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  1. Free up your mental space. Regain clarity and calmness by getting all those tasks out of your head and onto your to-do list (no matter where you are or what device you use). As a software engineer, it’s useful to break down big projects into smaller tasks,.
  2. Personally I use such to do list apps on my smartphone, and wanted similar apps for my MacBook. So, I have come across some of the best free apps for Mac which would you keep a track of things that you need to do. 5 Best Free To Do List Apps For Mac. With a smooth and classy user interface, it also proves to be a powerful organizer of.
Let’s solve your to-dos

Dec 01, 2012  Wunderlist is a free to do list software for Mac. It is fast, free, and has a beautiful and elegant interface. This free app has a simple and straightforward interface which improves its usability. Organize tasks and complete them in time for free with Wunderlist for Mac. Jan 10, 2020  Since Microsoft bought Wunderlist a while back, they've been using that to help develop their own task management software called Microsoft To-Do. And it just recently became available on the Mac. With Microsoft To-Do, managing your tasks has never been easier. You can create as many lists as needed, and assign them all a color for easy.

Get 2Do, a handy task manager that fits any schedule.

With life’s busy schedules and numerous distractions, staying on top of tasks can pose a challenge — that’s why every single productivity guide recommends you to keep track of everything in your mind with a to do list to achieve your goals.

While, historically, to do lists were handled by pen and paper, with the rise of mobile technology and modern software, it’s far more efficient to use a specialized to do list app to stay on top of your tasks.

That said, the beauty of pen and paper lies in the ability to format, write, and manage however you see fit, whereas apps force you into their predefined frameworks. And exactly because to do lists can be so personal, it’s worth exploring the differences between them before picking one for good.

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From note-taking to scheduling events, Setapp has a huge collection of apps for all your jobs. Solve tasks faster than ever on Mac.

Why Should I Use A To Do List?

From tasks at work to chores at home, to catching up with friends and family, and everything in between, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with things to do. The trouble is finding the time to do them, prioritizing them accordingly, then actually remembering to carry them out. That’s where even simple to do lists can be a powerful productivity tool, freeing up your time and mental space to focus on what you do best.

However, there are now so many different to do list on Mac options in the marketplace that getting around to selecting one is a chore in itself. That’s why this guide just saves you some time by picking some of the best ones for you to consider.

What are some tips for using to do lists?

There’s an art to using to do lists effectively, no matter the technology. You don’t need to be a project manager or have high attention to details to make a Mac task manager work for you. Simply follow a few of the most important tips:

  • Understand what should be on the to do list versus what should be a daily habit or calendar item. Brushing your teeth probably shouldn’t be on the to do list, as it would ideally be baked into your daily routine. Whereas your friend’s birthday should probably be put in your calendar. However, you might write “purchase gift for friend’s birthday” as a to do item.

  • Try to keep a manageable level of to do items at any time. Having a list of 300 probably won’t do much for your productivity, as it becomes difficult to quickly ascertain the correct priority and order. Make sure your to do list stays below 15 items to not get overwhelmed.

  • Focus on completing one item at a time. Multi-tasking is never as productive of a method of executing a task as you might think. So when it’s time to action your to do list, focus your energy on the task at hand.

With these tips in hand, you’re ready to get out and find the technology that works best for you.

What should a good to do list app for Mac do?

When it comes to selecting a to do list on Mac, there are a few aspects to consider. Some of the apps aim for total simplicity, whereas others come packed with useful features for more advanced users. Here are a few things to look for in your next to do list app:

  • Simplicity is most important. Adding new tasks and organizing them should be done in just a few clicks or taps.

  • The ability to categorize your to do list in such a way that it’s easy to find similar tasks. This might be done by grouping, tags, due dates, and more.

  • A notification system for reminding you of upcoming or late tasks. These hold you accountable and are something pen and paper can’t beat.

  • Syncing of your data across devices and operating systems can be useful for those who like to work on the go

  • At a more personal level, your to do list should look and feel easy to use, as friction points in the user experience might prevent you from making the most of it

Now that you know what a good to do list should be, let’s take a deeper dive into some of the best to do list apps for Mac on the market.

Comparing the best to do list apps for Mac

Honestly, there are too many to do list apps out in the world to count. To make your decision easier, many of those have been evaluated and narrowed down to just five — each with its own pros and cons that could sway your decision depending on your preferences.

As a Mac user, you’ve probably heard of Apple Reminders, which comes pre-installed in iPhones, iPads, and, of course, Macs. One of the main pros of using Apple Reminders is the fact that it’s ready to go — no additional tinkering required. It also has the benefit of looking and feeling like the rest of your Apple software, including Siri support, so it’s a familiar experience. Reminders works well with other Apple users by allowing you to share tasks in iCloud, but, unfortunately, you can’t assign tasks to people outside of that ecosystem, or to multiple people.

Key Features:

  • Smart location-based reminders which prompt depending on where you are

  • Task list sharing through iCloud

  • Simple, Apple-based interface that includes a quick calendar view

If you’re looking for the best task manager for Mac with more features, then you can’t pass Omnifocus. Made exclusively for Apple devices, Omnifocus takes everything one step further by allowing lists to be grouped into different projects, depending on the type of activity you’re doing, making it useful for work. Everything syncs, but only between Apple devices, of course. All in all, Omnifocus is definitely a strong candidate for any power user.

Key features:

  • Full-featured software designed exclusively for Apple

  • Multiple project types for any given workflow

  • Six handy views right out-of-the-box, including calendar, due date, projects, tags, and more

Another to do list on Mac that comes with a strong set of features is Wunderlist. Unlike Apple Reminders and Omnifocus, it can be used across all devices and operating systems, including Windows. While the app features a clean interface, it does have some complexity to it, so overall Wunderlist targets users who would like to collaborate on tasks together.

Key features:

  • Task reminders with notifications

  • Multiple assignees and collaborators on projects and tasks

  • Add hashtags to any descriptions to help search and organize task lists

If you care about speed and efficiency, you need 2Do — a perfect to do list app for people on the go. The quick-add feature makes creating new tasks a breeze, and you can even break your agenda up into a checklist format for subtasks.

A better version of Reminders

Get a top-notch app for busy folks. 2Do will help you organize any number of tasks into smart lists and break big jobs into subtasks.

While 2Do isn’t as full-featured as some of the alternatives, its upside is simplicity — essential for those who just need to get things done.

Key features:

  • Quick-add feature for maximum efficiency

  • Extra context for tasks via the tagging system

  • Smart lists let you view critical information at a glance, including due date, tags, and reminders — nothing more than what you need

One more of the best to do list apps is GoodTask. The beauty of GoodTask is its native ability to integrate with Apple Reminders and Apple Calendar, while adding some extra functionality on top to help you become more productive. The downsides are few and far between: for example, it doesn't have the extended functionality of something like Omnifocus.

Key features:

  • Automatic sync with your iCloud or Outlook calendar

  • Reminders (and repeat reminders) to help you stay on top of tasks

  • Smart sorting to organize your list by alphabet, due date, time created, or manually

With one of the best to do list on Mac options in hand, you’re ready to go out and become more productive than ever. Just remember to consider the difference between a task and a habit, keep your task list below 15, and pick an app that suits your preferences.

While you’re at it, give Be Focused a try. Be Focused is another task manager for Mac with a welcome twist — alongside the standard features, such as multi-device support and task list organization, Be Focused lets you set timers for each task. Now you can get to work knowing that you’re on track by the minute. Want to look further ahead? You can even breakdown your annual, quarterly, and monthly tasks into groups for a wider view of your life’s goals.

Best of all, 2Do, GoodTask, and Be Focused are available to you on a free 7-day trial via Setapp, a subscription service for Mac that grants you access to more than 150 indispensable apps across all categories imaginable. Now that’s a definite boost for your productivity!

To-Do List Software can really help you stay organized. The software helps you get things out of your head and into it, helping reduce your stress. Some of the software even offers collaboration, allowing you to complete tasks with anyone on your team.

As the founder of a company that is building to-do list software, I really wanted to ensure we are building the best product on the market. That’s why I built this list of all of the software I could find on the market. If I missed any, please leave comments below.

Hello Focus

Hello Focus is currently the to-do list software our team is building. It was built using the latest and most accurate science to streamline project management. It maximizes your productivity output by giving you access to features and functionalities which allow you to work with less stress, as well as collaborate with friends and teammates on projects. Designed to make your team more productive!



Todoist is a task management and to-do-list app which is compatible with more than 15 platforms both online and offline. This app allow as to share our task with any one we like. This todoist has more feature like setting Multiple priorities, Reminders, Comments, Labels and filters, Real-time data synchronization, Notifications etc, which was not available in any other app present in the market.


ANY.DO is a to-do list app that helps guide you through your day making sure you get every single thing done that you need to in a timely manner. Its quick and simple to use. Its also very easy to synch with the products you are using today. It will go along way in making your day productive.


Calvetica is a fast calendar app for apple. It just takes two taps to create an event using this app. It works very fast and syncs with your built in calendar on your devices. You will be able to have multiple views of your agendas as well as alerts that you set up. This is a very clean and efficient app that will go a long way in helping you organize your life. Eliminating all the useless hassles that are causing you stress.

Pocket Lists

Ditch the Post-Its and notepads and check out the best checklist App around! Pocket Lists allow you to create and monitor stylish check lists for all sorts of tasks. Add to-do items, change your goals, cross off items and more with no muss or fuss. Pocket Lists makes it easy to get your life organized.


Evernote is an all-in-one workspace software. It offers project management tools, built in document and text editors, and more. Evernote allows you to archive and keep track of all the relevant information in your life, offering a streamlined and user friendly interface that will assist you in organizing all of your files.

Do it tommorow

This is an app that offers you the opportunity to make the planning in your life much easier. We have all had times when we didn’t have enough time to in the day to get everything done that we needed to. This app will fix that for you by organizing these things for a future day. Leaving you worry free.


Anylist is a sophisticated grocery list app that I’m surprised I haven’t seen before. Instead of just going to your default notepad app to write your list, you go here. The cool part about it is, while you are typing your list, it will put the items into the right categories for you, such as dairy and meat. Also, it will show you suggestions based on what you are inputting. Its Siri compatible, to make it easier as well. There is also a recipe section.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a notes application for Android and iOS. Its essentially a notepad that connects to Google Drive. It allows you to color code your notes so as to maybe making red ones the most important, or blue ones for school. You can add pictures or voice recordings to the notes as well for even more convenience. Then, you can access everything on Google Drive from any device connected to the web. Its a fast and easy-to-use notes taking application.

Free Software For Mac Downloads

Remember the Milk

We have all forgotten things that needed to be done. With this app this won’t be happening anymore. This app is a combination of a to-do list and a task management that will keep you organized. It helps to sync together many of the things that we use in our daily lives both for work and at home. Once you have things in order they will be done in a timely fashion. You will have the reminders there when needed. Thus nothing will be forgotten again.


Momentum is a concept created to help inspire workers and keep them more productive throughout the work day. What Momentum has created is a personal dashboard that allows the user to go through the day more focused by providing less distractions, adding motivation, and keeping focused while setting a positive environment. With over a million users and ever expanding customization, Momentum is poised to stay.


Checkvist is a way for you to create and share your plans and outlines with others you are working with. Its an organizer that goes along way in helping you keep your low of ideas together and organized. It also offers you many different ways for you to format your outline. This allows you to use the best tool for you. Everything that you do can be sent very openly and free to others. This is definitely a tool that will keep you organized an don your toes.



Make plans for your day, your week, or your entire app with EveryDay, a handy app that helps you keep your schedule organized. The simple to use interface makes getting organized easy, whether you’ve got a long to-do list or a short one. Let EveryDay help you become more productive, organized, and successful!


This is just like its name says, paperless. Its an app that allows you to create lists for anything you want right on your phone or any other electronic device. Its also a good way to take and prepare notes as well as keep track of things that you have planned or are planning. Its a very simple app that works with your apple decides. Don’t let the simplicity of the app fool you as its very powerful and useful in helping organize you life.


Clear is an award-winning personal productivity app made to help people declutter their lives and help focus on what’s important. Clear is designed for any iOS platform including iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. The app is able to sync with your iCloud account, create to-do lists, set reminders, and has a wide array of themes and gestures to increase concentration and make life easier.

Swipes app

Swipes app is a innovative way for you to move your life in a more efficient pattern. This app is to do with how you communicate with people in real time. It will make this much easier for you and will cut out all the needless conversations. You will be in contact with who you need to and use your time more efficiently. In these conversations you will be able to turn all these words into actions. Thus getting the things done that matter and in the time they are needed.


This is an app that you can use to create entries of things you need to take care of. It can be done both in bullet and journal form. No matter how you choose to enter your list, it’s very simple and practical to use. It will go along way in making sure you finish what you start.


TeuxDeux is a mobile app that helps users manage lists of tasks that they hope to accomplish. It is intended to be simple and sleek, yet more powerful than simple native To-Do apps. TeuxDeux gives users the abilities to easily format and rearrange text using mobile devices. It also supports reoccurring tasks and has the helpful ability to “roll-over” incomplete tasks to the next day, which is helpful for procrastinators.


Somtodo is a cloud-based task management software that allows you to track critical tasks, important lists. It offers high security protection and a simple interface that makes it easy to organize your important projects and activities across all of your devices. Utilize labels, categories and folders to make it even easier.


Finish is a program that helps users manage “to-do” lists and task lists. It is a mobile application that is simple and intuitive, yet also more powerful than native apps. For example, one of the ways in which it is different from its competitors is that it offers the “timeframe” system, which is used to organize tasks based on their relative due date. The app can notify you when tasks change from one timeframe to another, ensuring that tasks are started within appropriate windows.


Carrot is a to-do list application, with a twist. Most to-do lists are very straightforward. All you do is write down the things you need to get done, maybe set a reminder or two for the really important ones, and that’s it. With Carrot, the app has personality. If you are obviously slacking, it will motivate you by, well, insulting you. So that is hilarious. But if you are succeeding, you earn points which you can use for prizes.


There is nothing cheesy about the Cheddar app. The Cheddar app like many other task and scheduling apps allows a user to easily input dates and notes on their device. What makes Cheddar great though is that the notes and calendar events people put on their devices can be easily synced across all of their devices.


Due is a super fast and efficient reminder app for your apple products. This app will help keep all of you reminders organized no matter the importance of them. All your times will be organized and be one scroll away. You also can resume timers and not have to waste time setting them up again. You can also repeat reminders that you have to do more often. This will make you more organized and efficient. You will be persistent in you tasks that you have going on. Nothing will be missed again. This app can be taken anywhere and will always alert you when things are due.


Stop wasting time and paper writing yourself notes with a pen and step in to the 21st century with Taasky. Taasky makes it easy to keep track of all of your to-do lists and reminder notes- it’s like having your own personal assistant right in your front pocket. Stylish easy to use, Taasky is a great way to get organized!


With so much going on in our lives every day, its easy to miss some things here and there. Wanderlust will take that away from you day to day activities. Its going to use a variety of ways to keep you organized and on top of things. Its will have to-do lists and reminders to make sure you have everything planned accordingly and that it will get done. It can be used both in your personal and professional lives. Thus eliminating a lot of uneccesary stress and hassle from you life.


If you are an apple fanatic and can use a little help getting organized, this is the tool for you. This is task management app that is perfect for all your apple products. This is going to aid you in keeping everything in perspective. It will allow you to review the things you did and the ones that need to be done. You have many options of how to view your tasks. This app will also keep you on top of things when it comes to keeping your day well planned. You will be one hell of an organized person with this app.


Get things done in no time with Things, a fun app for Mac that helps you get your personal and professional life organized in no time. Manage and create projects with ease using the stylish interface and handy productivity tools. Keep track of tasks, monitor your goals, and set reminders to keep you on track. Things is a great way to make sure you get things done!


Toodledo is an application that helps users manage a “to-do” list. It offers the ability to list and sort various tasks, as well as the capability to break tasks down into smaller portions, which can be further organized. Toodledo also has useful tracking and statistical features that help users to gauge their effectiveness on tasks that they perform multiple times over a period of time. The program can also help one determine the most efficient way to use a given block of time – you can input tasks that have to be done, and it will help you schedule them effectively.


TickTick is an app used to create tasks lists, or “To-Do” lists. Many programs also have this functionality, but TickTick is unique in a few ways. For example, it notably works on a wide variety of browsers and mobile devices, making it a great choice for users with multiple devices that might not otherwise be compatible. It also supports voice-based input, and has powerful location-based reminders that can help remind you to perform a task when you enter a particular geographic area. TickTick also has all of the important standard features like task prioritization and searching features.


Todo is a program that helps people manage their “To-Do” lists and be more productive overall. It offers some features that are not possible using more traditional methods that might be used to make these kinds of lists, i.e. simply writing out a list of tasks on a piece of paper. For example, you can search through your lists, share them with others, set reminders, set various levels of priorities, and break tasks down into smaller subtasks that can be further prioritized for maximum overall personal efficiency.


Firetask is an ingenious way for you to get things done in a more efficient way that you thought you could. It does this by its use of simple task management features. It also has a function that allows you to prioritize things so that they get done when needed. This is going to help you stay focused the task at hand. You can use it from anywhere at anytime so you will always be organized and on time with anything that needs to get done.


Its essentially one big planner or organizer that utilizes different applications like contacts, work groups, the calendar, things like that. But they are all connected into one app, making planning events or organizing things easier and smoother. You don’t have to go from app to app to do that now, you can just use this one Doit app. It also shows you your progress via a chart that says how much of the task at hand is complete or incomplete, giving you a sense of accomplishment, or, in some cases a sense of failure.


Organize your business, personal, and educational projects quickly and easily with Nozbe. This app allows you to manage projects and collaborate with team members without the hassle of traditional methods. The easy to use interface means you can boost your productivity, meet deadlines, and do it all without breaking a sweat!


2do is a quick, versatile and effective item and project management software that allows you to track and organize all of your relevant active and inactive tasks. Create lists, notifications, security passwords and backups to ensure the most out of your productivity. Offers cloud-based support to make it accessible across multiple devices.

The hit list for mac

All of our lives have been chaotic at one point or another. The hit list is an app that is used on your mac products that will help eliminate that. You will be able to make lists and plan things accordingly with the help of this app. Then you will know what needs to get done and when. This is avery simple app that is going to be say to use. You don’t have to spend time learning a complicated system to organize you every day life. After using this you life will be easy.


Goodtaskapp builds off of IOS’s reminders. Everything you do on the beautifully designed app is shared with the default Reminders app on your phone or computer as well. Since there are things that need to be done at certain days of every month, you can set up recurring tasks. All the tasks that you have completed are stored so you can look back on them and feel accomplished.


This a product that will help you organize your work flow for any projects that you are doing at the time. Your projects will get done more efficiently as everything will be organized so everyone can see who is doing what. You will also have the ability to communicate with one another much easier. There will me no more time wasting thus creating a better work force and allowing you to deliver a better product.


Todo.txt is a task management software designed to keep you on top of all your active, finished and unfinished projects. Using simplicity as its core value, the interface is designed to make it easy and efficient for you to keep track of all your tasks. Works across multiple devices and utilizes a simple design philosophy of pure text.


Forget clunky notepads or endless piles of sticky notes. Get organized the modern way with Listacular, a simple to use app that lets you keep track of thousands of notes with ease! Keep track of project deadlines, or just make sure that you remember to pick up the dry cleaning. Listacular makes it easy to create and monitor all your lists quickly.


Its essentially one big notebook. If you see something on your phone, like a webpage paragraph, that you will want to access late, send it to your notebook. If you send emails to your note email address, they will go in your notebook. So will pictures or videos. And you van access that notebook online or offline.


Turn any task in to a game and motivate yourself to long term success with Habitica, the app that turns your goals in to an engaging RPG! Earn in game rewards for a job well done, and face punishment when you veer off course. Manage professional, personal, and educational goals and have fun doing it with Habitica!

kanban Tool

This is visual project management tool that will go a long way in increasing your teams performance. This tool is so efficient that its used by many of the biggest companies in the world today. The way this will improve your team is because they will work more efficiently. All of the work flow will be able to be seen in an organized form. This will make collaborations and delegations much more easier. Each person will know what needs to be done and will do it in a timely manner. Making the team a better unit as a whole.

Getting Things Done Online

Getting Things Done Online is a task management software that offers many layers of project management designed to give you complete control over your ideas, to-do lists, and work items. User friendly interface allows streamlining of complex tasks and multitasks. Easy to use and designed to be transparent and efficient.


SimpleWeek is a mobile task management app. It features task rollover features that automatically move unfinished daily tasks to the next day. It also supports recurring tasks that occur on a set time frame, as well as visually-based task priority setting. SimpleWeek allows mobile users to easily create text with useful elements like bold and italic text, as well as links to other tasks. One more helpful feature the program offers is the ability to create custom lists of related tasks.


Project management can be a real pain. But it doesn’t have to be with Taskulu. Manage your role based projects quickly and easily with this handy app. Create multi-subject files, delegate roles, maintain check lists, and stay organized in style. Having Taskulu on your phone is like having your own dedicated project manager right in your pocket.

Week Plan

There are many different planner type apps out there, but Week Plan provides something new and different. Week Plan is more focused around a business as a whole and its week to week goals. Not only can a business use the app to be able to keep track of weekly progress, but the app can be used in a way that it allows the tasks and goals to be divided by the roles and people needed for the job or task to get done.

get it done app

Get it done app is a task manager that can work from anywhere as it syncs to both you computer and phone. This will help you to get things done that you even thought weren’t possible. It will eliminate a lot of the time wasting and thus make you more efficient. Its a to list thats very simple to use and will knock things out left and right for you. Leaving you more time to enjoy life.

Product Informant

Product Informant makes it easier to create and edit events and tasks with a purely clean designed interface designed for simple power. Tap on an event to bring up its details – including the weather at its time and place. Tap on the “New” menu and bring up a list of templates to create events from quickly and easily. New Month and Day views with a cleaner, more vibrant look. Task and event data shown with a greater focus on your data – not the user interface chrome. Show your note/alarm/recurrence icons without looking cluttered.



With Producteev you and your team can effortlessly create projects, add to-do items, assign and schedule tasks, organize with labels and priorities, and receive real-time notifications whenever there’s activity around a task you’re involved in. And the best part – it’s free! Collaborate with an unlimited number of users on as many networks, projects and tasks as you want. Producteev apps are available for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac desktop, Outlook, and web.


Do helps people run productive meetings and is on a mission to make work something people love. They provide a powerful, easy to use tool for managing meetings. With Do, the conversation is thoughtfully structured, people are accountable, and the outcomes are documented and shared.


oneheap manage notes, ideas, tasks, dates and projects – everything you want to keep in mind. oneheap is your personal everywhere notebook. Whether desktop or smartphone, whether office or at home your digital notebook is always there.


WorkFlowy is a beautiful tool for taking notes and making lists. Simple to use, but incredibly powerful, WorkFlowy can help you manage all the information in your life.


Introducing NubiDo, the beautiful web-based task manager that’s exceptionally simple to use, yet offers the functionality needed to manage complex projects. Never forget anything. Keep track of everything from grocery lists to multi-list, complex projects for work. NubiDo makes it easy for you to stay organized and laser focused.

If you’re interested in increasing your productivity join thousands of people and companies who trust Hello Focus to accomplish more every day! Built from the ground up based on leading research around productivity. It’s literally designed to help you stay productive! Click here to create an account.

  • You’re missing at least one great app:

    Pocket Informant

    And also, Gmail has a to-do list feature. Looks like you are also missing Producteev, Do!, and a few others.

    • Thanks! I’ve updated the list! Up to 50 tools now.

    • Patrick Hankinson
  • Rob Cole

    Bascamp, AtTask, 5pm, Celoxis, Asana, Slack, Trello, Wrike

  • Great list, thank you.
    I suggest adding:

    You can use (Windows) or the built-in terminal shell (Linux and macOS).Without further ado, let’s start this CodeIgniter tutorial. In case you need a reliable and affordable place to host your awesome CodeIgniter application, check out our VPS and shared hosting plan!How to Install CodeIgniterCodeIgniter installation requires a LAMP environment.This application stack is already available on Hostinger shared hosting. Mac apache codeigniter web app tutorial.

    Iqtell, which combines email with projects, tasks etc, built specifically for gtd, currently undergoing redesign

    MyLifeOrganized, also built with gtd in mind and very well thought out algorithms for calculating what’s next.

  • & are also great tools.

  • I think you should learn from the name of this site and FOCUS on a handful of useful sites/apps. A simple Google search would produce a list similar to this article.

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