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Logitech Harmony Remote for Mac Free Logitech Mac OS X 10.3/10.3.9/10.4 Intel/10.4 PPC/10.5 Intel/10.5 PPC/10.6 Intel Version 7.7 Full Specs Average User Rating. As of macOS 10.15 Catalina, 32-bit software such as MyHarmony and Logitech Harmony Remote legacy software will no longer run and will require an update for it to work. If you’re using a hub-based remote, you will need to use the Harmony app on your iOS or Android device. Logitech harmony software mac os. Harmony Desktop will only support remotes that do not have a hub; including Harmony 200, 300, 350, 650, 665, Touch, Ultimate One, and 950. If you have a remote on Logitech Harmony Remote legacy software, such as the Harmony 880, 900, One, 1000, 1100, etc., an updated version which will work on macOS 10.15 Catalina is available in the faq section of our downloads page.

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After checking the App Store to verify the app is still available, delete the problem app from your Mac and reinstall it from the App Store for a clean approach. Contact the app developer. Visit the app developer's website and see if there are any notes about compatibility with your version of macOS or OS X or other apps or services you use. How Does a Secure App for Texting in Healthcare Work? It is very simple. If an authorized user wants to communicate PHI with another authorized user, they simply log into their healthcare messaging app with a unique username and PIN. They then write a text message as they would normally do on any unsecure channel of communications. Productivity apps for mac 2014 download. Tiger Text app, which is now known as TigerConnect Inc, is an American cloud-based communication platform known for instant messaging. The company is based in Los Angeles and was founded in the year 2010 by Andrew Brooks MD and Brad Brooks- the former a multi-billionaire and the latter a founder of Animation Company Sunshine Children. Jun 09, 2020  TigerConnect (formerly TigerText) Clinical Communications for Healthcare Teams More than a secure text messaging app, TigerConnect is a communication and collaboration platform that streamlines workflows by delivering actionable real-time, clinical data at the point of care to drive positive outcomes for patients and greater productivity and profitability for healthcare organizations.

IndustryComputer and Communications Industry
  • Brad Brooks (CEO)
  • Kelli Castellano (CMO)
  • John Montealegre (VP)

TigerConnect, Inc (formerly TigerText) is an American software communications company based in Los Angeles. The company is best known for its instant messaging application of the same name.


TigerConnect was founded as TigerText in 2010 by co-founders billionaire Andrew Brooks MD, and Brad Brooks founder of animation company sunshine children, and Jeffrey Evans, founder of Buskin Records and Bassline Management who discovered and launched the career of Andra Day. They later went on to co-found the anonymous messaging app Whisper with Michael Heyward.[1] The company is based in Santa Monica, California. In February 2012, TigerConnect secured more than $8 Million in new funding by Easton Capital and New Science Ventures bringing the company’s total backing to more than $10 million.[citation needed] In October 2013, the company announced its new freemium model and its 4th generation version, which supports multi-directory usage to increase the flexibility of the application. The company is focused on enterprises, healthcare, and financial services organizations that must comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and FINRA. The solution offers major improvements in workflow efficiency for enterprises, financial services institutions, government, hospitals, physicians and ancillary staff.[2]

In July 2012, TigerText announced an API integration with Dropbox that allows users to send documents securely.[3]

TigerText rebranded as TigerConnect March 6, 2018 [4]


Developer(s)TigerConnect, Inc.
Initial release2010
Operating systemiOS, Android, desktop
TypeClinical Communication

The TigerConnect app is a cloud-based clinical communication and collaboration tool that was developed for the enterprise market. It allows patient information and other secure messages to be sent HIPAA compliantly. The app's users cannot save, copy or forward the messages. TigerText does this by storing the message on a company server, not the receiving and sending device, and deleting when the expiration conditions are met.[5][6][7]

TigerText can be used on any Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, tablet, Mac or PC.[8]

Tiger Text App For Mac Computer

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On April 14, 2015, TigerConnect announced an app for the Apple Watch.[9] The app launched in 2017. [10]

In October 2016, after TigerConnect named two healthcare vets to their executive team,[11] TigerConnect launched a clinical communications platform that is designed for medical client value metrics.[12]

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