Why Do Apps In Mac Keeps Switching Around

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Use the setting in the log out or restart dialog

When you log out of your Mac or restart it, deselect ”Reopen windows when logging back in” when prompted.

Bad blocks and reading errors. Best hdd repair software mac. Damaged filesystem of the HDD.

Or start up in safe mode, then restart normally. This doesn't change the setting, but your Mac forgets any windows that were open the last time you logged out or restarted.

If you deselect this setting and an app continues to open automatically:

  • The app might be a login item. You can add or remove login items in Users & Groups preferences.
  • The app might have installed its own startup software. Often this is controlled by a setting within the app. Check the app's preferences or documentation, or contact the app's developer.

Use the setting in General preferences

Oct 07, 2017  This also happens when I shut the machine down, start it up and open the two apps. This is happening on a older Dell desktop running Win 10 Pro (upgraded from Win 7.

Nov 04, 2013  My 11' MacBook Air recently just started randomly switching from full screen apps back to the desktop by itself without me using the 4-fingered swipe to change desktops/apps. I've tried quitting (almost) every app and no matter what app is left open, it keeps sliding from the. Things 3 is one of the few to-do apps that's not subscription based, and it costs $9.99 to purchase. Things 3 is also available for Mac and iPad, though each app must be purchased individually.

Why Do Apps In Mac Keeps Switching Around

To prevent apps from remembering the windows they had open, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click General, then select ”Close windows when quitting an app.”

Or press and hold the Shift key while opening an app. This doesn't change the setting, but the app forgets any windows that were open the last time you quit the app.

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If these steps don't work for an app, the app might have its own setting for reopening windows. Check the app's preferences or documentation, or contact the app's developer.

Suppose you are watching your favorite show on TV using Fire TV Stick and suddenly, the Stick reboots. I know you would be puzzled first and then furious. But calm down, there's no need to do that.

Like any other hardware or software, Fire TV Stick is prone to malfunctions and breakdowns. And when that happens, one needs to be patient for most of the things can be fixed with simple solutions.

Whether you are an old or new user of Fire TV Stick, mostly the restart issue is due to erratic power supply. Here we will tell you 9 ways to fix the problem when Fire TV Stick keeps rebooting.

Let’s get started.

1. Use Official Accessories

Sometimes, when we misplace the original accessories or are just lazy to connect them, we use a different USB cable or adapter for Fire TV. If your Fire TV is restarting out of the blue, try plugging its original accessories.

2. Replace USB Cable


Micro USB cables aren’t long lasting for they can stop working or start misbehaving any time. We suggest you switch to a different USB cable to see if it fixes the problem.

Why Do Apps In Mac Keeps Switching Around The Box

3. Change Adapter

Similarly, the issue could be due to a faulty power adapter. While Fire TV Stick comes with a 1 Amp adapter, using a different adapter with a similar or slightly higher power (2 Amp) is known to fix the restart issue.

Tip: Try using a different USB cable and adapter to see if that helps.
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4. Plug Fire TV Stick in Power Outlet

If the Fire TV Stick is connected using the USB port of your TV, remove it from there and plug it to the power outlet using an adapter. That’s because not all USB ports provide sufficient power to run streaming sticks properly.

5. Remove Extension

Extensions such as USB and power extensions could also be responsible for Fire TV Stick restart issue. Therefore, remove the extension and connect the Stick directly.

6. Disconnect Other HDMI Connected Devices

Most TVs now feature at least two HDMI ports. While you can hook multiple devices to the TV, sometimes other HDMI devices are responsible for the restart of Fire TV Stick. To see if that’s the case, unplug all other HDMI connected devices except Fire TV Stick. Then start plugging them one by one to figure out which device is causing trouble. Then check if the problem is solved or not.

7. Turn off HDMI CEC Device Control

Did you know you could control your TV with your Fire TV Stick? That’s possible with the help of HDMI-CEC feature available on most new TVs. The feature lets you control your HDMI devices with a single remote — currently a very limited models support and each have their iteration of HDMI CEC implementation.

If HDMI-CEC is enabled for your Fire TV Stick, try turning it off. Some users have suggested that turning it off doesn’t restart their Fire TV.

To turn it off, go to Fire TV Settings. Click on Display & Sound followed by HDMI CEC Device Control. Turn it off.

8. Update Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV runs a customized software, and bugs can be part of it. We suggest you check if an update is available for your Fire TV Stick.

To do so, go to Fire TV Settings and click on My Fire TV. Then select About and finally hit the ‘Check for System update’ option.

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9. Format Fire TV Stick

If all the solutions mentioned above fail to prevent your Fire TV Stick from restarting randomly, the last option is to factory reset it. While there are a number of ways to do that, the easiest method is using the settings.

For that, navigate to Settings on your Fire TV and click on My Fire TV. Under My Fire TV, select Reset to Factory Defaults.

Note: Formatting your device will log you out from Fire TV Stick, delete the installed apps and downloaded data, and clear all custom settings.

Danger! Hardware Problem

Lastly, if nothing works, it might indicate bad news that the issue is with the Fire TV Stick hardware. Contact Amazon to repair or replace it.

Bonus Tip: Restart Fire TV Stick Using Remote Buttons

Once the restart issue is fixed, you might face a situation in the future when you want to reboot your device. Typically, one would unplug the Stick to do so. However, you can soft reset it using its remote too. For that, press and hold the play and select button together until you see a message on the screen.

Note: Soft resetting will not delete any app or data from your Fire TV Stick.
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Alexa, Play on Fire TV

Why Do Apps In Mac Keeps Switching Around The Internet

I understand your pain if Fire TV Stick keeps restarting abnormally. Hopefully, one of the fixes mentioned above does the job for you and you can watch videos on your Fire TV Stick without any hindrances.

After fixing it, take some time out from binge-watching shows and check these must-have apps for your Fire TV.

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Prime Video made the debut as Amazon Unbox on September 7, 2006.

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