Tidy Up Software For Mac

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Is a new-generation duplicate detection utility that emphasizes speed and offers a series of very interesting options. You can use Tidy Up! With various parameters, such as file name, author, creation date and/or modification date, extension and size, label and more. Efficiency of Tidy Up Mac Software:- This utility has been enhanced with all the advanced features that is well capable to improve your Mac Performance and deals with all the problems that hinder the performance of the system. It cleans up all the duplicate files.

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Tidy Up Software For Mac

How to use Tidy Up for Mac Software

If your Mac system is getting slow then you must use a disk clean up software for Mac. Because tidy up for Mac is required at that time and when you will use the software it will delete unwanted files from the hard disk of your Mac system and create more space in your hard disk. This will help your Mac system to run faster at its previous speed and deliver better performance. The software is very easy to use and here are the steps how you can use it.

Tidy Up Software For Mac

How to use the software to speed up your Mac :-

Step 1 : Step one will deal with searching duplicate items. This step will generate a list of duplicate items. After the launch of application the software will quickly scan the system and generates a list of mounted volumes and default folders.

Now select the check box search location and you will find a second window which will show the search results.

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Step 2 : In second step mark the items to get processed. Here you will see the list of generated files then choose one that you need to manage. Application will sort all the found items using a basket system. This is the virtual representation of a container. It will help you to find items in groups and also quick identification. In case you built multiple location search then the software will create a labeled basket for each searched location. Now “Smart Basket” will store each items which is required to be removed. So use manual method to rmove which is most suitable method offered.

Step 3 : After processing the selected items you will reach in the third step which is also the final step. Tidy up for Mac will allow you to burn, copy, move, trash and substitute the items with aliases, add a colored Finder label and export the selected items.

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So, just download the software and clean your Mac system easily.

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