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DMRconfig is a command line utility for programming digital radios. It runs under Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Jan 19, 2018  In this weeks video I show you how to program a radio via the chirp software. The software is available for Mac OS X LINUX and Window$. And makes programming radio Very easy. Link to the. MAC OS is not supported. Installation and Use. See this PDF document tutorial which walks the user through the download, installation, and initial programming process. Installation and Configuration Tutorial; Scanner Master also has a helpful page with information on installing and using the Radio Shack Programming Software.

Supported radios:

  • TYT MD-380, Retevis RT3, RT8
  • TYT MD-2017, Retevis RT82
  • TYT MD-UV390, Retevis RT3S
  • Baofeng DM-1701, Retevis RT84
  • Baofeng RD-5R, TD-5R (not DM-5R!)


Release package contains binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

  • Release 1.1: Added support for Anytone AT-D878UV and TYT MD-390.
  • Release 1.0: Added support for Anytone AT-D868UV, BTECH DMR-6x2 and Baofeng DM-1701. Fixed wrong squelch level for GD-77.
  • Release 0.9: Added support for Radioddity GD-77.
  • Release 0.8: Added support for Baofeng RD-5R.



Read codeplug from the radio and save it to file 'device.img',and also save text configuration to 'device.conf':

Write codeplug to the radio:

Show configuration from the codeplug file:

Configure the radio from text file.Previous codeplug is saved to 'backup.img':

Apply configuration from text file to the codeplug file:

Update database of contacts from CSV file:

Add -t option to trace the USB protocol.


On Linux, a permission to access USB device is required.It's possible to run dmrconfig as root, like 'sudo dmrconfig',but it's safer to enable access for users. Create a file/etc/udev/rules.d/99-dmr.ruleswith the following contents:

To activate it, run:

Then re-attach the USB cable to the radio.


The utility performs three major functions:

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  • Howto-Read-Codeplug: read codeplug from the radio and save it to a binary file 'device.img'. Also save a text script to 'device.conf'.
  • Howto-Write-Codeplug: write a binary codeplug to the radio.
  • Howto-Configure-Radio: configure the radio from a text script.

Three additional functions:

  • Howto-Extract-Configuration: decompile a binary codeplug into a text script.
  • Howto-Configure-Codeplug: apply a text script to a binary codeplug file.
  • Howto-Update-Callsign-Database: update the radio's database of ham callsigns from a CSV file.

Configuration Examples

  • rd5r-south-bay-area.conf, uv380-south-bay-area.conf - configurations for San Francisco Bay Area by KK6ABQ.
  • gd77-ver311-W5NOR-Oklahoma.conf - configuration for Oklahoma by W5NOR.
  • d868uv-norcal-ka7qqv-2017-11-04.conf - configuration for Northern California NorCal BrandMeister Network by KA7QQV.
  • d868uv-rmham-2018-10-20.conf, dmr6x2-rmham-2018-10-20.conf - configurations for Colorado RMHam by K0NGA.
  • md380-norcal-brandmeister.conf - configuration for Northern California NorCal BrandMeister Network by W6AWD.
  • md380-generic-norcal-uhf-20161103b.conf - another NorCal configuration by AE6TT.
  • md380-baynet-full-codeplug-rev1.conf - Bay-Net configuration.
  • md2017-7-23-2017.conf - configuration for Central Valley in California from DMRTexas.net.
  • md2017-DualHotspot-PNW-2017-07-19.conf - configuration by N7EKB.
  • md-uv380_bm_2018-08-07.conf - configuration for Denmark by OZ3ZU.
  • md-uv380-factory.conf - configuration of my MD-UV380, as it came from factory.
  • md-uv380-empty.conf - empty configuration, created by official TYT CPS software (command File/New).

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Sources are distributed freely under the terms of Apache 2.0 license.You can download the sources vith GIT:

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Tyt Radio Software

To build on Linux or Mac OS X, use: