 format, so that Mac can show total 16 icons in single screen

  • Press ‘command + spacebar’ to open Spotlight Search.
  • Type ‘terminal’ and open ‘Terminal’ app.
  • Copy and paste the below command and hit enter.
  • You can see the dock will disappear and appear again. Click on the Launchpad to see the app icons are reset into 4×4 format.

Decrease Icons Size

In the above command, the rows and columns are set as four and four. You can simply increase the numbers to reduce the icons size. Let us make it 7×6 size using the below commands in Terminal.

Relaunch the Launchpad to see the icons are changed now.

App Icon Size Mac Pro 2

Effect on Folders

The icons size on the Launchpad will affect both the individual apps as well as the apps inside folders. The number of rows and columns you set will also affect the row and columns inside the folders. So ensure to check the convenient of viewing bigger folders like ‘Others’. If there are too many apps inside a folder compared to the size you have set then Mac will create additional folders to accommodate the app icons.

Setting it Back

Finally you can set the icons back to original size using the below command.

Now that you can see, the icons are back to the original size but scattered throughout the Launchpad. You can manually drag them to arrange or use the below command in Terminal to set them back. Remember that this command also will remove any custom folders if you have created. So use this only if you have not created any folder otherwise you need to arrange manually.

Although the Desktop app on your Surface looks like a normal Windows desktop, don’t forget it’s just an app. And, as with all other apps, you still have the Charms bar at your disposal, making it easy to jump between apps.

The Charms bar is the only portion of the desktop that’s finger-friendly, though. The desktop remains rooted in the mouse-pointer-controlled menus of yesteryear.

You can make things easier by telling Windows to make everything on the desktop larger. After you flip that switch, everything on your desktop expands.

That means you would be able to upload a large number of images and reduce them or adjust their size at one go. Best image resize software mac. All you have to do is upload the images and mention the size you want them reduced to.When it comes to Android, there are plenty of applications which allow you to make the most of the image editing software. DetailsRating: 3.9/5Price: FreeThe best part about this image resizer software is that it allows you to deal with a number of images at once.

Following these steps packs less information onto the screen. But you’ll at least be able to take advantage of the information you see. And these steps are reversible, letting you return to mouse-sized controls if needed.

App Icon Size Mac Pro

To enlarge everything on the desktop so it’s easier to touch, follow these steps:

Icon Size Mac Desktop

  1. Launch the Desktop app from the Start screen.

    The traditional Windows desktop fills the screen.

  2. Summon the Charms bar by sliding your finger inward from the screen’s right edge and then tapping the Settings icon.

  3. From the top of the Settings pane, tap Control Panel.

    The desktop’s Control Panel appears.

  4. On the Control Panel window, tap the Hardware and Sound category and then tap the Display link.

    The Display window appears.

  5. In the Change the Size of All Items area, tap the setting Medium – 125% and then tap the Apply button.

  6. When Windows asks you to sign out of your computer and apply your changes, tap the Sign Out Now button.

    If you haven’t saved any work, save it before clicking the Sign Out Now button. If you don’t, your hard work disappears.

When you sign back into your Surface, your desktop will be larger and easier to control by touch alone.

Change Mac App Icons

  • The larger size affects only the desktop. Your Start screen and apps remain unaffected.

    One of the first fixes you'll find on any forum is resetting the NVRAM (nonvolatile random-access memory). Mac keyboard services brings up wrong app. This is a small amount of memory that your Mac uses to store settings that it wants to access quickly.If you're having a complicated issue with your Mac, this is an excellent place to start.

  • If a crucial portion of a desktop window drops off the screen’s bottom, turn your Surface sideways; the desktop automatically rotates, leaving you more space along the desktop’s bottom edge.

  • If you have a stylus for your Surface, don’t underestimate its power on the desktop. It works very well as a makeshift mouse, letting you select files and tap buttons, as well as enter and edit text.