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Apr 01, 2014  The above command will convert a UNIX created text file called “unix.txt” to a Windows compatible text file called “windows.txt”. The awk command. The awk command also lets you convert a file from UNIX to Windows and vice versa. To convert a Windows file to a UNIX. Today we are proud to release the first cloud application app box, this free client app 'Online App Box' lets you free use a lots of Windows programs right from the remote server.Download Online App Box - free. What you need is that you download and install a client app for this to work (only about 583kb).

This content has been archived, and is no longer maintained by Indiana University. Information here may no longer be accurate, and links may no longer be available or reliable.

Note:Lexmark 1200 series software for mac pro. This document is primarily concerned witholder systems and text files, and does not factor in Unicode or wordprocessed files.

Traditionally, Unix and Mac OS differ in theformat in which they store text files. Mac OS places a carriagereturn character at the end of each line of a text file, but Unix usesa line feed character. Some Unix applications won't recognize thecarriage returns added by Mac OS, and will display a file as a singleline, interspersed with Ctrl-m characters. This appearson the screen as ^M. Similarly, some Mac OS applicationsneed to see carriage return characters at the ends of lines, and maytreat Unix-format files as one long line.

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In Mac OS X, the situation is more complicated. BecauseMac OS X is a meld of Unix and the older Mac OS, in some cases textfiles have carriage returns and in others they have line feeds. Forthe most part, classic applications still require text files to havecarriage returns, while the command-line Unix utilities require linefeeds. Mac OS X-native applications are usually capable ofinterpreting both.

There are many ways to resolve the differences in format. In thisdocument you will find instructions on how to use the Unix commandline utilities tr, awk, and Perl todo the conversion. From Mac OS X, each can be accessed from theTerminal application.

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The Unix program tr is used to translatebetween two sets of characters. Characters specified in one set areconverted to the matching character in the second set. Thus, toconvert the Ctrl-m of a Mac OS text file to the line feed(Ctrl-j) of a Unix text file, at the Unix command line,enter:

Here, r and n are special escapesequences that tr interprets as Ctrl-m (acarriage return) and Ctrl-j (a line feed), respectively.Thus, to convert a Unix text file to a Mac OS text file, enter:

Note: The escape sequences must be surrounded bysingle quotation marks for these commands to work.


To use awk to convert a Mac OS file to Unix, at theUnix prompt, enter:

To convert a Unix file to Mac OS using awk, at thecommand line, enter:

On some systems, the version of awk may be old and notinclude the function gsub. If so, try the same command,but replace awk with gawk ornawk.



To convert a Mac OS text file to a Unix text file usingPerl, at the Unix shell prompt, enter:

To convert from a Unix text file to a Mac OS text file with Perl,at the Unix shell prompt, enter:

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Note: You must use single quotation marks ineither command line. This prevents your shell from trying to evaluateanything inside the quotation marks. At Indiana University, Perl isinstalled on all UITS shared central Unix systems.